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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

mustSelectFolder=You must select a target folder.
enterValidEmailAddress=Enter a valid e-mail address to forward to.
pickTemplateToReplyWith=Choose a template to reply with.
mustEnterName=You must give this filter a name.
cannotHaveDuplicateFilterTitle=Duplicate Filter Name
cannotHaveDuplicateFilterMessage=The filter name you entered already exists. Please enter a different filter name.
mustHaveFilterTypeTitle=No filter event selected
mustHaveFilterTypeMessage=You must select at least one event when this filter is applied. If you temporarily do not wish the filter to run at any event, uncheck its enabled state from the Message Filters dialog.
deleteFilterConfirmation=Are you sure you want to delete the selected filter(s)?
untitledFilterName=Untitled Filter
matchAllFilterName=Match All Messages
filterListBackUpMsg=Your filters do not work because the msgFilterRules.dat file, which contains your filters, could not be read. A new msgFilterRules.dat file will be created and a backup of the old file, called rulesbackup.dat, will be created in the same directory.
customHeaderOverflow=You've exceeded the limit of 50 custom headers. Please remove one or more custom headers and try again.
filterCustomHeaderOverflow=Your filters have exceeded the limit of 50 custom headers. Please edit the msgFilterRules.dat file, which contains your filters, to use fewer custom headers.
invalidCustomHeader=One of your filters uses a custom header that contains an invalid character, such as ':', a non-printable character, a non-ascii character, or an eight-bit ascii character. Please edit the msgFilterRules.dat file, which contains your filters, to remove invalid characters from your custom headers.
continueFilterExecution=Applying filter %S failed. Would you like to continue applying filters?
promptTitle=Running Filters
promptMsg=You are currently in the process of filtering messages.\nWould you like to continue applying filters?
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(cannotEnableIncompatFilter)
# %S=the name of the application
cannotEnableIncompatFilter=This filter was probably created by a newer or incompatible version of %S. You cannot enable this filter because we don't know how to apply it.
dontWarnAboutDeleteCheckbox=&Don't ask me again

# LOCALIZATION NOTE(copyToNewFilterName)
# %S=the name of the filter that is being copied
copyToNewFilterName=Copy of %S

# LOCALIZATION NOTE(contextPeriodic.label): Semi-colon list of plural forms.
# #1=the number of minutes
contextPeriodic.label=Periodically, every minute;Periodically, every #1 minutes
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(filterFailureWarningPrefix)
# %1$S=filter error action
# %2$S=error code as hexadecimal string.
filterFailureWarningPrefix=Filter action failed: "%1$S" with error code=%2$S while attempting:
filterFailureSendingReplyError=Error sending reply
filterFailureSendingReplyAborted=Sending reply aborted
filterFailureMoveFailed=Move failed
filterFailureCopyFailed=Copy failed
filterFailureAction=Failed applying the filter action

searchTermsInvalidTitle=Search Terms Invalid
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(searchTermsInvalidRule)
# %1$S=search attribute name from the invalid rule
# %2$S=search operator from the bad rule
searchTermsInvalidRule=This filter cannot be saved because the search term "%1$S %2$S" is invalid in the current context.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(filterActionOrderExplanation)
# Keep the \n\n that mean 2 linebreaks.
filterActionOrderExplanation=When a message matches this filter the actions will be run in this order:\n\n
filterActionOrderTitle=Real action order
## LOCALIZATION NOTE(filterActionItem):
# %1$S=sequence number of the action, %2$S=action text, %3$S=action argument
filterActionItem=%1$S. %2$S %3$S\n

## LOCALIZATION NOTE(filterCountVisibleOfTotal):
# %1$S=number of matching filters, %2$S=total number of filters
filterCountVisibleOfTotal=%1$S of %2$S
## LOCALIZATION NOTE(filterCountItems):
## Semicolon-separated list of singular and plural forms.
## See:
## #1 is the count of items in the list.
filterCountItems=#1 item; #1 items

# for junk mail logging / mail filter logging
# %1$S=author, %2$S=subject, %3$S=date
junkLogDetectStr=Detected junk message from %1$S - %2$S at %3$S
# %1$S=message id, %2$S=folder URI
logMoveStr=moved message id = %1$S to %2$S
# %1$S=message id, %2$S=folder URI
logCopyStr=copied message id = %1$S to %2$S
# %1$S=timestamp %2$S=log message
filterLogLine=[%1$S] %2$S
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(filterMessage):
# %1$S=filter name, %1$S=log message
filterMessage=Message from filter "%1$S": %2$S
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(filterLogDetectStr)
# %1$S=filter name %2$S=author, %3$S=subject, %4$S=date
filterLogDetectStr=Applied filter "%1$S" to message from %2$S - %3$S at %4$S
filterMissingCustomAction=Missing Custom Action
filterAction2=priority changed
filterAction4=marked as read
filterAction5=thread killed
filterAction6=thread watched
filterAction11=execution stopped
filterAction12=deleted from POP3 server
filterAction13=left on POP3 server
filterAction14=junk score
filterAction15=body fetched from POP3 server
filterAction16=copied to folder
filterAction18=ignored subthread
filterAction19=marked as unread
# LOCALIZATION NOTE(filterAutoNameStr)
# %1$S=Header or item to match, e.g. "From", "Tag", "Age in days", etc.
# %2$S=Operator, e.g. "Contains", "is", "is greater than", etc.
# %3$S=Value, e.g. "Steve Jobs", "Important", "42", etc.
filterAutoNameStr=%1$S %2$S: %3$S