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# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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# LOCALIZATION NOTE (whole file) "Sync" should match &syncBrand.shortName.label; from syncBrand.dtd
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (change.password.title): This (and associated change.password/passphrase) are used when the user elects to change their password.
change.password.title          = Change your Password
change.password.acceptButton   = Change Password  = Changing your password…
change.password.status.success = Your password has been changed.
change.password.status.error   = There was an error changing your password.

change.password3.introText  = Your password must be at least 8 characters long.  It cannot be the same as either your user name or your Recovery Key.
change.password.warningText = Note: All of your other devices will be unable to connect to your account once you change this password.

change.recoverykey.title        = Change your Recovery Key
change.recoverykey.acceptButton = Change Recovery Key
change.recoverykey.label        = Changing Recovery Key and uploading local data, please wait…
change.recoverykey.error        = There was an error while changing your Recovery Key!
change.recoverykey.success      = Your Recovery Key was successfully changed!
change.recoverykey.introText2   = To ensure your total privacy, all of your data is encrypted prior to being uploaded. The key to decrypt your data is not uploaded.
change.recoverykey.warningText  = Note: Changing this will erase all data stored on the Sync server and upload new data secured by this Recovery Key. Your other devices will not sync until the new Recovery Key is entered for that device.

new.recoverykey.label = Your Recovery Key

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (new.password.title): This (and associated new.password/passphrase) are used on a second computer when it detects that your password or passphrase has been changed on a different device.
new.password.title            = Update Password
new.password.introText        = Your password was rejected by the server, please update your password.
new.password.label            = Enter your new password
new.password.confirm          = Confirm your new password
new.password.acceptButton     = Update Password
new.password.status.incorrect = Password incorrect, please try again.

new.recoverykey.title            = Update Recovery Key
new.recoverykey.introText        = You changed your Recovery Key from another device, please enter your updated Recovery Key.
new.recoverykey.acceptButton     = Update Recovery Key
new.recoverykey.status.incorrect = Recovery Key incorrect, please try again.