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<!ENTITY  pref.history.title                "History">

<!ENTITY  pref.history.caption              "Browsing History">
<!ENTITY  historyPages.label                "History is a list of previously visited pages.">
<!ENTITY  enableHistory.label               "Remember visited pages">
<!ENTITY  enableHistory.accesskey           "R">
<!ENTITY  clearHistory.label                "Clear History">
<!ENTITY  clearHistory.accesskey            "s">

<!ENTITY  locationBarHistory.caption        "Location Bar History">
<!ENTITY  urlBarHistoryEnabled.caption      "Enable Location Bar history">
<!ENTITY  urlBarHistoryEnabled.accesskey    "E">
<!ENTITY  clearLocationBar.label            "Clear the list of websites stored in the location bar menu.">
<!ENTITY  clearLocationBarButton.label      "Clear Location Bar">
<!ENTITY  clearLocationBarButton.accesskey  "L">
<!ENTITY  formfillHistory.caption           "Form and Search History">
<!ENTITY  enableFormfill.label              "Enable form and search history">
<!ENTITY  enableFormfill.accesskey          "n">
<!ENTITY  formfillExpire.label              "Remember form and search history for up to">
<!ENTITY  formfillExpire.accesskey          "f">
<!ENTITY  formfillDays.label                "days">