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<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!-- extracted from content/pref-fonts.xul -->

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE 'Fonts' prefs dialog -->
<!ENTITY  pref.fonts.title                        "Fonts">

<!ENTITY  language.label                          "Fonts for:">
<!ENTITY  language.accesskey                      "t">

<!ENTITY  typefaces.label                         "Typeface">
<!ENTITY  sizes.label                             "Size (pixels)">

<!ENTITY  proportional.label                      "Proportional:">
<!ENTITY  proportional.accesskey                  "P">

<!ENTITY  serif.label                             "Serif:">
<!ENTITY  serif.accesskey                         "S">
<!ENTITY  sans-serif.label                        "Sans-serif:">
<!ENTITY  sans-serif.accesskey                    "n">
<!ENTITY  monospace.label                         "Monospace:">
<!ENTITY  monospace.accesskey                     "M">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (fantasy.label): 'Fantasy' means 'Ornate' -->
<!ENTITY  fantasy.label                           "Fantasy:">
<!ENTITY  fantasy.accesskey                       "F">
<!ENTITY  cursive.label                           "Cursive:">
<!ENTITY  cursive.accesskey                       "C">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (font.langGroup.latin) :
     Translate "Latin" as the name of Latin (Roman) script, not as the name of
     the Latin language. -->
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.latin                    "Latin">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.japanese                 "Japanese">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.trad-chinese             "Traditional Chinese(Taiwan)">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.simpl-chinese            "Simplified Chinese">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.trad-chinese-hk          "Traditional Chinese(Hong Kong)">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.korean                   "Korean">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.cyrillic                 "Cyrillic">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.el                       "Greek">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.thai                     "Thai">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.hebrew                   "Hebrew">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.arabic                   "Arabic">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.devanagari               "Devanagari">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.tamil                    "Tamil">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.armenian                 "Armenian">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.bengali                  "Bengali">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.canadian                 "Unified Canadian Syllabary">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.ethiopic                 "Ethiopic">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.georgian                 "Georgian">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.gujarati                 "Gujarati">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.gurmukhi                 "Gurmukhi">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.khmer                    "Khmer">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.malayalam                "Malayalam">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.math                     "Mathematics">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.odia                     "Odia">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.telugu                   "Telugu">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.kannada                  "Kannada">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.sinhala                  "Sinhala">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.tibetan                  "Tibetan">
<!ENTITY  font.langGroup.other                    "Other Writing Systems">
<!-- Minimum font size -->
<!ENTITY minSize.label                            "Minimum font size:">
<!ENTITY minSize.accesskey                        "z">
<!ENTITY minSize.none                             "None">

<!-- default font type -->
<!ENTITY  useDefaultFontSerif.label               "Serif">
<!ENTITY  useDefaultFontSansSerif.label           "Sans Serif">

<!ENTITY  useDocumentFonts.label                  "Allow documents to use other fonts">
<!ENTITY  useDocumentFonts.accesskey              "o">

<!-- leaving this stuff in for now -->

<!ENTITY  header2                                 "When a webpage chooses its own fonts">
<!ENTITY  useDefaultFont.label                    "Use my default fonts, ignoring the fonts the page has chosen">
<!ENTITY  useDefaultFont.accesskey                "U">