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Bug 1548381 - Password Generation Autocomplete Result. r=sfoster Differential Revision: X-Channel-Repo: mozilla-central X-Channel-Converted-Revision: 1433d315b1b74f64a560349c1a06a863b4083566 X-Channel-Repo: releases/mozilla-beta X-Channel-Revision: 847755a7c3256dec59ea6936435b0cd5a2b1861e X-Channel-Repo: releases/mozilla-release X-Channel-Revision: 455c1065dcbe14b73771df2db56aae43a44dfcf8

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!-- File Menu -->
<!ENTITY tabCmd.label "Browser Tab">
<!ENTITY tabCmd.accesskey "T">
<!ENTITY tabCmd.commandkey "t">
<!ENTITY openCmd.label "Open Web Location…">
<!ENTITY openCmd.accesskey "L">
<!ENTITY openCmd.commandkey "l">
<!ENTITY openFileCmd.label "Open File…">
<!ENTITY openFileCmd.accesskey "O">
<!ENTITY openFileCmd.commandkey "o">

<!ENTITY closeOtherTabs.label "Close Other Tabs">
<!ENTITY closeOtherTabs.accesskey "T">

<!ENTITY uploadFile.label "Upload File…">
<!ENTITY uploadFile.accesskey "F">

<!ENTITY printSetupCmd.label "Page Setup…">
<!ENTITY printSetupCmd.accesskey "u">

<!-- Edit Menu -->
<!ENTITY findOnCmd.label "Find in This Page…">

<!-- View Menu -->
<!ENTITY toolbarsCmd.label "Show/Hide">
<!ENTITY toolbarsCmd.accesskey "w">
<!ENTITY tabbarCmd.label "Tab Bar">
<!ENTITY tabbarCmd.accesskey "T">
<!ENTITY taskbarCmd.label "Status Bar">
<!ENTITY taskbarCmd.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY componentbarCmd.label "Component Bar">
<!ENTITY componentbarCmd.accesskey "C">

<!ENTITY fullScreenCmd.label "Full Screen">
<!ENTITY fullScreenCmd.accesskey "F">

<!ENTITY useStyleSheetMenu.label "Use Style">
<!ENTITY useStyleSheetMenu.accesskey "U">
<!ENTITY useStyleSheetNone.label "None">
<!ENTITY useStyleSheetNone.accesskey "N">
<!ENTITY useStyleSheetPersistentOnly.label "Default Style">
<!ENTITY useStyleSheetPersistentOnly.accesskey "D">
<!ENTITY bidiSwitchPageDirectionItem.label "Switch Page Direction">
<!ENTITY bidiSwitchPageDirectionItem.accesskey "g">
<!ENTITY pageSourceCmd.label "Page Source">
<!ENTITY pageSourceCmd.accesskey "o">
<!ENTITY pageSourceCmd.commandkey "u">
<!ENTITY pageInfoCmd.label "Page Info">
<!ENTITY pageInfoCmd.accesskey "I">
<!ENTITY pageInfoCmd.commandkey "i">

<!-- Go Menu -->
<!ENTITY goMenu.label "Go">
<!ENTITY goMenu.accesskey "G">
<!ENTITY goHomeCmd.label "Home">
<!ENTITY goHomeCmd.accesskey "H">
<!ENTITY historyCmd.label "History">
<!ENTITY historyCmd.accesskey "s">
<!ENTITY history.commandKey "h">
<!ENTITY recentTabs.label "Recently Closed Tabs">
<!ENTITY recentTabs.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY recentTabs.commandkey "t">
<!ENTITY recentWindows.label "Recently Closed Windows">
<!ENTITY recentWindows.accesskey "W">
<!ENTITY recentWindows.commandkey "y">
<!ENTITY historyRestoreLastSession.label "Restore Previous Session">
<!ENTITY historyRestoreLastSession.accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY syncTabsMenu.label "Tabs From Other Computers">
<!ENTITY syncTabsMenu.accesskey "O">

<!-- Bookmarks Menu -->
<!ENTITY bookmarksMenu.label "Bookmarks">
<!ENTITY bookmarksMenu.accesskey "B">
<!ENTITY addCurPageCmd.label "Bookmark This Page">
<!ENTITY addCurPageCmd.accesskey "B">
<!ENTITY addCurPageAsCmd.label "File Bookmark…">
<!ENTITY addCurPageAsCmd.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY addCurPageAsCmd.commandkey "d">
<!ENTITY addCurTabsAsCmd.label "Bookmark This Group of Tabs…">
<!ENTITY addCurTabsAsCmd.accesskey "G">
<!ENTITY manBookmarksCmd.label "Manage Bookmarks…">
<!ENTITY manBookmarksCmd.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY manBookmarksCmd.commandkey "b">

<!-- Tools Menu -->
<!ENTITY searchInternetCmd.label "Search the Web">
<!ENTITY searchInternetCmd.accesskey "b">
<!ENTITY searchInternet.commandKey "s">
<!ENTITY translateMenu.label "Translate Page">
<!ENTITY translateMenu.accesskey "T">

<!ENTITY cookieMessageTitle.label "Cookie Permissions Changed">
<!ENTITY cookieDisplayCookiesCmd.label "Manage Stored Cookies">
<!ENTITY cookieDisplayCookiesCmd.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY cookieAllowCookiesCmd.label "Allow Cookies from This Website">
<!ENTITY cookieAllowCookiesCmd.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY cookieAllowCookiesMsg.label "Cookies from this website will always be allowed.">
<!ENTITY cookieAllowSessionCookiesCmd.label "Allow Session Cookies from This Website">
<!ENTITY cookieAllowSessionCookiesCmd.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY cookieAllowSessionCookiesMsg.label "This website will be able to set cookies for the current session only.">
<!ENTITY cookieCookiesDefaultCmd.label "Use Default Cookie Permissions">
<!ENTITY cookieCookiesDefaultCmd.accesskey "U">
<!ENTITY cookieCookiesDefaultMsg.label "Cookies from this website will be accepted or rejected based on default settings.">
<!ENTITY cookieBlockCookiesCmd.label "Block Cookies from This Website">
<!ENTITY cookieBlockCookiesCmd.accesskey "B">
<!ENTITY cookieBlockCookiesMsg.label "Cookies from this website will always be rejected.">

<!ENTITY cookieImageMessageTitle.label "Image Permissions Changed">
<!ENTITY cookieDisplayImagesCmd.label "Manage Image Permissions">
<!ENTITY cookieDisplayImagesCmd.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY cookieAllowImagesCmd.label "Allow Images from This Website">
<!ENTITY cookieAllowImagesCmd.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY cookieAllowImagesMsg.label "Images from this website will always be downloaded.">
<!ENTITY cookieImagesDefaultCmd.label "Use Default Image Permissions">
<!ENTITY cookieImagesDefaultCmd.accesskey "U">
<!ENTITY cookieImagesDefaultMsg.label "Images from this website will be downloaded based on default settings.">
<!ENTITY cookieBlockImagesCmd.label "Block Images from This Website">
<!ENTITY cookieBlockImagesCmd.accesskey "B">
<!ENTITY cookieBlockImagesMsg.label "Images from this website will never be downloaded.">

<!ENTITY popupsMessageChangeTitle.label "Popup Permissions Changed">
<!ENTITY popupAllowCmd.label "Allow Popups from This Website">
<!ENTITY popupAllowCmd.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY popupAllowMsg.label "Popups from this website will always be shown.">
<!ENTITY popupDefaultCmd.label "Use Default Popup Permissions">
<!ENTITY popupDefaultCmd.accesskey "U">
<!ENTITY popupDefaultMsg.label "Popups from this website will be shown based on default settings.">
<!ENTITY popupBlockCmd.label "Block Popups from This Website">
<!ENTITY popupBlockCmd.accesskey "B">
<!ENTITY popupBlockMsg.label "Popups from this website will not be shown.">
<!ENTITY popupsManage.label "Manage Popups">
<!ENTITY popupsManage.accesskey "M">

<!ENTITY cookieCookieManager.label "Cookie Manager">
<!ENTITY cookieCookieManager.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY cookieImageManager.label "Image Manager">
<!ENTITY cookieImageManager.accesskey "I">
<!ENTITY popupsManager.label "Popup Manager">
<!ENTITY popupsManager.accesskey "o">

<!ENTITY clearPrivateDataCmd.label "Clear Private Data…">
<!ENTITY clearPrivateDataCmd.accesskey "e">