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Bug 1664510 - Add localization for the WDBA r=flod,nalexander This patch adds localization to the WDBA in a somewhat unusual manner. It's very difficult to localize toast notifications because the button text tends to overflow, which the localizers won't realize. Therefore, we are making a simpler version of the toast notification that only uses "Yes" and "No" as the button text. In English, we will not use this version and will continue using the version we have been using. This means that the localized toast notifications will not have an "Ask me later" button, so the behavior will differ a bit from the English version. Specifically, there is no "followup" for the localized notification since there is no button that ought to cause it to be shown. We've considered and rejected using localizer comments to keep these button strings short. We are limited by the amount of space the text takes up, not the number of characters. We just don't have a good way to convey this information to localizers in an actionable way. Differential Revision: X-Channel-Repo: mozilla-central X-Channel-Converted-Revision: d6c9e691db15a4ed7388d0338f29b8af8907b32d X-Channel-Repo: releases/mozilla-beta X-Channel-Revision: 3a6d3ffe5a5081e77ba47aba01a7fe9bb56b471b X-Channel-Repo: releases/mozilla-release X-Channel-Revision: 9cc4954654f1e9362f4417c214d1f9a1d3febd27 X-Channel-Repo: releases/mozilla-esr78 X-Channel-Revision: 34dd40076a4e0de25c2db1f619bf55367f67007b

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!-- extracted from content/navigator.xul -->

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE This file contains the browser main menu items --> 
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE Do not translate commandkeys --> 

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindow.title): DONT_TRANSLATE --> 
<!ENTITY mainWindow.title "&brandShortName;">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindow.titlemodifier) : DONT_TRANSLATE --> 
<!ENTITY mainWindow.titlemodifier "&brandShortName;">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindow.titlemodifiermenuseparator): DONT_TRANSLATE -->
<!ENTITY mainWindow.titlemodifiermenuseparator " - ">

<!ENTITY mainWindow.titleprivate "Private Browsing">

<!ENTITY editPageCmd.label "Edit Page">
<!ENTITY editPageCmd.accesskey "E">
<!ENTITY editPageCmd.commandkey "e">

<!ENTITY navbarCmd.label "Navigation Toolbar">
<!ENTITY navbarCmd.accesskey "N">
<!ENTITY bookmarksToolbarCmd.label     "Bookmarks Toolbar">
<!ENTITY bookmarksToolbarCmd.accesskey "m">

<!ENTITY closeWindow.label "Close Window">
<!ENTITY closeWindow.accesskey "W">

<!ENTITY minimizeButton.tooltip       "Minimize">
<!ENTITY restoreButton.tooltip        "Restore">

<!ENTITY feedsMenu.label "Subscribe to This Page">
<!ENTITY feedsMenu.accesskey "S">

<!ENTITY menuBar.tooltip                  "Menu Bar">
<!ENTITY bookmarksToolbar.tooltip         "Bookmarks Toolbar">
<!ENTITY navigationToolbar.tooltip        "Navigation Toolbar">

<!ENTITY editBookmark.done.label "Done">
<!ENTITY editBookmark.cancel.label "Cancel">
<!ENTITY editBookmark.removeBookmark.accessKey "R">

<!-- Toolbar items --> 
<!ENTITY backButton.label             "Back">
<!ENTITY backButton.tooltip           "Go back one page">
<!ENTITY forwardButton.label          "Forward">
<!ENTITY forwardButton.tooltip        "Go forward one page">
<!ENTITY reloadButton.label           "Reload">
<!ENTITY reloadButton.tooltip         "Reload current page">
<!ENTITY stopButton.label             "Stop">
<!ENTITY stopButton.tooltip           "Stop loading this page">
<!ENTITY searchButton.label           "Search">
<!ENTITY searchButton.tooltip         "Type a word in the field to the left, then click Search">
<!ENTITY goButton.label               "Go">
<!ENTITY goButton.tooltip             "Type a location in the field to the left, then click Go">
<!ENTITY printButton.label            "Print">
<!ENTITY printButton.tooltip          "Print this page">

<!ENTITY locationBar.tooltip          "Enter search term, keyword, or web address">
<!ENTITY locationBar.accesskey        "d">
<!ENTITY locationBar.title            "Location">
<!ENTITY proxyIcon.tooltip            "Drag and drop this icon to create a link to this page">

<!ENTITY searchItem.title             "Search">

<!ENTITY bookmarksButton.label        "Bookmarks">
<!ENTITY bookmarksButton.tooltip      "Bookmarks list">
<!ENTITY homeButton.label             "Home">
<!ENTITY bookmarksToolbarItem.label   "Bookmarks Toolbar Items">
<!ENTITY bookmarksToolbarChevron.tooltip "Show more bookmarks">

<!-- Statusbar -->
<!ENTITY  statusText.label            "Done">

<!ENTITY popupIcon.tooltiptext      "Unblock this website's popups">

<!ENTITY viewSecurityInfo.label      "View Security Info">
<!ENTITY viewSecurityInfo.accesskey  "S">
<!ENTITY viewCertificate.label       "View Certificate">
<!ENTITY viewCertificate.accesskey   "C">
<!ENTITY viewCertManager.label       "Open Certificate Manager">
<!ENTITY viewCertManager.accesskey   "M">

<!ENTITY zoomIn.tooltiptext          "Larger">
<!ENTITY zoomOut.tooltiptext         "Smaller">