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title = Important News
heading = Changes to your { -brand-short-name } profile
changed-title = What changed?
changed-desc-profiles = This installation of { -brand-short-name } has a new profile. A profile is the set of files where { -brand-product-name } saves information such as email data, passwords, user preferences, and address books.
changed-desc-dedicated = In order to make it easier and safer to switch between installations of { -brand-product-name } (including { -brand-product-name }, { -brand-product-name } Beta, and { -brand-product-name } Daily), this installation now has a dedicated profile. It does not automatically share your saved information with other { -brand-product-name } installations.
lost = <b>You have not lost any personal data or customizations.</b> If you’ve already saved information to { -brand-product-name } on this computer, it is still available in another { -brand-product-name } installation.
options-title = What are my options?
options-do-nothing = If you do nothing, your profile data in { -brand-short-name } will be different from profile data in other installations of { -brand-product-name }.
resources = Resources
about-pofiles-link = See and Manage Your Profiles
support-link = Using the Profile Manager - Support Article