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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

account-setup-tab-title = Account Setup

## Header

account-setup-title = Set Up Your Existing Email Address

account-setup-description = To use your current email address fill in your credentials.

account-setup-secondary-description = { -brand-product-name } will automatically search for a working and recommended server configuration.

account-setup-success-title = Account successfully created

account-setup-success-description = You can now use this account with { -brand-short-name }.

account-setup-success-secondary-description = You can improve the experience by connecting related services and configuring advanced account settings.

## Form fields

account-setup-name-label = Your full name
    .accesskey = n

# Note: "John Doe" is a multiple-use name that is used when the true name of a person is unknown. We use this fake name as an input placeholder. Translators should update this to reflect the placeholder name of their language/country.
account-setup-name-input =
    .placeholder = John Doe

account-setup-name-info-icon =
    .title = Your name, as shown to others

account-setup-name-warning-icon =
    .title = Please enter your name

account-setup-email-label = Email address
    .accesskey = E

account-setup-email-input =
    .placeholder =

account-setup-email-info-icon =
    .title = Your existing email address

account-setup-email-warning-icon =
    .title = Invalid email address

account-setup-password-label = Password
    .accesskey = P
    .title = Optional, will only be used to validate the username

account-provisioner-button = Get a new email address
    .accesskey = G

account-setup-password-toggle-show =
    .title = Show password in clear text

account-setup-password-toggle-hide =
    .title = Hide password

account-setup-remember-password = Remember password
    .accesskey = m

account-setup-exchange-label = Your login
    .accesskey = l

#   YOURDOMAIN refers to the Windows domain in ActiveDirectory. yourusername refers to the user's account name in Windows.
account-setup-exchange-input =
    .placeholder = YOURDOMAIN\yourusername

#   Domain refers to the Windows domain in ActiveDirectory. We mean the user's login in Windows at the local corporate network.
account-setup-exchange-info-icon =
    .title = Domain login

## Action buttons

account-setup-button-cancel = Cancel
    .accesskey = a

account-setup-button-manual-config = Configure manually
    .accesskey = m

account-setup-button-stop = Stop
    .accesskey = S

account-setup-button-retest = Re-test
    .accesskey = t

account-setup-button-continue = Continue
    .accesskey = C

account-setup-button-done = Done
    .accesskey = D

## Notifications

account-setup-looking-up-settings = Looking up configuration…

account-setup-looking-up-settings-guess = Looking up configuration: Trying common server names…

account-setup-looking-up-settings-half-manual = Looking up configuration: Probing server…

account-setup-looking-up-disk = Looking up configuration: { -brand-short-name } installation…

account-setup-looking-up-isp = Looking up configuration: Email provider…

# Note: Do not translate or replace Mozilla. It stands for the public project, not Mozilla Corporation. The database is a generic, public domain facility usable by any client.
account-setup-looking-up-db = Looking up configuration: Mozilla ISP database…

account-setup-looking-up-mx = Looking up configuration: Incoming mail domain…

account-setup-looking-up-exchange = Looking up configuration: Exchange server…

account-setup-checking-password = Checking password…

account-setup-installing-addon = Downloading and installing add-on…

account-setup-success-half-manual = The following settings were found by probing the given server:

account-setup-success-guess = Configuration found by trying common server names.

account-setup-success-guess-offline = You are offline. We guessed some settings but you will need to enter the right settings.

account-setup-success-password = Password OK

account-setup-success-addon = Successfully installed the add-on

# Note: Do not translate or replace Mozilla. It stands for the public project, not Mozilla Corporation. The database is a generic, public domain facility usable by any client.
account-setup-success-settings-db = Configuration found in Mozilla ISP database.

account-setup-success-settings-disk = Configuration found on { -brand-short-name } installation.

account-setup-success-settings-isp = Configuration found at email provider.

# Note: Microsoft Exchange is a product name.
account-setup-success-settings-exchange = Configuration found for a Microsoft Exchange server.

## Illustrations

account-setup-step1-image =
    .title = Initial setup

account-setup-step2-image =
    .title = Loading…

account-setup-step3-image =
    .title = Configuration found

account-setup-step4-image =
    .title = Connection error

account-setup-step5-image =
    .title = Account created

account-setup-privacy-footnote2 = Your credentials will only be stored locally on your computer.

account-setup-selection-help = Not sure what to select?

account-setup-selection-error = Need help?

account-setup-success-help = Not sure about your next steps?

account-setup-documentation-help = Setup documentation

account-setup-forum-help = Support forum

account-setup-privacy-help = Privacy policy

account-setup-getting-started = Getting started

## Results area

# Variables:
#  $count (Number) - Number of available protocols.
account-setup-results-area-title =
    { $count ->
        [one] Available configuration
        *[other] Available configurations

account-setup-result-imap-description = Keep your folders and emails synced on your server

account-setup-result-pop-description = Keep your folders and emails on your computer

# Note: Exchange, Office365 are the name of products.
account-setup-result-exchange2-description = Use the Microsoft Exchange server or Office365 cloud services

account-setup-incoming-title = Incoming

account-setup-outgoing-title = Outgoing

account-setup-username-title = Username

account-setup-exchange-title = Server

account-setup-result-no-encryption = No Encryption

account-setup-result-ssl = SSL/TLS

account-setup-result-starttls = STARTTLS

account-setup-result-outgoing-existing = Use existing outgoing SMTP server

# Variables:
#  $incoming (String): The email/username used to log into the incoming server
#  $outgoing (String): The email/username used to log into the outgoing server
account-setup-result-username-different = Incoming: { $incoming }, Outgoing: { $outgoing }

## Error messages

# Note: The reference to "janedoe" (Jane Doe) is the name of an example person. You will want to translate it to whatever example persons would be named in your language. In the example, AD is the name of the Windows domain, and this should usually not be translated.
account-setup-credentials-incomplete = Authentication failed. Either the entered credentials are incorrect or a separate username is required for logging in. This username is usually your Windows domain login with or without the domain (for example, janedoe or AD\\janedoe)

account-setup-credentials-wrong = Authentication failed. Please check the username and password

account-setup-find-settings-failed = { -brand-short-name } failed to find the settings for your email account

account-setup-exchange-config-unverifiable = Configuration could not be verified. If your username and password are correct, it’s likely that the server administrator has disabled the selected configuration for your account. Try selecting another protocol.

account-setup-provisioner-error = An error occurred while setting up your new account in { -brand-short-name }. Please, try to manually set up your account with your credentials.

## Manual configuration area

account-setup-manual-config-title = Manual configuration

account-setup-incoming-server-legend = Incoming server

account-setup-protocol-label = Protocol:

account-setup-hostname-label = Hostname:

account-setup-port-label = Port:
    .title = Set the port number to 0 for autodetection

account-setup-auto-description = { -brand-short-name } will attempt to auto-detect fields that are left blank.

account-setup-ssl-label = Connection security:

account-setup-outgoing-server-legend = Outgoing server

## Incoming/Outgoing SSL Authentication options

ssl-autodetect-option = Autodetect

ssl-no-authentication-option = No authentication

ssl-cleartext-password-option = Normal password

ssl-encrypted-password-option = Encrypted password

## Incoming/Outgoing SSL options

ssl-noencryption-option = None

account-setup-auth-label = Authentication method:

account-setup-username-label = Username:

account-setup-advanced-setup-button = Advanced config
    .accesskey = A

## Warning insecure server dialog

account-setup-insecure-title = Warning!

account-setup-insecure-incoming-title = Incoming settings:

account-setup-insecure-outgoing-title = Outgoing settings:

# Variables:
#  $server (String): The name of the hostname of the server the user was trying to connect to.
account-setup-warning-cleartext = <b>{ $server }</b> does not use encryption.

account-setup-warning-cleartext-details = Insecure mail servers do not use encrypted connections to protect your passwords and private information. By connecting to this server you could expose your password and private information.

account-setup-insecure-server-checkbox = I understand the risks
    .accesskey = u

account-setup-insecure-description = { -brand-short-name } can allow you to get to your mail using the provided configurations. However, you should contact your administrator or email provider regarding these improper connections. See the <a data-l10n-name="thunderbird-faq-link">Thunderbird FAQ</a> for more information.

insecure-dialog-cancel-button = Change Settings
    .accesskey = S

insecure-dialog-confirm-button = Confirm
    .accesskey = C

## Warning Exchange confirmation dialog

# Variables:
#  $domain (String): The name of the server where the configuration was found, e.g.
exchange-dialog-question = { -brand-short-name } found your account setup information on { $domain }. Do you want to proceed and submit your credentials?

exchange-dialog-confirm-button = Login

exchange-dialog-cancel-button = Cancel

## Dismiss account creation dialog

exit-dialog-title = No Email Account Configured

exit-dialog-description = Are you sure you want to cancel the setup process? { -brand-short-name } can still be used without an email account, but many features will not be available.

account-setup-no-account-checkbox = Use { -brand-short-name } without an email account
    .accesskey = U

exit-dialog-cancel-button = Continue Setup
    .accesskey = C

exit-dialog-confirm-button = Exit Setup
    .accesskey = E

## Alert dialogs

account-setup-creation-error-title = Error Creating Account

account-setup-error-server-exists = Incoming server already exists.

account-setup-confirm-advanced-title = Confirm Advanced Configuration

account-setup-confirm-advanced-description = This dialog will be closed and an account with the current settings will be created, even if the configuration is incorrect. Do you want to proceed?

## Addon installation section

account-setup-addon-install-title = Install

account-setup-addon-install-intro = A third-party add-on can allow you to access your email account on this server:

account-setup-addon-no-protocol = This email server unfortunately does not support open protocols. { account-setup-addon-install-intro }

## Success view

account-setup-settings-button = Account settings

account-setup-encryption-button = End-to-end encryption

account-setup-signature-button = Add a signature

account-setup-dictionaries-button = Download dictionaries

account-setup-address-book-carddav-button = Connect to a CardDAV address book

account-setup-address-book-ldap-button = Connect to an LDAP address book

account-setup-calendar-button = Connect to a remote calendar

account-setup-linked-services-title = Connect your linked services

account-setup-linked-services-description = { -brand-short-name } detected other services linked to your email account.

account-setup-no-linked-description = Setup other services to get the most out of your { -brand-short-name } experience.

# Variables:
# $count (Number) - The number of address books found during autoconfig.
account-setup-found-address-books-description =
    { $count ->
        [one] { -brand-short-name } found one address book linked to your email account.
        *[other] { -brand-short-name } found { $count } address books linked to your email account.

# Variables:
# $count (Number) - The number of calendars found during autoconfig.
account-setup-found-calendars-description =
    { $count ->
        [one] { -brand-short-name } found one calendar linked to your email account.
        *[other] { -brand-short-name } found { $count } calendars linked to your email account.

account-setup-button-finish = Finish
    .accesskey = F

account-setup-looking-up-address-books = Looking up address books…

account-setup-looking-up-calendars = Looking up calendars…

account-setup-address-books-button = Address Books

account-setup-calendars-button = Calendars

account-setup-connect-link = Connect

account-setup-existing-address-book = Connected
    .title = Address book already connected

account-setup-existing-calendar = Connected
    .title = Calendar already connected

account-setup-connect-all-calendars = Connect all calendars

account-setup-connect-all-address-books = Connect all address books

## Calendar synchronization dialog

calendar-dialog-title = Connect calendar

calendar-dialog-cancel-button = Cancel
    .accesskey = C

calendar-dialog-confirm-button = Connect
    .accesskey = n

account-setup-calendar-name-label = Name

account-setup-calendar-name-input =
    .placeholder = My calendar

account-setup-calendar-color-label = Color

account-setup-calendar-refresh-label = Refresh

account-setup-calendar-refresh-manual = Manually

account-setup-calendar-refresh-interval =
    { $count ->
        [one] Every minute
        *[other] Every { $count } minutes

account-setup-calendar-read-only = Read only
    .accesskey = R

account-setup-calendar-show-reminders = Show reminders
    .accesskey = S

account-setup-calendar-offline-support = Offline support
    .accesskey = O