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<!ENTITY virtualFolderProperties.title "New Saved Search Folder">
<!ENTITY name.label                 "Name:">
<!ENTITY name.accesskey             "N">
<!ENTITY description.label          "Create as a subfolder of:">
<!ENTITY description.accesskey      "C">

<!ENTITY searchTermCaption.label "Configure the search criteria used for this saved search folder: ">

<!ENTITY folderSelectionCaption.label "Select the folders to search: ">
<!ENTITY chooseFoldersButton.label "Choose…">
<!ENTITY chooseFoldersButton.accesskey "h">

<!ENTITY searchOnline.label "Search Online (Gives up-to-date results for IMAP and News folders but increases time to open the folder)">
<!ENTITY searchOnline.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY newFolderButton.label       "Create">
<!ENTITY newFolderButton.accesskey   "r">
<!ENTITY editFolderButton.label      "Update">
<!ENTITY editFolderButton.accesskey  "U">