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   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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<!ENTITY  connectionsDialog.title       "Connection Settings">
<!ENTITY  window.width                  "49em">
<!ENTITY  window.macWidth               "44em">

<!ENTITY  proxyTitle.label              "Configure Proxies to Access the Internet">
<!ENTITY  noProxyTypeRadio.label        "No proxy">
<!ENTITY  noProxyTypeRadio.accesskey    "y">
<!ENTITY  systemTypeRadio.label         "Use system proxy settings">
<!ENTITY  systemTypeRadio.accesskey     "u">
<!ENTITY  WPADTypeRadio.label           "Auto-detect proxy settings for this network">
<!ENTITY  WPADTypeRadio.accesskey       "w">
<!ENTITY  manualTypeRadio.label         "Manual proxy configuration:">
<!ENTITY  manualTypeRadio.accesskey     "m">
<!ENTITY  autoTypeRadio.label           "Automatic proxy configuration URL:">
<!ENTITY  autoTypeRadio.accesskey       "A">
<!ENTITY  reload.label                  "Reload">
<!ENTITY  reload.accesskey              "l">
<!ENTITY  http.label                    "HTTP Proxy:">
<!ENTITY  http.accesskey                "h">
<!ENTITY  ssl.label                     "SSL Proxy:">
<!ENTITY  ssl.accesskey                 "s">
<!ENTITY  socks.label                   "SOCKS Host:">
<!ENTITY  socks.accesskey               "c">
<!ENTITY  socks4.label                  "SOCKS v4">
<!ENTITY  socks4.accesskey              "k">
<!ENTITY  socks5.label                  "SOCKS v5">
<!ENTITY  socks5.accesskey              "v">
<!ENTITY  HTTPport.label                "Port:">
<!ENTITY  HTTPport.accesskey            "p">
<!ENTITY  SSLport.label                 "Port:">
<!ENTITY  SSLport.accesskey             "o">
<!ENTITY  SOCKSport.label               "Port:">
<!ENTITY  SOCKSport.accesskey           "t">
<!ENTITY  noproxy.label                 "No proxy for:">
<!ENTITY  noproxy.accesskey             "n">
<!ENTITY  noproxyExplain.label          "Example:,,">
<!ENTITY  shareproxy.label              "Use this proxy server for all protocols">
<!ENTITY  shareproxy.accesskey          "x">
<!ENTITY  autologinproxy.label          "Do not prompt for authentication if password is saved">
<!ENTITY  autologinproxy.accesskey      "i">
<!ENTITY  autologinproxy.tooltip        "This option silently authenticates you to proxies when you have saved credentials for them. You will be prompted if authentication fails.">
<!ENTITY  socksRemoteDNS.label          "Proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5">
<!ENTITY  socksRemoteDNS.accesskey      "d">
<!ENTITY  dnsOverHttps.label            "Enable DNS over HTTPS">
<!ENTITY  dnsOverHttps.accesskey        "b">
<!ENTITY  dnsOverHttpsUrlDefault.label     "Use default">
<!ENTITY  dnsOverHttpsUrlDefault.accesskey "l">
<!ENTITY  dnsOverHttpsUrlDefault.tooltip   "Use the default URL for resolving DNS over HTTPS">
<!ENTITY  dnsOverHttpsUrlCustom.label      "Custom">
<!ENTITY  dnsOverHttpsUrlCustom.accesskey  "t">
<!ENTITY  dnsOverHttpsUrlCustom.tooltip    "Enter your preferred URL for resolving DNS over HTTPS">