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Mon, 22 Oct 2018 05:26:33 +0000
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Bug 1498531 - Localize Webconsole WebReplay Jump icon; r=loganfsmyth,Honza. This patch adds localization for the WebReplay Jump icon, and uses the same terminology as the one used in the context menu that triggers the same action. The Jump button was used in-place of the existing level icons (Error, Warning, …), and was only displayed when the message was hovered. We now ensure the level icon is always visible and that we only show the Jump icon when the message is hovered. Finally, the button was styled targeting the title attribute in CSS, which seemed a little brittle. We now use a dedicated class which should be safer and more future proof. Differential Revision: X-Channel-Repo: mozilla-central X-Channel-Converted-Revision: aa628ce24d80d9966a0bcdfce6bc0469da509c34 X-Channel-Repo: releases/mozilla-beta X-Channel-Revision: 8efe26839243319464f00a472363e392de27cd4a X-Channel-Repo: releases/mozilla-release X-Channel-Revision: 18d4c09e9378f1fca26c074a10195589248c88c0

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<!ENTITY  newMessageCmd2.key              "N">
<!ENTITY  newMessageCmd.key               "M">
<!ENTITY  newMessageCmd.label             "Message">
<!ENTITY  newMessageCmd.accesskey         "m">

<!ENTITY  newContactCmd.label             "Address Book Contact…">
<!ENTITY  newContactCmd.accesskey         "C">