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<!ENTITY window.title  "About Junk Mail">
<!ENTITY window.width  "450">
<!ENTITY info1a.label  "&brandShortName; automatically detects incoming messages that appear to be junk mail (also known as spam). Messages that &brandShortName; thinks are junk will display a junk icon">
<!ENTITY info1b.label  ".">
<!ENTITY info2.label   "At first, you must train &brandShortName; to identify junk mail by using the Junk toolbar button to mark messages as junk or not junk.">
<!ENTITY info3.label   "Once &brandShortName; is correctly identifying junk mail, you can use the Junk Mail Controls to automatically move incoming junk mail to the Junk folder.">
<!ENTITY info4.label   "For more information, click Help.">