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<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE This file contains the CSS Coverage Report
   - strings. See the 'csscoverage' command for more information, and
   - devtools/client/styleeditor/index.xul for context -->

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE The correct localization of this file might be to
   - keep it in English, or another language commonly spoken among web developers.
   - You want to make that choice consistent across the developer tools.
   - A good criteria is the language in which you'd find the best
   - documentation on web development on the web. -->

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (csscoverage.backButton):
  -  Text on the button to go back to the main style editor -->
<!ENTITY csscoverage.backButton "Back">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (csscoverage.unused, csscoverage.noMatches):
  -  This is the heading and body text for the CSS usage part of the report -->
<!ENTITY csscoverage.unused "Unused Rules">
<!ENTITY csscoverage.noMatches "No matches found for the following rules:">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (csscoverage.optimize.header):
  -  This is the heading for the CSS optimization part of the report -->
<!ENTITY csscoverage.optimize.header "Optimizable Pages">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (csscoverage.preload1, csscoverage.preload2,
  -  csscoverage.preload3): These 3 are part of a paragraph with 1 and 2
  -  separated by a styled <link> tag and 2 and 3 separated by a styled
  -  <style> tag -->
<!ENTITY csscoverage.optimize.body1 "You can sometimes speed up loading by moving">
<!ENTITY csscoverage.optimize.body2 "tags to the bottom of the page and creating a new inline">
<!ENTITY csscoverage.optimize.body3 "element with the styles needed before the ‘load’ event to the top. Here are the style blocks you need:">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (csscoverage.optimize.bodyX):
  -  This is what we say when we have no optimization suggestions -->
<!ENTITY csscoverage.optimize.bodyX "All rules are inlined.">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (csscoverage.footer1, csscoverage.footer2a,
  -  csscoverage.footer3, csscoverage.footer4): The text displayed at the
  -  bottom of the page, with 2a being the URL opened when the link text in 3
  -  is clicked -->
<!ENTITY csscoverage.footer1 "See">
<!ENTITY csscoverage.footer2a "">
<!ENTITY csscoverage.footer3 "the MDN article on the CSS Coverage Tool">
<!ENTITY csscoverage.footer4 "for caveats in the generation of this report.">