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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

title_noApp=Firefox WebIDE
title_app=Firefox WebIDE: %S

runtimeButton_label=Select Runtime
projectButton_label=Open App

mainProcess_label=Main Process

local_runtime=Local Runtime
remote_runtime=Remote Runtime
remote_runtime_promptTitle=Remote Runtime

importPackagedApp_title=Select Directory
importHostedApp_title=Open Hosted App
importHostedApp_header=Enter Manifest URL

selectCustomBinary_title=Select custom B2G binary
selectCustomProfile_title=Select custom Gaia profile


# LOCALIZATION NOTE (project_tab_loading): This is shown as a temporary tab
# title for browser tab projects when the tab is still loading.

# These messages appear in a notification box when an error occur.

error_cantInstallNotFullyConnected=Can’t install project. Not fully connected.
error_cantInstallValidationErrors=Can’t install project. Validation errors.
error_listRunningApps=Can’t get app list from device

# Variable: name of the operation (in english)
error_operationTimeout=Operation timed out: %1$S
error_operationFail=Operation failed: %1$S

# Variable: app name
error_cantConnectToApp=Can’t connect to app: %1$S

error_appProjectsLoadFailed=Unable to load project list. This can occur if you’ve used this profile with a newer version of Firefox.
error_folderCreationFailed=Unable to create project folder in the selected directory.

# Variable: runtime app build ID (looks like this %Y%M%D format) and firefox build ID (same format)
error_runtimeVersionTooRecent=The connected runtime has a more recent build date (%1$S) than your desktop Firefox (%2$S) does. This is an unsupported setup and may cause DevTools to fail. Please update Firefox.

# Variable: runtime app version (looks like this 52.a3) and firefox version (same format)
error_runtimeVersionTooOld=The connected runtime has an old version (%1$S). The minimum supported version is (%2$S). This is an unsupported setup and may cause DevTools to fail. Please update the connected runtime.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (error_runtimeVersionTooOld67Debugger): Dedicated message
# for a backward compatibility issue that occurs when connecting:
# - from Fx 67 to 66 or to 65
# - from Fx 68 to 66
# Those are normally in range for DevTools compatibility policy, but specific non
# backward compatible changes broke the debugger in those scenarios (Bug 1528219).
# Variable: runtime app version (looks like this 52.a3)
error_runtimeVersionTooOld67Debugger=The Debugger panel may not work with the connected runtime. Please use Firefox %S if you need to use the Debugger with this runtime.

addons_adb_warning=USB devices won’t be detected without this add-on
addons_status_uninstalled=Not Installed

runtimedetails_notUSBDevice=Not a USB device

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (runtimePanel_noadbextension): Displayed in the WebIDE right sidebar
# when the ADB Extension is not installed, %S will be replaced with the name of extension
# ("ADB Extension").
runtimePanel_noadbextension=Install %S

# Validation status
status_tooltip=Validation status: %1$S

# Device preferences and settings
device_reset_default=Reset to default