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<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!ENTITY windowTitle "Firefox WebIDE">

<!ENTITY projectMenu_label "Project">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_accesskey "P">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_newApp_label "New App…">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_newApp_accesskey "N">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_importPackagedApp_label "Open Packaged App…">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_importPackagedApp_accesskey "P">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_importHostedApp_label "Open Hosted App…">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_importHostedApp_accesskey "H">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_selectApp_label "Open App…">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_selectApp_accesskey "O">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_play_label "Install and Run">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_play_accesskey "I">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_stop_label "Stop App">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_stop_accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_debug_label "Debug App">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_debug_accesskey "D">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_remove_label "Remove Project">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_remove_accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_showPrefs_label "Preferences">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_showPrefs_accesskey "e">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_manageComponents_label "Manage Extra Components">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_manageComponents_accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY projectMenu_refreshTabs_label "Refresh Tabs">

<!ENTITY runtimeMenu_label "Runtime">
<!ENTITY runtimeMenu_accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY runtimeMenu_disconnect_label "Disconnect">
<!ENTITY runtimeMenu_disconnect_accesskey "D">
<!ENTITY runtimeMenu_takeScreenshot_label "Screenshot">
<!ENTITY runtimeMenu_takeScreenshot_accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY runtimeMenu_showDetails_label "Runtime Info">
<!ENTITY runtimeMenu_showDetails_accesskey "E">
<!ENTITY runtimeMenu_showDevicePrefs_label "Device Preferences">
<!ENTITY runtimeMenu_showDevicePrefs_accesskey "D">
<!ENTITY runtimeMenu_showSettings_label "Device Settings">
<!ENTITY runtimeMenu_showSettings_accesskey "s">
<!ENTITY runtimeMenu_showPerformancePanel_label "Performance">
<!ENTITY runtimeMenu_showPerformancePanel_accesskey "p">

<!ENTITY viewMenu_label "View">
<!ENTITY viewMenu_accesskey "V">
<!ENTITY viewMenu_zoomin_label "Zoom In">
<!ENTITY viewMenu_zoomin_accesskey "I">
<!ENTITY viewMenu_zoomout_label "Zoom Out">
<!ENTITY viewMenu_zoomout_accesskey "O">
<!ENTITY viewMenu_resetzoom_label "Reset Zoom">
<!ENTITY viewMenu_resetzoom_accesskey "R">

<!ENTITY projectButton_label "Open App">

<!ENTITY runtimeButton_label "Select Runtime">

<!-- We try to repicate Firefox' bindings: -->
<!-- quit app -->
<!ENTITY key_quit "W">
<!-- open menu -->
<!ENTITY key_showProjectPanel "O">
<!-- reload app -->
<!ENTITY key_play "R">
<!-- show toolbox -->
<!ENTITY key_toggleToolbox "VK_F12">
<!-- zoom -->
<!ENTITY key_zoomin "+">
<!ENTITY key_zoomin2 "=">
<!ENTITY key_zoomout "-">
<!ENTITY key_resetzoom "0">

<!ENTITY projectPanel_myProjects "My Projects">
<!ENTITY projectPanel_runtimeApps "Runtime Apps">
<!ENTITY projectPanel_tabs "Tabs">
<!ENTITY runtimePanel_usb "USB Devices">
<!ENTITY runtimePanel_wifi "Wi-Fi Devices">
<!ENTITY runtimePanel_other "Other">
<!ENTITY runtimePanel_nousbdevice "Can’t see your device?">
<!ENTITY runtimePanel_refreshDevices_label "Refresh Devices">

<!-- Lense -->
<!ENTITY details_valid_header "valid">
<!ENTITY details_warning_header "warnings">
<!ENTITY details_error_header "errors">
<!ENTITY details_description "Description">
<!ENTITY details_location "Location">
<!ENTITY details_manifestURL "App ID">
<!ENTITY details_removeProject_button "Remove Project">

<!-- New App -->
<!ENTITY newAppWindowTitle "New App">
<!ENTITY newAppHeader "Select template">
<!ENTITY newAppLoadingTemplate "Loading templates…">
<!ENTITY newAppProjectName "Project Name:">

<!-- Decks -->

<!ENTITY deck_close "Close">

<!-- Addons -->
<!ENTITY addons_title "Extra Components">
<!ENTITY addons_aboutaddons "Open Add-ons Manager">

<!-- Prefs -->
<!ENTITY prefs_title "Preferences">
<!ENTITY prefs_editor_title "Editor">
<!ENTITY prefs_general_title "General">
<!ENTITY prefs_restore "Restore Defaults">
<!ENTITY prefs_manage_components "Manage Extra Components">
<!ENTITY prefs_options_autoconnectruntime "Reconnect to previous runtime">
<!ENTITY prefs_options_autoconnectruntime_tooltip "Reconnect to previous runtime when WebIDE starts">
<!ENTITY prefs_options_rememberlastproject "Remember last project">
<!ENTITY prefs_options_rememberlastproject_tooltip "Restore previous project when WebIDE starts">
<!ENTITY prefs_options_templatesurl "Templates URL">
<!ENTITY prefs_options_templatesurl_tooltip "Index of available templates">

<!-- Runtime Details -->
<!ENTITY runtimedetails_title "Runtime Info">

<!-- Device Preferences and Settings -->
<!ENTITY device_typeboolean "Boolean">
<!ENTITY device_typenumber "Integer">
<!ENTITY device_typestring "String">
<!ENTITY device_typeobject "Object">
<!ENTITY device_typenone "Select a type">

<!-- Device Preferences -->
<!ENTITY devicepreference_title "Device Preferences">
<!ENTITY devicepreference_search "Search preferences">
<!ENTITY devicepreference_newname "New preference name">
<!ENTITY devicepreference_newtext "Preference value">
<!ENTITY devicepreference_addnew "Add new preference">

<!-- Device Settings -->
<!ENTITY devicesetting_title "Device Settings">
<!ENTITY devicesetting_search "Search settings">
<!ENTITY devicesetting_newname "New setting name">
<!ENTITY devicesetting_newtext "Setting value">
<!ENTITY devicesetting_addnew "Add new setting">

<!-- WiFi Authentication -->
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (wifi_auth_header): The header displayed on the dialog
     that instructs the user to transfer an authentication token to the
     server. -->
<!ENTITY wifi_auth_header "Client Identification">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (wifi_auth_scan_request): Instructions requesting the
     user to transfer authentication info by scanning a QR code. -->
<!ENTITY wifi_auth_scan_request "The endpoint you are connecting to needs more information to authenticate this connection.  Please scan the QR code below via the prompt on your other device.">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (wifi_auth_no_scanner): Link text to assist users with
     devices that can't scan a QR code. -->
<!ENTITY wifi_auth_no_scanner "No QR scanner prompt?">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (wifi_auth_yes_scanner): Link text to assist users with
     devices that can scan a QR code. -->
<!ENTITY wifi_auth_yes_scanner "Have a QR scanner prompt?">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (wifi_auth_token_request): Instructions requesting the
     user to transfer authentication info by transferring a token. -->
<!ENTITY wifi_auth_token_request "If your other device asks for a token instead of scanning a QR code, please copy the value below to the other device:">
<!ENTITY wifi_auth_qr_size_note "If the QR code appears too small for the connection to be successfully established, try zooming or enlarging the window.">

<!-- Logs panel -->
<!ENTITY logs_title "Pre-packaging Command Logs">