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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

validator.nonExistingFolder=The project folder doesn’t exist
validator.expectProjectFolder=The project folder ends up being a file
validator.noManifestFile=A manifest file is required at project root folder, named either ‘manifest.webapp’ for packaged apps or ‘manifest.json’ for add-ons.
validator.invalidManifestURL=Invalid manifest URL ‘%S’
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (validator.invalidManifestJSON, validator.noAccessManifestURL):
# %1$S is the error message, %2$S is the URI of the manifest.
validator.invalidManifestJSON=The webapp manifest isn’t a valid JSON file: %1$S at: %2$S
validator.noAccessManifestURL=Unable to read manifest file: %1$S at: %2$S
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (validator.invalidHostedManifestURL): %1$S is the URI of
# the manifest, %2$S is the error message.
validator.invalidHostedManifestURL=Invalid hosted manifest URL ‘%1$S’: %2$S
validator.invalidProjectType=Unknown project type ‘%S’
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (validator.missNameManifestProperty, validator.missIconsManifestProperty):
# don't translate 'icons' and 'name'.
validator.missNameManifestProperty=Missing mandatory ‘name’ in Manifest.
validator.missIconsManifestProperty=Missing ‘icons’ in Manifest.
validator.missIconMarketplace2=app submission to the Marketplace requires a 128px icon
validator.invalidAppType=Unknown app type: ‘%S’.
validator.invalidHostedPriviledges=Hosted App can’t be type ‘%S’.
validator.noCertifiedSupport=‘certified’ apps are not fully supported on the App manager.
validator.nonAbsoluteLaunchPath=Launch path has to be an absolute path starting with ‘/’: ‘%S’
validator.accessFailedLaunchPath=Unable to access the app starting document ‘%S’
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (validator.accessFailedLaunchPathBadHttpCode): %1$S is the URI of
# the launch document, %2$S is the http error code.
validator.accessFailedLaunchPathBadHttpCode=Unable to access the app starting document ‘%1$S’, got HTTP code %2$S