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<!ENTITY pref.alarmgoesoff.label "When a Reminder is Due:">
<!ENTITY pref.playasound "Play a sound">
<!ENTITY pref.calendar.alarms.playsound.accessKey "s">
<!ENTITY pref.calendar.alarms.sound.useDefault.label "Use default sound">
<!ENTITY pref.calendar.alarms.sound.useDefault.accessKey "d">
<!ENTITY pref.calendar.alarms.sound.useCustom.label "Use the following sound file">
<!ENTITY pref.calendar.alarms.sound.useCustom.accessKey "U">
<!ENTITY pref.calendar.alarms.sound.browse.label "Browse…">
<!ENTITY pref.calendar.alarms.sound.browse.accessKey "B">
<!ENTITY "Play">
<!ENTITY pref.showalarmbox "Show the reminder dialog">
<!ENTITY pref.calendar.alarms.showAlarmBox.accessKey "x">
<!ENTITY pref.missedalarms2 "Show missed reminders for writable calendars">
<!ENTITY pref.calendar.alarms.missedAlarms.accessKey "m">
<!ENTITY pref.calendar.alarms.defaults.label "Reminder Defaults">
<!ENTITY pref.defalarm4events.label "Default reminder setting for events:">
<!ENTITY pref.defalarm4events.accesskey "e">
<!ENTITY pref.defalarm4todos.label "Default reminder setting for tasks:">
<!ENTITY pref.defalarm4todos.accesskey "a">
<!ENTITY pref.alarm.on "On">
<!ENTITY "Off">
<!ENTITY pref.defalarmlen4events.label "Default time a reminder is set before an event:">
<!ENTITY pref.defalarmlen4events.accesskey "u">
<!ENTITY pref.defalarmlen4todos.label "Default time a reminder is set before a task:">
<!ENTITY pref.defalarmlen4todos.accesskey "o">

<!ENTITY pref.defaultsnoozelength.label "Default Snooze Length:" >
<!ENTITY pref.defaultsnoozelength.accesskey "S">