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<!ENTITY "January" >
<!ENTITY "February" >
<!ENTITY "March" >
<!ENTITY "April" >
<!ENTITY "May" >
<!ENTITY "June" >
<!ENTITY "July" >
<!ENTITY "August" >
<!ENTITY "September" >
<!ENTITY "October" >
<!ENTITY "November" >
<!ENTITY "December" >

<!ENTITY onemonthbackward.tooltip "One Month Back" >
<!ENTITY onemonthforward.tooltip "One Month Forward" >
<!ENTITY oneyearbackward.tooltip "One Year Back" >
<!ENTITY oneyearforward.tooltip "One Year Forward" >
<!ENTITY showToday.tooltip "Go to Today">
<!ENTITY onedayforward.tooltip "One Day Forward">
<!ENTITY onedaybackward.tooltip "One Day Backward">
<!ENTITY showselectedday.tooltip "Show events for selected day">