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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

load-js-data-url-error=For security reasons, javascript or data urls cannot be loaded from the history window or sidebar.
noTitle=(no title)


bookmarksBackupTitle=Bookmarks backup filename

bookmarksRestoreAlertTitle=Revert Bookmarks
bookmarksRestoreAlert=This will replace all of your current bookmarks with the backup. Are you sure?
bookmarksRestoreTitle=Select a bookmarks backup

bookmarksRestoreFormatError=Unsupported file type.
bookmarksRestoreParseError=Unable to process the backup file.

sortByName=Sort ‘%S’ by Name
sortByNameGeneric=Sort by Name
# LOCALIZATION NOTE ( sortBy properties are versioned.
# When any of these changes, all of the properties must be bumped, and the
# change must be annotated here.  Both label and accesskey must be updated.
# - version 1: changed by Name
view.sortBy.1.url.label=Sort by Location
view.sortBy.1.url.accesskey=L by Most Recent Visit
view.sortBy.1.visitCount.label=Sort by Visit Count
view.sortBy.1.dateAdded.label=Sort by Added
view.sortBy.1.lastModified.label=Sort by Last Modified
view.sortBy.1.tags.label=Sort by Tags

searchBookmarks=Search Bookmarks
searchHistory=Search History
searchDownloads=Search Downloads

SelectImport=Import Bookmarks File
EnterExport=Export Bookmarks File

detailsPane.noItems=No items
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (detailsPane.itemsCountLabel): Semicolon-separated list of plural forms.
# See:
# #1 number of items
# example: 111 items
detailsPane.itemsCountLabel=One item;#1 items

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (tagResultLabel, bookmarkResultLabel, switchtabResultLabel,
# keywordResultLabel, searchengineResultLabel)
# Noun used to describe the location bar autocomplete result type
# to users with screen readers
# See createResultLabel() in urlbarBindings.xml

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (lockPrompt.text)
# %S will be replaced with the application name.
lockPrompt.title=Browser Startup Error
lockPrompt.text=The bookmarks and history system will not be functional because one of %S’s files is in use by another application. Some security software can cause this problem.
lockPromptInfoButton.label=Learn More

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (cmd.deleteSinglePage.accesskey,
# cmd.deleteMultiplePages.accesskey): these accesskeys can use the same
# character, since they're never displayed at the same time
cmd.deleteSinglePage.label=Delete Page
cmd.deleteMultiplePages.label=Delete Pages

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (cmd.bookmarkSinglePage.accesskey,
# cmd.bookmarkMultiplePages.accesskey): these accesskeys can use the same
# character, since they're never displayed at the same time
cmd.bookmarkSinglePage.label=Bookmark Page
cmd.bookmarkMultiplePages.label=Bookmark Pages