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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
# You can obtain one at

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (stateStarting):
# Indicates that the download is starting.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (stateFailed):
# Indicates that the download failed because of an error.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (statePaused):
# Indicates that the download was paused by the user.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (stateCanceled):
# Indicates that the download was canceled by the user.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (stateCompleted):
# Indicates that the download was completed.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (stateBlockedParentalControls):
# Indicates that the download was blocked by the Parental Controls feature of
# Windows.  "Parental Controls" should be consistently named and capitalized
# with the display of this feature in Windows.  The following article can
# provide a reference for the translation of "Parental Controls" in various
# languages:
stateBlockedParentalControls=Blocked by Parental Controls
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (blockedMalware, blockedPotentiallyUnwanted,
#                    blockedUncommon2):
# These strings are shown in the panel for some types of blocked downloads. You
# may need to adjust "downloads.width" in "downloads.dtd" if this turns out to
# be longer than the other existing status strings.
blockedMalware=This file contains a virus or malware.
blockedPotentiallyUnwanted=This file may harm your computer.
blockedPotentiallyInsecure=File not downloaded: Potential security risk.
blockedUncommon2=This file is not commonly downloaded.

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (fileMovedOrMissing):
# Displayed when a complete download which is not at the original folder.
fileMovedOrMissing=File moved or missing

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (unblockHeaderUnblock, unblockHeaderOpen,
#                    unblockTypeMalware, unblockTypePotentiallyUnwanted2,
#                    unblockTypeUncommon2, unblockTip2, unblockButtonOpen,
#                    unblockButtonUnblock, unblockButtonConfirmBlock, unblockInsecure):
# These strings are displayed in the dialog shown when the user asks a blocked
# download to be unblocked.  The severity of the threat is expressed in
# descending order by the unblockType strings, it is higher for files detected
# as malware and lower for uncommon downloads.
unblockHeaderUnblock=Are you sure you want to allow this download?
unblockHeaderOpen=Are you sure you want to open this file?
unblockTypeMalware=This file contains a virus or other malware that will harm your computer.
unblockTypePotentiallyUnwanted2=This file is disguised as a helpful download, but it can make unexpected changes to your programs and settings.
unblockTypeUncommon2=This file is not commonly downloaded and may not be safe to open. It may contain a virus or make unexpected changes to your programs and settings.
unblockInsecure=The file uses an insecure connection. It may be corrupted or tampered with during the download process.
unblockTip2=You can search for an alternate download source or try again later.
unblockButtonUnblock=Allow download
unblockButtonConfirmBlock=Remove file

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (sizeWithUnits):
# %1$S is replaced with the size number, and %2$S with the measurement unit.
sizeWithUnits=%1$S %2$S
sizeUnknown=Unknown size

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (statusSeparator, statusSeparatorBeforeNumber):
# These strings define templates for the separation of different elements in the
# status line of a download item.  As a separator, by default we use the Unicode
# character U+2014 'EM DASH' (long dash).  Examples of status lines include
# "Canceled -", "1.1 MB -", or "Paused -  1.1 MB".  Note
# that we use a wider space after the separator when it is followed by a number,
# just to avoid visually confusing it with with a minus sign with some fonts.
# If you use a different separator, this might not be necessary.  However, there
# is usually no need to change the separator or the order of the substitutions,
# even for right-to-left languages, unless the defaults are not suitable.
statusSeparator=%1$S \u2014 %2$S
statusSeparatorBeforeNumber=%1$S \u2014  %2$S

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (otherDownloads3):
# This is displayed in an item at the bottom of the Downloads Panel when
# there are more downloads than can fit in the list in the panel. Use a
# semi-colon list of plural forms.
# See:
otherDownloads3=%1$S file downloading;%1$S files downloading

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (showLabel, showMacLabel):
# This is displayed when you hover a download item in the Library widget view.
# showMacLabel is only shown on Mac OSX.
showLabel=Open Containing Folder
showMacLabel=Open In Finder
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (openFileLabel):
# Displayed when hovering a complete download, indicates that it's possible to
# open the file using an app available in the system.
openFileLabel=Open File
# Displayed when hovering a download which is able to be retried by users,
# indicates that it's possible to download this file again.
retryLabel=Retry Download