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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

synced-tabs-sidebar-title = Synced Tabs
synced-tabs-sidebar-noclients-subtitle = Want to see your tabs from other devices here?
synced-tabs-sidebar-intro = View a list of tabs from your other devices.
synced-tabs-sidebar-unverified = Your account needs to be verified.
synced-tabs-sidebar-notabs = No open tabs
synced-tabs-sidebar-open-settings = Open Sync settings
synced-tabs-sidebar-tabsnotsyncing = Turn on tab syncing to view a list of tabs from your other devices.
synced-tabs-sidebar-connect-another-device = Connect Another Device
synced-tabs-sidebar-search =
    .placeholder = Search synced tabs

## Displayed in the Synced Tabs sidebar's context menu when right-clicking tabs
## and/or devices in the list. The "Open" strings below should be translated
## consistently with the equivalent strings for the bookmarks manager's context
## menu. That menu is activated by right-clicking a bookmark in the Library
## window. The bookmarks manager context's strings are located in places.ftl.

synced-tabs-context-open =
    .label = Open
    .accesskey = O
synced-tabs-context-open-in-new-tab =
    .label = Open in a New Tab
    .accesskey = w
synced-tabs-context-open-in-new-window =
    .label = Open in a New Window
    .accesskey = N
synced-tabs-context-open-in-new-private-window =
    .label = Open in a New Private Window
    .accesskey = P
synced-tabs-context-bookmark-single-tab =
    .label = Bookmark This Tab…
    .accesskey = B
synced-tabs-context-open-in-tab =
    .label = Open in New Tab
    .accesskey = w
synced-tabs-context-open-in-container-tab =
    .label = Open in New Container Tab
    .accesskey = i
synced-tabs-context-open-in-window =
    .label = Open in New Window
    .accesskey = N
synced-tabs-context-open-in-private-window =
    .label = Open in New Private Window
    .accesskey = P


# Displayed in the Synced Tabs sidebar's context menu when right-clicking tabs
# and/or devices in the list. This string is for a menuitem equivalent to one in
# the tab context menu (activated by right-clicking a tab in the tabstrip). That
# string is located in tabContextMenu.ftl. So, this string should be translated
# consistently with the "Bookmark Tab…" string there.
synced-tabs-context-bookmark =
    .label = Bookmark Tab…
    .accesskey = B
synced-tabs-context-copy =
    .label = Copy
    .accesskey = C
synced-tabs-context-open-all-in-tabs =
    .label = Open All in Tabs
    .accesskey = O
synced-tabs-context-manage-devices =
    .label = Manage Devices…
    .accesskey = D
synced-tabs-context-sync-now =
    .label = Sync Now
    .accesskey = S
synced-tabs-fxa-sign-in = Sign in to sync
synced-tabs-turn-on-sync = Turn on sync