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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

## These messages are used as headings in the recommendation doorhanger

cfr-doorhanger-extension-heading = Recommended Extension
cfr-doorhanger-feature-heading = Recommended Feature


cfr-doorhanger-extension-sumo-link =
  .tooltiptext = Why am I seeing this

cfr-doorhanger-extension-cancel-button = Not Now
  .accesskey = N

cfr-doorhanger-extension-ok-button = Add Now
  .accesskey = A

cfr-doorhanger-extension-manage-settings-button = Manage Recommendation Settings
  .accesskey = M

cfr-doorhanger-extension-never-show-recommendation = Don’t Show Me This Recommendation
  .accesskey = S

cfr-doorhanger-extension-learn-more-link = Learn more

# This string is used on a new line below the add-on name
# Variables:
#   $name (String) - Add-on author name
cfr-doorhanger-extension-author = by { $name }

# This is a notification displayed in the address bar.
# When clicked it opens a panel with a message for the user.
cfr-doorhanger-extension-notification = Recommendation
cfr-doorhanger-extension-notification2 = Recommendation
  .tooltiptext = Extension recommendation
  .a11y-announcement = Extension recommendation available

# This is a notification displayed in the address bar.
# When clicked it opens a panel with a message for the user.
cfr-doorhanger-feature-notification = Recommendation
  .tooltiptext = Feature recommendation
  .a11y-announcement = Feature recommendation available

## Add-on statistics
## These strings are used to display the total number of
## users and rating for an add-on. They are shown next to each other.

# Variables:
#   $total (Number) - The rating of the add-on from 1 to 5
cfr-doorhanger-extension-rating =
  .tooltiptext =
    { $total ->
        [one] { $total } star
       *[other] { $total } stars
# Variables:
#   $total (Number) - The total number of users using the add-on
cfr-doorhanger-extension-total-users =
  { $total ->
      [one] { $total } user
     *[other] { $total } users

## Cookie Banner Handling Onboarding

# Simplified version of the headline if the original text doesn't work
# in your language: `See fewer cookie requests`.
cfr-cookie-banner-handling-header = Cookie banners begone!
cfr-cookie-banner-handling-body = Allow { -brand-short-name } to automatically reject all cookie banner requests, when possible. Otherwise, all cookies will be accepted to dismiss even more banners.
cfr-cookie-banner-accept-button = Dismiss Requests
  .accesskey = D
cfr-cookie-banner-reject-button = Not Now
  .accesskey = N

cfr-cookie-banner-handling-header-variant-1 = See fewer cookie pop-ups
cfr-cookie-banner-handling-body-variant-1 = Let { -brand-short-name } automatically answer cookie pop-ups for you so you can get back to distraction-free browsing. { -brand-short-name } will reject all requests if possible, or accept all if not.
cfr-cookie-banner-accept-button-variant-1 = Dismiss Pop-ups
  .accesskey = D
cfr-cookie-banner-reject-button-variant-1 = No thanks
  .accesskey = N

cfr-cookie-banner-handling-header-variant-2 = Cookie Banner Reduction
cfr-cookie-banner-handling-body-variant-2 = Allow { -brand-short-name } to decline a site’s cookie consent request if possible or accept cookie access when not possible?
cfr-cookie-banner-accept-button-variant-2 = Allow
  .accesskey = A
cfr-cookie-banner-reject-button-variant-2 = Not now
  .accesskey = N

## Firefox Accounts Message

cfr-doorhanger-bookmark-fxa-header = Sync your bookmarks everywhere.
cfr-doorhanger-bookmark-fxa-body = Great find! Now don’t be left without this bookmark on your mobile devices. Get Started with a { -fxaccount-brand-name }.
cfr-doorhanger-bookmark-fxa-link-text = Sync bookmarks now…
cfr-doorhanger-bookmark-fxa-close-btn-tooltip =
  .aria-label = Close button
  .title = Close

## Protections panel

cfr-protections-panel-header = Browse without being followed
cfr-protections-panel-body = Keep your data to yourself. { -brand-short-name } protects you from many of the most common trackers that follow what you do online.
cfr-protections-panel-link-text = Learn more

## What's New toolbar button and panel

# This string is used by screen readers to offer a text based alternative for
# the notification icon
cfr-badge-reader-label-newfeature = New feature:

cfr-whatsnew-button =
  .label = What’s New
  .tooltiptext = What’s New

cfr-whatsnew-release-notes-link-text = Read the release notes

## Enhanced Tracking Protection Milestones

# Variables:
#   $blockedCount (Number) - The total count of blocked trackers. This number will always be greater than 1.
#   $date (Datetime) - The date we began recording the count of blocked trackers
cfr-doorhanger-milestone-heading2 =
  { $blockedCount ->
    *[other] { -brand-short-name } blocked over <b>{ $blockedCount }</b> trackers since { DATETIME($date, month: "long", year: "numeric") }!
cfr-doorhanger-milestone-ok-button = See All
  .accesskey = S
cfr-doorhanger-milestone-close-button = Close
  .accesskey = C

## DOH Message

cfr-doorhanger-doh-body = Your privacy matters. { -brand-short-name } now securely routes your DNS requests whenever possible to a partner service to protect you while you browse.
cfr-doorhanger-doh-header = More secure, encrypted DNS lookups
cfr-doorhanger-doh-primary-button-2 = Okay
  .accesskey = O
cfr-doorhanger-doh-secondary-button = Disable
  .accesskey = D

## Fission Experiment Message

cfr-doorhanger-fission-body-approved = Your privacy matters. { -brand-short-name } now isolates, or sandboxes, websites from each other, which makes it harder for hackers to steal passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information.
cfr-doorhanger-fission-header = Site Isolation
cfr-doorhanger-fission-primary-button = OK, Got it
  .accesskey = O
cfr-doorhanger-fission-secondary-button = Learn more
  .accesskey = L

## Full Video Support CFR message

cfr-doorhanger-video-support-body = Videos on this site may not play correctly on this version of { -brand-short-name }. For full video support, update { -brand-short-name } now.
cfr-doorhanger-video-support-header = Update { -brand-short-name } to play video
cfr-doorhanger-video-support-primary-button = Update Now
  .accesskey = U

## Spotlight modal shared strings

spotlight-learn-more-collapsed = Learn more
  .title = Expand to learn more about the feature
spotlight-learn-more-expanded = Learn more
  .title = Close

## VPN promotion dialog for public Wi-Fi users
## If a user is detected to be on a public Wi-Fi network, they are given a
## bit of info about how to improve their privacy and then offered a button
## to the Mozilla VPN page and a link to dismiss the dialog.

# This header text can be explicitly wrapped.
spotlight-public-wifi-vpn-header = Looks like you’re using public Wi-Fi
spotlight-public-wifi-vpn-body = To hide your location and browsing activity, consider a Virtual Private Network. It will help keep you protected when browsing in public places like airports and coffee shops.
spotlight-public-wifi-vpn-primary-button = Stay private with { -mozilla-vpn-brand-name }
  .accesskey = S
spotlight-public-wifi-vpn-link = Not Now
  .accesskey = N

## Total Cookie Protection Rollout

# "Test pilot" is used as a verb. Possible alternatives: "Be the first to try",
# "Join an early experiment". This header text can be explicitly wrapped.
spotlight-total-cookie-protection-header =
  Test pilot our most powerful
  privacy experience ever
spotlight-total-cookie-protection-body = Total Cookie Protection stops trackers from using cookies to stalk you around the web.
# "Early access" for this feature rollout means it's a "feature preview" or
# "soft launch" as not everybody will get it yet.
spotlight-total-cookie-protection-expanded = { -brand-short-name } builds a fence around cookies, limiting them to the site you’re on so trackers can’t use them to follow you. With early access, you’ll help optimize this feature so we can keep building a better web for everyone.
spotlight-total-cookie-protection-primary-button = Turn on Total Cookie Protection
spotlight-total-cookie-protection-secondary-button = Not now

## Emotive Continuous Onboarding

spotlight-better-internet-header = A better internet starts with you
spotlight-better-internet-body = When you use { -brand-short-name}, you’re voting for an open and accessible internet that’s better for everyone.
spotlight-peace-mind-header = We’ve got you covered
spotlight-peace-mind-body = Every month, { -brand-short-name } blocks an average of over 3,000 trackers per user. Because nothing, especially privacy nuisances like trackers, should stand between you and the good internet.
spotlight-pin-primary-button = { PLATFORM() ->
    [macos] Keep in Dock
   *[other] Pin to taskbar
spotlight-pin-secondary-button = Not now

## MR2022 Background Update Windows native toast notification strings.
## These strings will be displayed by the Windows operating system in
## a native toast, like:
## <b>multi-line title</b>
## multi-line text
## <img>
## [ primary button ] [ secondary button ]
## The button labels are fitted into narrow fixed-width buttons by
## Windows and therefore must be as narrow as possible.

mr2022-background-update-toast-title = New { -brand-short-name }. More private. Fewer trackers. No compromises.
mr2022-background-update-toast-text = Try the newest { -brand-short-name } now, upgraded with our strongest anti-tracking protection yet.

# This button label will be fitted into a narrow fixed-width button by
# Windows. Try to not exceed the width of the English text (compare it
# using a variable font like Arial): the button can only fit 1-2
# additional characters, exceeding characters will be truncated.
mr2022-background-update-toast-primary-button-label = Open { -brand-shorter-name } Now

# This button label will be fitted into a narrow fixed-width button by
# Windows. Try to not exceed the width of the English text (compare it using a
# variable font like Arial): the button can only fit 1-2 additional characters,
# exceeding characters will be truncated.
mr2022-background-update-toast-secondary-button-label = Remind Me Later

## Firefox View CFR

firefoxview-cfr-primarybutton = Try it
  .accesskey = T
firefoxview-cfr-secondarybutton = Not now
  .accesskey = N
firefoxview-cfr-header-v2 = Quickly pick up where you left off
firefoxview-cfr-body-v2 = Get recently closed tabs back, plus seamlessly hop between devices with { -firefoxview-brand-name }.

## Firefox View Spotlight

firefoxview-spotlight-promo-title = Say hello to { -firefoxview-brand-name }

# “Poof” refers to the expression to convey when something or someone suddenly disappears, or in this case, reappears. For example, “Poof, it’s gone.”
firefoxview-spotlight-promo-subtitle = Want that open tab on your phone? Grab it. Need that site you just visited? Poof, it’s back with { -firefoxview-brand-name }.
firefoxview-spotlight-promo-primarybutton = See how it works
firefoxview-spotlight-promo-secondarybutton = Skip

## Colorways expiry reminder CFR

colorways-cfr-primarybutton = Choose colorway
  .accesskey = C

# "shades" refers to the different color options available to users in colorways.
colorways-cfr-body = Color your browser with { -brand-short-name } exclusive shades inspired by voices that changed culture.
colorways-cfr-header-28days = Independent Voices colorways expire January 16
colorways-cfr-header-14days = Independent Voices colorways expire in two weeks
colorways-cfr-header-7days =  Independent Voices colorways expire this week
colorways-cfr-header-today = Independent Voices colorways expire today

## Cookie Banner Handling CFR

# Alternate headline for localization: "See fewer cookie requests"
cfr-cookiebanner-header = Cookie banners begone!
cfr-cookiebanner-body = Allow { -brand-short-name } to automatically reject all cookie banner requests when possible.
cfr-cookiebanner-accept-button = Dismiss Banners
  .accesskey = D
cfr-cookiebanner-reject-button = Not Now
  .accesskey = N

cfr-cookiebanner-header-variant-1 = See fewer cookie pop-ups
cfr-cookiebanner-body-variant-1 = Let { -brand-short-name } automatically answer cookie pop-ups for you so you can get back to distraction-free browsing. { -brand-short-name } will reject all requests if possible.
cfr-cookiebanner-accept-button-variant-1 = Dismiss Pop-ups
  .accesskey = D
cfr-cookiebanner-reject-button-variant-1 = No Thanks
  .accesskey = N

cfr-cookiebanner-header-variant-2 = Cookie Banner Reduction
cfr-cookiebanner-body-variant-2 = Reduce the amount of cookie banners you see by allowing { -brand-short-name } to decline a website’s cookie consent request if possible.
cfr-cookiebanner-accept-button-variant-2 = Allow
  .accesskey = A
cfr-cookiebanner-reject-button-variant-2 = Not Now
  .accesskey = N

## These strings are used in the Fox doodle Pin/set default spotlights

july-jam-headline = We’ve got you covered
july-jam-body = Every month, { -brand-short-name } blocks an average of 3,000+ trackers per user, giving you safe, speedy access to the good internet.
july-jam-set-default-primary = Open my links with { -brand-short-name }