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Bug 1399756 - Fix some white-space issues in .properties and .dtd files in mail/. r=jorgk X-Channel-Repo: comm-central X-Channel-Converted-Revision: 5e66a21a7abacdcdf32cf4274dbf919b1c1ec914 X-Channel-Repo: releases/comm-beta X-Channel-Revision: 7dc0273dfea061312c53105837d7f9e4dba7ee32 X-Channel-Repo: releases/comm-release X-Channel-Revision: 026949d91908f06c951dd2a93ffc3731458384ea

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!ENTITY serverAdvanced.label "Advanced Account Settings">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (serverDirectory.label): Do not translate "IMAP" -->
<!ENTITY serverDirectory.label "IMAP server directory:">
<!ENTITY serverDirectory.accesskey "d">
<!ENTITY usingSubscription.label "Show only subscribed folders">
<!ENTITY usingSubscription.accesskey "w">
<!ENTITY dualUseFolders.label "Server supports folders that contain sub-folders and messages">
<!ENTITY dualUseFolders.accesskey "f">
<!ENTITY maximumConnectionsNumber.label "Maximum number of server connections to cache">
<!ENTITY maximumConnectionsNumber.accesskey "M">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (namespaceDesc.label): Do not translate "IMAP" -->
<!ENTITY namespaceDesc.label "These preferences specify the namespaces on your IMAP server">
<!ENTITY personalNamespace.label "Personal namespace:">
<!ENTITY personalNamespace.accesskey "P">
<!ENTITY publicNamespace.label "Public (shared):">
<!ENTITY publicNamespace.accesskey "u">
<!ENTITY otherUsersNamespace.label "Other Users:">
<!ENTITY otherUsersNamespace.accesskey "O">
<!ENTITY overrideNamespaces.label "Allow server to override these namespaces">
<!ENTITY overrideNamespaces.accesskey "A">
<!ENTITY pop3DeferringDesc.label "When downloading mail from this account's server, use the following folder to store new messages:">
<!ENTITY accountInbox.label "Inbox for this account">
<!ENTITY accountInbox.accesskey "s">
<!ENTITY deferToServer.label "Inbox for different account">
<!ENTITY deferToServer.accesskey "d">
<!ENTITY deferGetNewMail.label "Include this server when getting new mail">
<!ENTITY deferGetNewMail.accesskey "I">