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# The following are used by the Mailing list dialog
emptyListName=You must enter a list name.
lastFirstFormat=%S, %S
firstLastFormat=%S %S  

newContactTitle=New Contact
# %S will be the contact's display name
newContactTitleWithDisplayName=New Contact for %S
editContactTitle=Edit Contact
# %S will be the contact's display name
editContactTitleWithDisplayName=Edit Contact for %S
# don't translate vCard
editVCardTitle=Edit vCard
# %S will be the card's display name, don't translate vCard
editVCardTitleWithDisplayName=Edit vCard for %S

## LOCALIZATION NOTE (cardRequiredDataMissingMessage):  do not localize \n
cardRequiredDataMissingMessage=You must enter at least one of the following items:\nEmail Address, First Name, Last Name, Display Name, Organization.
cardRequiredDataMissingTitle=Required Information Missing
incorrectEmailAddressFormatMessage=The primary e-mail address must be of the form user@host.
incorrectEmailAddressFormatTitle=Incorrect Email Address Format

viewListTitle=Mailing List: %S
mailListNameExistsTitle=Mailing List Already Exists
mailListNameExistsMessage=A Mailing List with that name already exists. Please choose a different name.

# used in the addressbook
confirmDeleteMailingListTitle=Delete Mailing List
confirmDeleteAddressbookTitle=Delete Address Book
confirmDeleteContact=Are you sure you want to delete the selected contact?
confirmDeleteContacts=Are you sure you want to delete the selected contacts?
confirmDeleteAddressbook=Are you sure you want to delete the selected address book?
confirmDeleteCollectionAddressbook=If this address book is deleted, %S will no longer collect addresses. Are you sure you want to delete the selected address book?
confirmDeleteMailingList=Are you sure you want to delete the selected mailing list?
confirmDeleteListsAndContacts=Are you sure you want to delete the selected contacts and mailing lists?
confirmDeleteMailingLists=Are you sure you want to delete the selected mailing lists?

propertyListName=List Name
propertySecondaryEmail=Additional Email
propertyScreenName=Screen Name
propertyDisplayName=Display Name
propertyCustom1=Custom 1
propertyCustom2=Custom 2
propertyCustom3=Custom 3
propertyCustom4=Custom 4

## LOCALIZATION NOTE (dateformat)
## Only used if the year isn't present and should be in the format used by Date.toLocaleFormat
## see
## %B is the month's localized name and %e is the day of the month [1-31]
## Separators (a space, dash, etc.) can be used
dateformat=%B %e

## LOCALIZATION NOTE (cityAndStateAndZip): 
## %1$S is city, %2$S is state, %3$S is zip
cityAndStateAndZip=%1$S, %2$S %3$S
## LOCALIZATION NOTE (cityAndStateNoZip): 
## %1$S is city, %2$S is state
cityAndStateNoZip=%1$S, %2$S
## LOCALIZATION NOTE (cityOrStateAndZip): 
## %1$S is city or state, %2$S is zip
cityOrStateAndZip=%1$S %2$S


addressBook=Address Book

browsePhoto=Contact Photo

# mailnews.js
ldap_2.servers.pab.description=Personal Address Book
ldap_2.servers.history.description=Collected Addresses
## LOCALIZATION NOTE (ldap_2.servers.osx.description is only used on Mac OS X)
ldap_2.servers.osx.description=Mac OS X Address Book

# status bar stuff
## LOCALIZATION NOTE (totalContactStatus):
## %1$S is address book name, %2$S is contact count
totalContactStatus=Total contacts in %1$S: %2$S
## LOCALIZATION NOTE (matchesFound):  do not localize %S
noMatchFound=No matches found
matchFound=1 match found
matchesFound=%S matches found

## LOCALIZATION NOTE (contactsCopied): Semi-colon list of plural forms
## %1$S is the number of contacts that were copied. This should be used multiple
## times wherever you need it. Do not replace by %S.
contactsCopied=%1$S contact copied;%1$S contacts copied

## LOCALIZATION NOTE (contactsMoved): Semi-colon list of plural forms
## %1$S is the number of contacts that were moved. This should be used multiple
## times wherever you need it. Do not replace by %S.
contactsMoved=%1$S contact moved;%1$S contacts moved

# LDAP directory stuff
invalidName=Please enter a valid Name.
invalidHostname=Please enter a valid Hostname.
invalidPortNumber=Please enter a valid Port Number.
invalidResults=Please enter a valid number in the results field.
abReplicationOfflineWarning=You must be online to perform LDAP replication.
abReplicationSaveSettings=Settings must be saved before a directory may be downloaded.

# For importing / exporting
ExportAddressBookTitle=Export Address Book
CSVFiles=Comma Separated
TABFiles=Tab Delimited
failedToExportTitle=Export Failed
failedToExportMessageNoDeviceSpace=Failed to export addressbook, no space left on device.
failedToExportMessageFileAccessDenied=Failed to export addressbook, file access denied.

# For getting authDN for replication using dlg box
AuthDlgTitle=Address Book LDAP Replication
AuthDlgDesc=To access the directory server, enter your user name and password.

# use + for spaces

# For printing

# For address books
newAddressBookTitle=New Address Book
renameAddressBookTitle=Address Book Properties

# For corrupt .mab files
corruptMabFileTitle=Corrupt Address Book File
corruptMabFileAlert=One of your address book files (%1$S file) could not be read. A new %2$S file will be created and a backup of the old file, called %3$S, will be created in the same directory.

# For locked .mab files
lockedMabFileTitle=Unable to Load Address Book File
lockedMabFileAlert=Unable to load address book file %S. It may be read-only, or locked by another application. Please try again later.