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Bug 924876 - Add access keys for buttons in "Going online/offline" dialog. r+ui-r=bwinton X-Channel-Repo: comm-central X-Channel-Converted-Revision: eda1ae45ed6f740f4b2331030e31d3e670eb81d9

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# Download Messages Prompt
downloadMessagesWindowTitle1=Download Messages
downloadMessagesLabel1=Do you want to download messages for offline use before going offline?
downloadMessagesCheckboxLabel1=Always ask me when I go offline
downloadMessagesNow2=&Download Now

# Send Messages Prompt
sendMessagesWindowTitle1=Unsent Messages
sendMessagesLabel2=Do you want to send your unsent messages now?
sendMessagesCheckboxLabel1=Always ask me when I go online
sendMessagesNow2=&Send Now


# GetMessages While Offline Prompt
getMessagesOfflineWindowTitle1=Get Messages
getMessagesOfflineLabel1=You are currently offline. Do you want to go online to get new messages?

# Send Messages Offline Prompt
sendMessagesOfflineWindowTitle1=Unsent Messages
sendMessagesOfflineLabel1=You are currently offline. Do you want to go online to send unsent messages?

offlineTooltip=You are currently offline.
onlineTooltip=You are currently online.