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<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!-- Title -->
<!ENTITY addressbookWindow.title                        "Address Book">

<!-- Menus:  the . means that the menu item isn't implemented yet -->

<!-- File Menu -->
<!ENTITY newContact.label                               "Contact…">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (newContact.accesskey) : DONT_TRANSLATE -->
<!ENTITY newContact.accesskey                           "C">
<!ENTITY newListCmd.label                               "Mailing List…">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (newListCmd.accesskey) : DONT_TRANSLATE -->
<!ENTITY newListCmd.accesskey                           "L">  
<!ENTITY newAddressBookCmd.label                        "Address Book…"> 
<!ENTITY newAddressBookCmd.accesskey                    "o">  
<!ENTITY newLDAPDirectoryCmd.label                      "LDAP Directory…">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (newLDAPDirectoryCmd.accesskey) : DONT_TRANSLATE -->
<!ENTITY newLDAPDirectoryCmd.accesskey                  "D">
<!ENTITY newIM.label                                    "IM">
<!ENTITY printContactViewCmd.label                      "Print Contact…">
<!ENTITY printContactViewCmd.accesskey                  "p">
<!ENTITY printPreviewContactViewCmd.label               "Print Preview Contact">
<!ENTITY printPreviewContactViewCmd.accesskey           "v">
<!ENTITY printContactViewCmd.key                        "P">
<!ENTITY printAddressBook.label                         "Print Address Book…"> 
<!ENTITY printAddressBook.accesskey                     "A"> 
<!ENTITY printPreviewAddressBook.label                  "Print Preview Address Book"> 
<!ENTITY printPreviewAddressBook.accesskey              "B">

<!-- Edit Menu -->
<!ENTITY deleteAbCmd.label                              "Delete Address Book">  
<!ENTITY deleteContactCmd.label                         "Delete Contact">
<!ENTITY deleteContactsCmd.label                        "Delete Selected Contacts">
<!ENTITY deleteListCmd.label                            "Delete List">
<!ENTITY deleteListsCmd.label                           "Delete Selected Lists">
<!ENTITY deleteItemsCmd.label                           "Delete Selected Items">
<!ENTITY swapFirstNameLastNameCmd.label                 "Swap First/Last Name">
<!ENTITY swapFirstNameLastNameCmd.accesskey             "w">  
<!ENTITY propertiesCmd.label                            "Properties…">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (propertiesCmd.accesskey) : DONT_TRANSLATE -->
<!ENTITY propertiesCmd.accesskey                        "i">  
<!ENTITY propertiesCmd.key                              "i">  

<!-- View Menu -->
<!ENTITY showAbToolbarCmd.label                         "Address Book Toolbar"> 
<!ENTITY showAbToolbarCmd.accesskey                     "o">  
<!ENTITY layoutMenu.label                               "Layout">
<!ENTITY layoutMenu.accesskey                           "L">
<!ENTITY showDirectoryPane.label                        "Directory Pane">
<!ENTITY showDirectoryPane.accesskey                    "D">
<!ENTITY showContactPane2.label                         "Contact Pane">
<!ENTITY showContactPane2.accesskey                     "C">
<!ENTITY menu_ShowNameAs.label                          "Show Name As"> 
<!ENTITY menu_ShowNameAs.accesskey                      "n"> 
<!ENTITY firstLastCmd.label                             "First Last">  
<!ENTITY firstLastCmd.accesskey                         "f"> 
<!ENTITY lastFirstCmd.label                             "Last, First">  
<!ENTITY lastFirstCmd.accesskey                         "l"> 
<!ENTITY displayNameCmd.label                           "Display Name">  
<!ENTITY displayNameCmd.accesskey                       "d"> 

<!-- Tasks Menu -->
<!ENTITY importCmd.label                                "Import…">
<!ENTITY importCmd.accesskey                            "I">
<!ENTITY exportCmd.label                                "Export…">
<!ENTITY exportCmd.accesskey                            "E">

<!-- Toolbar and Popup items -->
<!ENTITY newContactButton.label                         "New Contact">
<!ENTITY newContactButton.accesskey                     "C">
<!ENTITY newlistButton.label                            "New List">  
<!ENTITY newlistButton.accesskey                        "L">  
<!ENTITY editItemButton.label                           "Properties">
<!ENTITY editItemButton.accesskey                       "P">
<!ENTITY newmsgButton.label                             "Compose">  
<!ENTITY newmsgButton.accesskey                         "C">  
<!ENTITY deleteItemButton.label                         "Delete">
<!ENTITY deleteItemButton.accesskey                     "D">
<!ENTITY newimButton.label                              "Instant Message">  
<!ENTITY newimButton.accesskey                          "I">  
<!ENTITY searchNameAndEmail.placeholder                 "Search Name and Email">
<!ENTITY searchBox.title                                "Search">

<!-- Tooltips -->
<!ENTITY addressbookToolbar.tooltip                     "Address Book Toolbar">
<!ENTITY newContactButton.tooltip                       "Create a new address book contact">
<!ENTITY newlistButton.tooltip                          "Create a new list"> 
<!ENTITY editItemButton.tooltip                         "Edit the selected item">
<!ENTITY newmsgButton.tooltip                           "Send a mail message"> 
<!ENTITY newIM.tooltip                                  "Send an instant message or chat"> 
<!ENTITY deleteItemButton.tooltip                       "Delete selected item">
<!ENTITY throbber.tooltip                               "Go to the &vendorShortName; home page">
<!ENTITY advancedButton.tooltip                         "Advanced address search">

<!-- Dir Tree header -->
<!ENTITY dirTreeHeader.label                            "Address Books">

<!-- Card Summary Pane -->
<!-- Box Headings -->
<!ENTITY contact.heading                                "Contact">
<!ENTITY home.heading                                   "Home">
<!ENTITY other.heading                                  "Other">
<!ENTITY phone.heading                                  "Phone">
<!ENTITY work.heading                                   "Work">
<!-- Special Box Headings, for mailing lists -->
<!ENTITY description.heading                            "Description">
<!ENTITY addresses.heading                              "Addresses">
<!-- For Map It! -->
<!ENTITY mapItButton.label                              "Get Map">
<!ENTITY mapIt.tooltip                                  "Display a map of this address from the Web">

<!-- Status Bar -->
<!ENTITY statusText.label                               "">

<!-- Swap FN/LN UI  Set to "false" to show swap fn/ln UI -->
<!ENTITY  hideSwapFnLnUI                                "true">