Changes pushed after changeset RELEASE_0_9_1, up to and including changeset RELEASE_0_9_2
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Tue Dec 06 22:22:14 2011 +0000
da5391981cc683460c33bf0b8e34599711ecd2afAxel Hecht — Added tag RELEASE_0_9_2 for changeset afc7f881b5bf
afc7f881b5bf0dadd278d82c626a47ec927a5e53Axel Hecht — update revision to cut a new release RELEASE_0_9_2
70b647db07ebf28956bae392c6e490437fa45614Axel Hecht — bug 703829, error on translated CSS specs, warn on numbers in DTD files
0ecf34be9a49395514128269427483b25b9aa295Axel Hecht — add script to enumerate en-US entries covered by checks