Pontoon: Update Chinese (China) (zh-CN) localization of Lightning
author你我皆凡人 <yuanbingyan@mail.ee>
Sat, 25 Jun 2022 08:53:30 +0000
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Pontoon: Update Chinese (China) (zh-CN) localization of Lightning Co-authored-by: 你我皆凡人 <yuanbingyan@mail.ee>
--- a/calendar/chrome/calendar/calendar.properties
+++ b/calendar/chrome/calendar/calendar.properties
@@ -270,17 +270,17 @@ caldavRedirectDisableCalendar=禁用日历
 #   Asia/Singapore  likelier than Antarctica/Casey
 #   Asia/Tokyo      likelier than Asia/Dili
 #   Africa/Lagos likelier than Africa/Algiers (for WestAfricanTime)
 #   Africa/Johannesburg likelier than Africa/Blantyre (for SouthAfricanStdTime)
 #   Africa/Nairobi likelier than Africa/Addis_Ababa (for EastAfricanTime)
 #   Australia/Brisbane likelier than Antarctica/DumontDUrville
 #   Australia/Sydney likelier than Australia/Currie or Australia/Hobart
 #   Pacific/Auckland likelier than Antarctica/McMurdo
+likelyTimezone=Asia/Chongqing, Asia/Shanghai, Asia/Urumqi, Asia/Hong_Kong, Asia/Macao, Asia/Taipei, Asia/Singapore, Asia/Tokyo, Asia/Seoul, America/Los_Angeles, America/New_York, America/Toronto, Europe/London, Australia/Sydney
 # Guessed Timezone errors and warnings.
 # Testing note:
 # * remove preference for calendar.timezone.default in userprofile/prefs.js
 # * repeat
 #   - set OS timezone to a city (windows: click right on clock in taskbar)
 #   - restart
 #   - observe guess in error console and verify whether guessed timezone city
@@ -290,40 +290,40 @@ likelyTimezone=Asia/Shanghai
 #  no longer matches ZoneInfo timezone "America/Sao_Paulo".'
 # Testing notes:
 # - Brasil DST change dates are set every year by decree, so likely out of sync.
 # - Only appears on OSes from which timezone can be obtained
 #   (windows; or TZ env var, /etc/localtime target path, or line in
 #    /etc/timezone or /etc/sysconfig/clock contains ZoneInfo timezone id).
 # - Windows: turning off "Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving time"
 #   can also trigger this warning.
-WarningOSTZNoMatch=警告: 操作系统时区 "%1$S" \n与内置时区信息 "%2$S" 不匹配。
+WarningOSTZNoMatch=警告:操作系统时区“%1$S”与内部 ZoneInfo 时区“%2$S”不匹配。
 # "Skipping Operating System timezone 'Pacific/New_Country'."
 # Testing note: not easily testable.  May occur someday if (non-windows)
 # OS uses different version of ZoneInfo database which has a timezone name
 # that is not included in our current ZoneInfo database (or if the mapping
 # mapping from windows to ZoneInfo timezone ids does).
-SkippingOSTimezone=忽略操作系统时区 '%1$S'。
 # "Skipping locale timezone 'America/New_Yawk'."
 # Testing note: Skipping occurs if a likelyTimezone id is unknown or misspelled.
-SkippingLocaleTimezone=忽略本地时区 '%1$S'。
 # Testing note: "No match" timezones include Bucharest on W2k.
 # Brazil timezones may be "No match" (change every year, so often out of date,
 # and changes are often more than a week different).
 warningUsingFloatingTZNoMatch=警告: 使用“动态”时区。 \n没有和操作系统中的时区数据相匹配的时区信息。
 # "Warning:  Using guessed timezone
 #    America/New York (UTC-0500/-0400).
 #    [rfc2445 summer daylight saving shift rules for timezone]
 #  This ZoneInfo timezone almost matches/seems to match..."
 #  This ZoneInfo timezone was chosen based on ... "
-WarningUsingGuessedTZ=警告:  使用猜测的时区\n  %1$S (UTC%2$S)。\n%3$S\n%4$S
+WarningUsingGuessedTZ=警告: 使用猜测的时区\n %1$S(UTC%2$S)。\n%3$S\n%4$S
 # Testing note: "Almost match" timezones include Cairo on W2k.
 TZAlmostMatchesOSDifferAtMostAWeek=这个时区信息比较匹配操作系统时区。 \n按此规则, 下一次白天与标准时间的转换从操作系统时区转换过来相差最多一周。 \n这可能会存在数据上的矛盾, 如不同的开始时间, \n或不同的规则, 或非标准公历估算规则。
 TZSeemsToMatchOS=此 ZoneInfo 时区与今年操作系统时区似乎是匹配的。
 # used for a display of a chosen timezone