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Pontoon: Update Chinese (China) (zh-CN) localization of Firefox Co-authored-by: 你我皆凡人 <>

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

about-httpsonly-title-alert = HTTPS-Only 模式警告
about-httpsonly-title-connection-not-available = 安全连接不可用
about-httpsonly-title-site-not-available = 安全网站不可用
# Variables:
#   $websiteUrl (String) - Url of the website that failed to load. Example:
about-httpsonly-explanation-unavailable2 = 为增强安全性,您已启用 HTTPS-Only 模式,但 <em>{ $websiteUrl }</em> 的 HTTPS 版本不可用。
about-httpsonly-explanation-question = 可能是什么原因造成的?
about-httpsonly-explanation-nosupport = 该网站很可能根本不支持 HTTPS。
about-httpsonly-explanation-risk = 也可能是有人正企图攻击您。若您还是决定访问此网站的 HTTP 版本,则不应在网站中输入密码、邮箱或信用卡号等敏感信息。
about-httpsonly-explanation-continue = 若继续,将暂时对此网站关闭 HTTPS-Only 模式。
about-httpsonly-button-continue-to-site = 继续前往 HTTP 网站
about-httpsonly-button-go-back = 返回
about-httpsonly-link-learn-more = 详细了解…

## Suggestion Box that only shows up if a secure connection to www can be established
## Variables:
##   $websiteUrl (String) - Url of the website that can be securely loded with these alternatives. Example:

about-httpsonly-suggestion-box-header = 可能另有网址
about-httpsonly-suggestion-box-www-text = 此网站存在安全版本:<em>www.{ $websiteUrl }</em>。您可以选择访问此网页,而非 <em>{ $websiteUrl }</em>。
about-httpsonly-suggestion-box-www-button = 前往 www.{ $websiteUrl }