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Bug 1792809 - Migrate styles of windows to use min-width/height, part 3.

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

# LOCALIZATION NOTE: The 1st %S is brandShortName and 2nd %S is update version
# where update version from the update xml
# example: MyApplication 10.0.5
updateName=%S %S

# NOTE: The restartLaterButton string is also used in
# mozapps/extensions/content/blocklist.js
restartLaterButton=Tambaliwaat ci kanam
restartNowButton=Tambaliwaat %S

statusFailed=Samp wi lajj na

installSuccess=Yeesal bi sampu na bu baax
installPending=Yeesal buy xaar
patchApplyFailure=Yeesal bi mënula sampu (jëfekaay jubanti lajj na )

check_error-200=Dencukaay yeesal XML baaxul (200)
check_error-403=Mëneesuci jot (403)
check_error-404=Dencukaay yeesal bu  XMLgisuñu ko (404)
check_error-500=Njumte biti bu serwëër bi (500)
check_error-2152398849=Lajj (Kenn xamul)
check_error-2152398861=Takkoo bi bañ na
check_error-2152398862=Diiru takkoo bi sotti na
check_error-2152398864=Lëkkale gi dafa jokkoodiku (Demal ci rëdd)
check_error-2152398867=Poor bi kenn maye wu ko
check_error-2152398868=Benn rootaan aksiwul (jéemaatal)
check_error-2152398878=Kenn gisul serwëëru yeesal gi (Seetal sa jokkoo )
check_error-2152398890=Kenn gisul serwëëru proxy bi (Seetal sa jokkoo intrenet )
check_error-2152398918=Lëkkale gi jokkoowul (Demal ci rëdd)
check_error-2152398919=Toxal rootaan yi tawaw na (Jéemaatal)
check_error-2152398920=Jokkoo ak serwëër proxy bañ na
check_error-2153390069=Sarsifikaa serwëër bi jeex na ( defaral waxtu ak bes bu jub ci montaru doxain bi )
check_error-verification_failed=Seetuñu ndax yeesal bi mët na