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Bug 1793570 - Convert AndNMoreFiles string from to Fluent, part 1.

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   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->
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<!-- Tools menu -->

<!ENTITY lightning.preferencesLabel "Taqvim">
<!-- New menu popup in File menu -->

<!ENTITY    "Tadbir…">
<!ENTITY     "Vazifa…">
<!ENTITY "Taqvim…">
<!ENTITY "v">
<!-- Open menu popup in File menu -->

<!ENTITY               "Ochish">
<!ENTITY           "O">
<!ENTITY       "Saqlangan xabar…">
<!ENTITY   "x">
<!ENTITY      "Taqvim fayli…">
<!ENTITY  "T">
<!-- View Menu -->

<!ENTITY            "Taqvim">
<!ENTITY        "v">
<!ENTITY               "Vazifalar">
<!ENTITY           "V">
<!-- Events and Tasks menu -->

<!ENTITY                "Tadbirlar va vazifalar">
<!ENTITY            "T">
<!-- properties dialog, calendar creation wizard -->

<!ENTITY               "E-pochta:">
<!-- iMIP Bar (meeting support) -->

<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnAccept.label                                  "Qabul qilish">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnAccept2.tooltiptext                           "Tadbir taklifini qabul qilish">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnAcceptRecurrences.label                       "Barchasini qabul qilish">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnAcceptRecurrences2.tooltiptext                "Barcha tadbir hodisalari uchun takliflarni qabul qilish">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnAdd.label                                     "Qo‘shish">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnAdd.tooltiptext                               "Taqvimga tadbirni qo‘shish">

<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnDecline2.tooltiptext                          "Tadbir taklifini rad qilish">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnDeclineRecurrences.label                      "Barchasini rad qilish">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnDeclineRecurrences2.tooltiptext               "Barcha tadbir hodisalari uchun tadbir takliflarini rad qilish">

<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnDelete.label                                  "O‘chirish">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnDelete.tooltiptext                            "Taqvimdan o‘chirish">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnDetails.label                                 "Tafsilotlar…">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnDetails.tooltiptext                           "Tadbir tafsilotlarini ko‘rsatish">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnMore.label                                    "Ko‘proq">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnMore.tooltiptext                              "Ko‘proq tanlamalarni ko‘rish uchun bosing">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnReconfirm2.label                              "Qayta tasdiqlash">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnReconfirm.tooltiptext                         "Tashkilotchiga qayta tasdiqlashni jo‘natadi">

<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnSaveCopy.label                                "Nusxasini saqlash">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnSaveCopy.tooltiptext                          "Tashkilotchiga beriladigan javobdan mustaqil ravishda tadbir nusxasini taqvimga saqlang. Ishtirokchilar ro‘yxati tozalab tashlanadi.">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnTentative.label                               "Noaniq">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnTentative2.tooltiptext                        "Tadbir taklifini &quot;borishim noma’lum&quot; deb qabul qilish">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnTentativeRecurrences.label                    "Barchasiga noaniq deb belgilash">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnTentativeRecurrences2.tooltiptext             "Barcha tadbir hodisalari uchun tadbir takliflariga &quot;borishim noaniq&quot; deb qabul qilish">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnUpdate.label                                  "Yangilash">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.btnUpdate.tooltiptext                            "Taqvimdagi tadbirni yangilash">
<!ENTITY lightning.imipbar.description                                      "Ushbu xabarda tadbirga taklif bor.">
<!-- Lightning specific keybindings -->

<!ENTITY lightning.keys.event.showCalendar.key "C">
<!ENTITY lightning.keys.event.showTasks.key "D">
<!-- Account Central page -->

<!ENTITY lightning.acctCentral.newCalendar.label "Yangi taqvim yaratish">
<!-- today-pane-specific -->

<!ENTITY todaypane.showMinimonth.label "Kichik oylarni ko‘rsatish">
<!ENTITY todaypane.showMinimonth.accesskey "K">
<!ENTITY todaypane.showMiniday.label "Kichik kunlarni ko‘rsatish">
<!ENTITY todaypane.showMiniday.accesskey  "k">
<!ENTITY todaypane.showNone.label "Yo‘qlar ko‘rsatilsin">
<!ENTITY todaypane.showNone.accesskey "Y">
<!ENTITY todaypane.showTodayPane.label "Bugun yon oynasini ko‘rsatish">
<!ENTITY todaypane.showTodayPane.accesskey "o">
<!ENTITY todaypane.statusButton.label "Bugun yon oynasi">