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Add Mozilla Rally brand names to brandings.ftl

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

## App Menu

appmenuitem-protection-dashboard-title = Riña màn nej sa dugumîn
appmenuitem-new-tab =
    .label = Rakïj ñanj nakàa
appmenuitem-new-window =
    .label = Ventana nakàa
appmenuitem-new-private-window =
    .label = Nànin' 'ngo ventana huìi
appmenuitem-history =
    .label = Sa gini’iājt
appmenuitem-downloads =
    .label = Nadunïnj
appmenuitem-print =
    .label = Nari' ña du'ua
appmenuitem-zoom =
    .value = Soom
appmenuitem-help =
    .label = Sa ruguñu'unj un

## Zoom and Fullscreen Controls

appmenuitem-zoom-enlarge =
    .label = Nāgi’iaj nichrùn’
appmenuitem-zoom-reduce =
    .label = Nāgi’iaj gùn’
appmenuitem-fullscreen =
    .label = Nagi'iaj gachrò' riña aga' sikà' ràa

## Firefox Account toolbar button and Sync panel in App menu.

# This is shown beneath the name of a device when that device has no open tabs
appmenu-remote-tabs-notabs = Si na'nï' rakij ñanj
# This is shown when Sync is configured but syncing tabs is disabled.
appmenu-remote-tabs-tabsnotsyncing = Nachrūn si sinkronisasion rakïj ñaj da' ni'iaj nej rakïj ñaj asij riña a'ngo si agat.
# This is shown when Sync is configured but this appears to be the only device attached to
# the account. We also show links to download Firefox for android/ios.
appmenu-remote-tabs-noclients = Ni'iaj rakïj ñaj nū riña a'ngo si aga' asij ñuna ànj
appmenu-remote-tabs-connectdevice =
    .label = Ganachun' 'ngà a'ngo aga'a...
appmenu-remote-tabs-welcome = Ni’iāj nej rakïj ñaj āsìj riña a'ngô nej si agâ’t.
appmenu-remote-tabs-unverified = Da'ui' ma ganatsij ma si kuentat
appmenuitem-fxa-sign-in = Nutà' si yuguît riña { -brand-product-name }
appmenuitem-save-page =
    .label = Na'nïnj sà' Pâjina Gù'na…

## What's New panel in App menu.

whatsnew-panel-header = Nù huin sa nakà hua
# Checkbox displayed at the bottom of the What's New panel, allowing users to
# enable/disable What's New notifications.
whatsnew-panel-footer-checkbox =
    .label = Gātāj na’ānj si huā sa nakà doj
    .accesskey = ā

## The Firefox Profiler – The popup is the UI to turn on the profiler, and record
## performance profiles. To enable it go to and click
## "Enable Profiler Menu Button".

profiler-popup-button-idle =
    .label = Sa ri perfîl
    .tooltiptext = Gi'iaj grabândo 'ngō perfil nikāj rendimiênto
profiler-popup-learn-more-button =
    .label = Gāhuin chrūn doj
profiler-popup-settings =
    .value = Nāgi\'iô\'

## Profiler presets
## They are shown in the popup's select box.

# Presets and their l10n IDs are defined in the file
# devtools/client/performance-new/popup/background.jsm.js
# Please take care that the same values are also defined in devtools' perftools.ftl.

## History panel

appmenu-restore-session =
    .label = Nagi'iaj ñunj sesión gà gachin
appmenu-clear-history =
    .label = Dure' riña gaché nu'...
appmenu-recent-history-subheader = Riña gaché nu nakò'
appmenu-recently-closed-tabs =
    .label = Rakïj ñanj hiaj narrán nakà
appmenu-recently-closed-windows =
    .label = Sa hiaj narrán nakà

## Help panel

appmenu-about =
    .label = rayi'î { -brand-shorter-name }
    .accesskey = r
appmenu-help-report-site-issue =
    .label = Natà' si huā sa huā a'na' riña sitiô…
appmenu-help-feedback-page =
    .label = Ga'nïnj 'ngo si nuguàn't
    .accesskey = S

## appmenu-help-enter-troubleshoot-mode and appmenu-help-exit-troubleshoot-mode
## are mutually exclusive, so it's possible to use the same accesskey for both.

## appmenu-help-report-deceptive-site and appmenu-help-not-deceptive
## are mutually exclusive, so it's possible to use the same accesskey for both.

appmenu-help-report-deceptive-site =
    .label = Nato' ahui sitio nitaj si 'iaj sun hue'e...
    .accesskey = D
appmenu-help-not-deceptive =
    .label = Se sitio diga'ñu'unj huin ma maj...
    .accesskey = d

## More Tools

appmenu-taskmanager =
    .label = Sa nikaj ñu'unj nej suun