Pontoon: Update Tagalog (tl) localization of Firefox
authorRonx Ronquillo <christian.ronquillo@gmail.com>
Wed, 30 Sep 2020 17:34:23 +0000
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push dateWed, 30 Sep 2020 17:34:26 +0000
Pontoon: Update Tagalog (tl) localization of Firefox Co-authored-by: Ronx Ronquillo <christian.ronquillo@gmail.com>
--- a/browser/browser/browser.ftl
+++ b/browser/browser/browser.ftl
@@ -215,17 +215,17 @@ full-screen-autohide =
     .label = Itago ang mga Toolbar
     .accesskey = H
 full-screen-exit =
     .label = Lumabas sa Full Screen Mode
     .accesskey = F
 ## Search Engine selection buttons (one-offs)
-# This string prompts the user to use the list of one-click search engines in
+# This string prompts the user to use the list of search shortcuts in
 # the Urlbar and searchbar.
 search-one-offs-with-title = Ngayon naman, maghanap gamit ang:
 # This string won't wrap, so if the translated string is longer,
 # consider translating it as if it said only "Search Settings".
 search-one-offs-change-settings-button =
     .label = Baguhin ang mga Search Setting
 search-one-offs-change-settings-compact-button =
     .tooltiptext = Baguhin ang mga search setting
@@ -435,16 +435,19 @@ urlbar-result-action-search-in-private =
 urlbar-result-action-search-w-engine = Maghanap gamit ang { $engine }
 urlbar-result-action-switch-tab = Lumipat sa Tab
 urlbar-result-action-visit = Puntahan
 ## Action text shown in urlbar results, usually appended after the search
 ## string or the url, like "result value - action text".
 ## In these actions "Search" is a verb, followed by where the search is performed.
+urlbar-result-action-search-bookmarks = Hanapin sa mga Bookmark
+urlbar-result-action-search-history = Hanapin sa Kasaysayan
+urlbar-result-action-search-tabs = Hanapin sa mga Tab
 ## Full Screen and Pointer Lock UI
 # Please ensure that the domain stays in the `<span data-l10n-name="domain">` markup.
 # Variables
 #  $domain (String): the domain that is full screen, e.g. "mozilla.org"
 fullscreen-warning-domain = Ang <span data-l10n-name="domain">{ $domain }</span> ay naka-full screen na ngayon
 fullscreen-warning-no-domain = Ang dokument na ito ay naka full screen