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Update Songhay translations: 99% translated
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/aboutDialog.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/aboutDialog.dtd
@@ -1,28 +1,28 @@
 <!ENTITY aboutDialog.title          "&brandFullName; ga">
-<!ENTITY community.start2           "&brandShortName; is designed by ">
+<!ENTITY community.start2           "&brandShortName; fasalkaa ">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (community.mozillaLink): This is a link title that links to http://www.mozilla.org/. -->
 <!ENTITY community.mozillaLink      "&vendorShortName;">
 <!ENTITY community.middle2          ", a ">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (community.creditsLink): This is a link title that links to about:credits. -->
-<!ENTITY community.creditsLink      "global community">
-<!ENTITY community.end2             " working together to make the Internet better. We believe that the Internet should be open, public, and accessible to everyone without any restrictions.">
+<!ENTITY community.creditsLink      "adduɲɲa-mee jamaa">
+<!ENTITY community.end2             " kaŋ ga goy nda cere ka Interneti tee nga bešere. Ir ga tammahãa kaŋ Interneti ka hima ka tee baytal nda jamaa haya, kaŋ boro kul ka hin ka man a, bila nda šugulla kul.">
-<!ENTITY contribute.start           "Sound interesting? ">
+<!ENTITY contribute.start           "Woo ga boori wala? ">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (contribute.getInvolvedLink): This is a link title that links to http://www.mozilla.org/contribute/. -->
-<!ENTITY contribute.getInvolvedLink "Get involved!">
+<!ENTITY contribute.getInvolvedLink "Adiši wa kanbe dam!">
 <!ENTITY contribute.end             "">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (bottomLinks.license): This is a link title that links to about:license. -->
-<!ENTITY bottomLinks.license        "Licensing Information">
+<!ENTITY bottomLinks.license        "Duɲekaddasu alhabar">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (bottomLinks.rights): This is a link title that links to about:rights. -->
-<!ENTITY bottomLinks.rights         "End User Rights">
+<!ENTITY bottomLinks.rights         "Benandi goykaw alhakey">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (bottomLinks.privacy): This is a link title that links to http://www.mozilla.com/legal/privacy/. -->
 <!ENTITY bottomLinks.privacy        "Sutura laada">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (update.checkingForUpdates): try to make the localized text short (see bug 596813 for screenshots). -->
 <!ENTITY update.checkingForUpdates  "Taagandirey ceeci...">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (update.checkingAddonCompat): try to make the localized text short (see bug 596813 for screenshots). -->
 <!ENTITY update.checkingAddonCompat "Checking Add-on compatibility…">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/aboutHome.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/aboutHome.dtd
@@ -15,13 +15,13 @@
 <!ENTITY abouthome.searchEngineLinks.advanced "Koyjine ceeciyan">
 <!ENTITY abouthome.searchEngineLinks.preferences "Ibaayey">
 <!ENTITY abouthome.aboutMozilla "Mozilla ga">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (abouthome.defaultSnippet1.v1):
      text in <a/> will be linked to the Firefox features page on mozilla.com
-<!ENTITY abouthome.defaultSnippet1.v1 "Thanks for choosing Firefox! To get the most out of your browser, learn more about the <a>latest features</a>.">
+<!ENTITY abouthome.defaultSnippet1.v1 "Foo nda goy kaŋ war na Firefox suuba! Ka dii ceecikaa nafaw fellante, wa caw <a>alhaali kokorantey</a> ga.">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (abouthome.defaultSnippet2.v1):
      text in <a/> will be linked to the featured add-ons on addons.mozilla.org
-<!ENTITY abouthome.defaultSnippet2.v1 "It's easy to customize your Firefox exactly the way you want it. <a>Choose from thousands of add-ons</a>.">
+<!ENTITY abouthome.defaultSnippet2.v1 "A ga faala nda boro ma Firefox hanse nga boŋ se nda taakaa din-da kaŋ nd'a ga kan bine se. <a>Suuba tontoni ženberyaŋ ra</a>.">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/aboutPrivateBrowsing.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/aboutPrivateBrowsing.dtd
@@ -12,13 +12,13 @@
 <!ENTITY privatebrowsingpage.clearRecentHistoryInner   "Ga war taariki kokorantaa koonandi">
 <!ENTITY privatebrowsingpage.clearRecentHistoryAfter   ".">
 <!ENTITY privatebrowsingpage.startPrivateBrowsing.label "Sutura narumi sintin">
 <!ENTITY privatebrowsingpage.startPrivateBrowsing.accesskey "S">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (privatebrowsingpage.howToStop2): please leave &basePBMenu.label; intact in the translation -->
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (privatebrowsingpage.howToStart2): please leave &basePBMenu.label; intact in the translation -->
-<!ENTITY privatebrowsingpage.howToStop2                "To stop Private Browsing, select &basePBMenu.label; &gt; &privateBrowsingCmd.stop.label;, or close &brandShortName;.">
-<!ENTITY privatebrowsingpage.howToStart2               "To start Private Browsing, you can also select &basePBMenu.label; &gt; &privateBrowsingCmd.start.label;.">
+<!ENTITY privatebrowsingpage.howToStop2                "Ka sutura narumi kayandi, &toolsMenu.label; &gt; &privateBrowsingCmd.stop.label; suuba wala ma &brandShortName; daabu.">
+<!ENTITY privatebrowsingpage.howToStart2               "Ka sutura naarumi kayandi, war ga hin ka &basePBMenu.label; &gt; &privateBrowsingCmd.start.label; da suuba.">
 <!ENTITY privatebrowsingpage.moreInfo                  "Zama ordinateroo woo ši war ceeci taariki kul gaabu, war Interneti nookaa wala goykaa ga hin ka moɲey kaŋ war n'i guna ceebandu bay waati kul.">
 <!ENTITY privatebrowsingpage.learnMore                 "Caw ka tonton">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/baseMenuOverlay.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/baseMenuOverlay.dtd
@@ -12,18 +12,18 @@
 <!ENTITY helpMenuWin.accesskey    "F">
 <!ENTITY aboutProduct.label       "&brandShortName; ga">
 <!ENTITY aboutProduct.accesskey   "g">
 <!ENTITY productHelp.label        "&brandShortName; faaba">
 <!ENTITY productHelp.accesskey    "f">
 <!ENTITY helpForIEUsers.label     "Internet Explorer goykey se">
 <!ENTITY helpForIEUsers.accesskey "I">
 <!ENTITY helpMac.commandkey       "?">
-<!ENTITY helpSafeMode.label       "Restart with Add-ons Disabled…">
-<!ENTITY helpSafeMode.accesskey   "R">
+<!ENTITY helpSafeMode.label       "Tunandi taaga kaŋ tontoney kayandi...">
+<!ENTITY helpSafeMode.accesskey   "u">
 <!ENTITY helpReleaseNotes.label         "Kaataray-dumi hantumey">
 <!ENTITY helpReleaseNotes.accesskey     "K">
 <!ENTITY helpTroubleshootingInfo.label      "Tarkahattayan alhabar">
 <!ENTITY helpTroubleshootingInfo.accesskey  "T">
 <!ENTITY helpFeedbackPage.label      "Furari sanba...">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/browser.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/browser.dtd
@@ -19,25 +19,25 @@
 <!ENTITY  closeOtherTabs.label               "Nor lokey jerey daabu">
 <!ENTITY  closeOtherTabs.accesskey           "j">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (pinAppTab.label, unpinAppTab.label): "Pin" is being
 used as a metaphor for expressing the fact that these tabs are "pinned" to the
 left edge of the tabstrip. Really we just want the string to express the idea
 that this is a lightweight and reversible action that keeps your tab where you
 can reach it easily. -->
-<!ENTITY  pinAppTab.label                    "Pin as App Tab">
-<!ENTITY  pinAppTab.accesskey                "P">
-<!ENTITY  unpinAppTab.label                  "Unpin Tab">
+<!ENTITY  pinAppTab.label                    "Kanji sanda porogaram nor loku">
+<!ENTITY  pinAppTab.accesskey                "p">
+<!ENTITY  unpinAppTab.label                  "Nor loku bukandi">
 <!ENTITY  unpinAppTab.accesskey              "b">
-<!ENTITY  moveToGroup.label                  "Ganandi marga do">
+<!ENTITY  moveToGroup.label                  "Ganandi margaa do">
 <!ENTITY  moveToGroup.accesskey              "G">
 <!ENTITY  moveToNewGroup.label               "Marga taaga">
-<!ENTITY  moveToNewWindow.label              "Move to New Window">
-<!ENTITY  moveToNewWindow.accesskey          "W">
+<!ENTITY  moveToNewWindow.label              "Ganandi zanfun taagaa ra">
+<!ENTITY  moveToNewWindow.accesskey          "z">
 <!ENTITY  bookmarkAllTabs.label              "Nor lokey kul šilbay...">
 <!ENTITY  bookmarkAllTabs.accesskey          "l">
 <!ENTITY  undoCloseTab.label                 "Nor loku daabuyan taafeeri">
 <!ENTITY  undoCloseTab.accesskey             "t">
 <!ENTITY  closeTab.label                     "Nor lokoo daabu">
 <!ENTITY  closeTab.accesskey                 "d">
 <!ENTITY  listAllTabs.label      "Maaɲey kul šeedandi">
@@ -65,17 +65,17 @@ can reach it easily. -->
 <!ENTITY menubarCmd.label "Šilbayboŋ žeeri">
 <!ENTITY menubarCmd.accesskey "r">
 <!ENTITY navbarCmd.label "Naaruyan goyjinay žeeri">
 <!ENTITY navbarCmd.accesskey "N">
 <!ENTITY personalbarCmd.label "Doo-šilbawey goyjinay žeeri">
 <!ENTITY personalbarCmd.accesskey "D">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksToolbarItem.label "Doo-šilbawey goyjinay žeeri hayiizey">
-<!ENTITY addonBarCmd.label "Add-on Bar">
+<!ENTITY addonBarCmd.label "Zuu-žeeri tontoni">
 <!ENTITY addonBarCmd.accesskey "A">
 <!ENTITY pageSourceCmd.label "Moo aššil">
 <!ENTITY pageSourceCmd.accesskey "a">
 <!ENTITY pageSourceCmd.commandkey "u">
 <!ENTITY pageInfoCmd.label "Moo alhabar">
 <!ENTITY pageInfoCmd.accesskey "a">
 <!ENTITY pageInfoCmd.commandkey "i">
@@ -98,17 +98,17 @@ can reach it easily. -->
 <!ENTITY bookmarksMenu.label "Doo-šilbawey">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksMenu.accesskey "D">
 <!ENTITY bookmarkThisPageCmd.label "Moɲoo woo šilbay">
 <!ENTITY bookmarkThisPageCmd.commandkey "d">
 <!ENTITY subscribeToPageMenupopup.label "Boŋ-maa hantum moɲoo woo ga">
 <!ENTITY subscribeToPageMenuitem.label "Boŋ-maa hantum moɲoo woo ga...">
 <!ENTITY addCurPagesCmd.label "Nor lokey kul šilbay...">
-<!ENTITY showAllBookmarks2.label "Show All Bookmarks">
+<!ENTITY showAllBookmarks2.label "Doo-šilbawey kul cebe">
 <!ENTITY bookmarkAllCmd.label "Doo-šilbawey kul hanse...">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksToolbarChevron.tooltip "Doo-šilbay tontoney cebe">
 <!ENTITY backCmd.label                "Banda">
 <!ENTITY backCmd.accesskey            "B">
 <!ENTITY backButton.tooltip           "Yee moo foo banda">
 <!ENTITY forwardCmd.label             "Jine">
 <!ENTITY forwardCmd.accesskey         "J">
@@ -126,34 +126,34 @@ can reach it easily. -->
 <!ENTITY backForwardItem.title        "Banda/Jine">
 <!ENTITY locationItem.title           "Gorodoo">
 <!ENTITY searchItem.title             "Ceeci">
 <!ENTITY throbberItem.title           "Goy maatekaw">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksItem.title          "Doo-šilbawey">
 <!-- Toolbar items --> 
-<!ENTITY appMenuButton.label          "Menu">
-<!ENTITY appMenuButton.tooltip        "Open &brandShortName; menu">
+<!ENTITY appMenuButton.label          "Šilbayboŋ">
+<!ENTITY appMenuButton.tooltip        "&brandShortName; šilbayboŋ feeri">
 <!ENTITY homeButton.label             "Šintin">
 <!ENTITY tabGroupsButton.label        "Nor loku margarey">
-<!ENTITY tabGroupsButton.tooltip      "Group your tabs">
+<!ENTITY tabGroupsButton.tooltip      "War nor lokey marga">
 <!ENTITY feedButton.label             "Boŋ-maa hantum">
 <!ENTITY feedButton.tooltip           "Boŋ-maa hantum moɲoo woo se...">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksButton.label          "Doo-šilbawey">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksButton.tooltip        "War doo-šilbawey cebe">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksButton.accesskey  "D">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksCmd.commandkey "b">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksMenuButton.label          "Doo-šilbawey">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksMenuButton.tooltip        "War doo-šilbawey cebe">
-<!ENTITY bookmarksMenuButton.unsorted.label "Unsorted Bookmarks">
+<!ENTITY bookmarksMenuButton.unsorted.label "Doo-šilbawey kaŋ mana fayandi">
 <!ENTITY viewBookmarksSidebar.label         "Cebe ceraw-maaboŋ ra">
 <!ENTITY viewBookmarksToolbar.label         "Doo-šilbawey goyjinay žeeri">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (bookmarksSidebarGtkCmd.commandkey): This command
   -  key should not contain the letters A-F, since these are reserved
   -  shortcut keys on Linux. -->
 <!ENTITY bookmarksGtkCmd.commandkey "o">
 <!ENTITY bookmarksWinCmd.commandkey "i">
@@ -211,19 +211,19 @@ can reach it easily. -->
 <!ENTITY fileMenu.label         "Tuku">
 <!ENTITY fileMenu.accesskey       "T">
 <!ENTITY newNavigatorCmd.label        "Zanfun taaga">
 <!ENTITY newNavigatorCmd.key        "N">
 <!ENTITY newNavigatorCmd.accesskey      "Z">
 <!ENTITY editMenu.label         "Fasal">
 <!ENTITY editMenu.accesskey       "F">
-<!ENTITY undoCmd.label            "Undo">
+<!ENTITY undoCmd.label            "Taafeeri">
 <!ENTITY undoCmd.key            "Z">
-<!ENTITY undoCmd.accesskey          "U">
+<!ENTITY undoCmd.accesskey          "e">
 <!ENTITY redoCmd.label            "Tee taaga">
 <!ENTITY redoCmd.key            "Y">
 <!ENTITY redoCmd.accesskey          "T">
 <!ENTITY cutCmd.label           "Dunbu">
 <!ENTITY cutCmd.key             "X">
 <!ENTITY cutCmd.accesskey         "D">
 <!ENTITY copyCmd.label            "Berandi">
 <!ENTITY copyCmd.key            "C">
@@ -232,65 +232,65 @@ can reach it easily. -->
 <!ENTITY pasteCmd.key           "V">
 <!ENTITY pasteCmd.accesskey         "D">
 <!ENTITY deleteCmd.label          "Tuusu">
 <!ENTITY deleteCmd.key            "D">
 <!ENTITY deleteCmd.accesskey        "T">
 <!ENTITY selectAllCmd.label         "Kul suuba">
 <!ENTITY selectAllCmd.key         "A">
 <!ENTITY selectAllCmd.accesskey       "K">
-<!ENTITY preferencesCmd2.label       "Options">
-<!ENTITY preferencesCmd2.accesskey     "O">
+<!ENTITY preferencesCmd2.label       "Suubarey">
+<!ENTITY preferencesCmd2.accesskey     "S">
 <!ENTITY preferencesCmdUnix.label       "Ibaayey">
 <!ENTITY preferencesCmdUnix.accesskey     "I">
 <!ENTITY clearRecentHistory.label               "Taariki kokorante koonandi...">
 <!ENTITY clearRecentHistory.accesskey           "T">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE : These two strings can share an access key beause they never appear together on the menu -->
 <!ENTITY privateBrowsingCmd.start.label         "Sutura naarumi šintin">
 <!ENTITY privateBrowsingCmd.start.accesskey     "S">
 <!ENTITY privateBrowsingCmd.stop.label          "Sutura naarumi kayandi">
 <!ENTITY privateBrowsingCmd.stop.accesskey      "S">
 <!ENTITY privateBrowsingCmd.commandkey          "P">
 <!ENTITY viewMenu.label         "Gunari">
 <!ENTITY viewMenu.accesskey       "G">
-<!ENTITY viewTabGroups.label            "Tab Groups">
-<!ENTITY viewTabGroups.accesskey        "G">
+<!ENTITY viewTabGroups.label            "Nor loku margarey">
+<!ENTITY viewTabGroups.accesskey        "g">
 <!ENTITY viewToolbarsMenu.label       "Goyjinay žeerey">
 <!ENTITY viewToolbarsMenu.accesskey     "G">
 <!ENTITY viewSidebarMenu.label "Cerawžeeri">
 <!ENTITY viewSidebarMenu.accesskey "C">
 <!ENTITY viewCustomizeToolbar.label       "Hanse war boŋ se...">
 <!ENTITY viewCustomizeToolbar.accesskey     "H">
 <!ENTITY viewTabsOnTop.label            "Nor lokey beene here">
 <!ENTITY viewTabsOnTop.accesskey        "N">
 <!ENTITY historyMenu.label "Taariki">
 <!ENTITY historyMenu.accesskey "T">
 <!ENTITY historyUndoMenu.label "Nor loku kokor daabantey">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (historyUndoWindowMenu): see bug 394759 -->
 <!ENTITY historyUndoWindowMenu.label "Zanfun kokor daabantey">
-<!ENTITY historyRestoreLastSession.label "Restore Previous Session">
+<!ENTITY historyRestoreLastSession.label "Goywaati bisantaa yeeti">
 <!ENTITY historyHomeCmd.label "Šintin">
 <!ENTITY showAllHistoryCmd2.label "Taarikoo kul cebe">
 <!ENTITY showAllHistoryCmd.commandkey "H">
-<!ENTITY appMenuEdit.label "Edit">
-<!ENTITY appMenuCustomize.label "Hanse war boŋ se...">
+<!ENTITY appMenuEdit.label "Fasal">
+<!ENTITY appMenuCustomize.label "Hanse war boŋ se">
 <!ENTITY appMenuToolbarLayout.label "Goyjinay zuu-žeeri kanandi...">
 <!ENTITY appMenuSidebars.label "Cerawžeerey">
 <!ENTITY appMenuFind.label "Ceeci...">
-<!ENTITY appMenuUnsorted.label "Unsorted Bookmarks">
-<!ENTITY appMenuWebDeveloper.label "Web Developer">
-<!ENTITY appMenuGettingStarted.label "Go ma tun nda Firefox">
-<!ENTITY appMenuSafeMode.label "Restart with Add-ons Disabled…">
-<!ENTITY appMenuSafeMode.accesskey "R">
+<!ENTITY appMenuUnsorted.label "Doo-šilbawey kaŋ mana fayandi">
+<!ENTITY appMenuWebDeveloper.label "Interneti cinakaw">
+<!ENTITY appMenuGettingStarted.label "Go ma tun">
+<!ENTITY appMenuSafeMode.label "Tunandi taaga nda tontoney kaŋ kayandi...">
+<!ENTITY appMenuSafeMode.accesskey "T">
 <!ENTITY openCmd.commandkey           "l">
 <!ENTITY urlbar.placeholder           "Koy tataaru nungoo do">
 <!ENTITY urlbar.accesskey             "d">
 <!ENTITY urlbar.switchToTab.label     "Bere nor loku ga:">
   Comment duplicated from browser-sets.inc:
@@ -332,30 +332,30 @@ can reach it easily. -->
 <!ENTITY reloadFrameCmd.label         "Kungaa dam taaga">
 <!ENTITY reloadFrameCmd.accesskey     "d">
 <!ENTITY viewPartialSourceForSelectionCmd.label "Suubari aššil guna">
 <!ENTITY viewPartialSourceForMathMLCmd.label    "MathML Source guna">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (viewPartialSourceCmd.accesskey): This accesskey is used for both 
          viewPartialSourceForSelectionCmd.label and viewPartialSourceForMathMLCmd.label -->
 <!ENTITY viewPartialSourceCmd.accesskey "e">
 <!ENTITY viewPageSourceCmd.label      "Moo aššil guna">
-<!ENTITY viewPageSourceCmd.accesskey  "M">
+<!ENTITY viewPageSourceCmd.accesskey  "g">
 <!ENTITY viewFrameSourceCmd.label     "Kunga aššil guna">
-<!ENTITY viewFrameSourceCmd.accesskey "K">
+<!ENTITY viewFrameSourceCmd.accesskey "g">
 <!ENTITY viewPageInfoCmd.label        "Moo alhabar guna">
-<!ENTITY viewPageInfoCmd.accesskey    "M">
+<!ENTITY viewPageInfoCmd.accesskey    "a">
 <!ENTITY viewFrameInfoCmd.label       "Kunga alhabar guna">
-<!ENTITY viewFrameInfoCmd.accesskey   "K">
+<!ENTITY viewFrameInfoCmd.accesskey   "a">
 <!ENTITY reloadImageCmd.label         "Bii dam taaga">
 <!ENTITY reloadImageCmd.accesskey     "B">
 <!ENTITY viewImageCmd.label           "Bii guna">
 <!ENTITY viewImageCmd.accesskey       "B">
 <!ENTITY viewImageInfoCmd.label       "Bii alhabar guna">
 <!ENTITY viewImageInfoCmd.accesskey   "B">
-<!ENTITY viewVideoCmd.label           "Wiidiyo guna">
+<!ENTITY viewVideoCmd.label           "Widewo guna">
 <!ENTITY viewVideoCmd.accesskey       "W">
 <!ENTITY viewBGImageCmd.label         "Bandafaari bii guna">
 <!ENTITY viewBGImageCmd.accesskey     "B">
 <!ENTITY setDesktopBackgroundCmd.label      "Suuba goytaabal bandafaari se...">
 <!ENTITY setDesktopBackgroundCmd.accesskey  "S">
 <!ENTITY bookmarkPageCmd2.label       "Moɲoo woo šilbay">
 <!ENTITY bookmarkPageCmd2.accesskey   "M">
 <!ENTITY bookmarkThisLinkCmd.label      "Doboo woo šilbay">
@@ -374,33 +374,33 @@ can reach it easily. -->
 <!ENTITY printFrameCmd.label          "Kunga kar...">
 <!ENTITY printFrameCmd.accesskey      "K">
 <!ENTITY saveLinkCmd.label            "Doboo gaabu sanda...">
 <!ENTITY saveLinkCmd.accesskey        "D">
 <!ENTITY sendLinkCmd.label            "Doboo sanba...">
 <!ENTITY sendLinkCmd.accesskey        "s">
 <!ENTITY saveImageCmd.label           "Biyoo gaabu sanda...">
 <!ENTITY saveImageCmd.accesskey       "B">
-<!ENTITY saveVideoCmd.label           "Wiidiyoo gaabu sanda...">
+<!ENTITY saveVideoCmd.label           "Widewo gaabu sanda...">
 <!ENTITY saveVideoCmd.accesskey       "W">
 <!ENTITY saveAudioCmd.label           "Jindetukoo gaabu sanda...">
 <!ENTITY saveAudioCmd.accesskey       "J">
 <!ENTITY sendImageCmd.label           "Biyoo sanba...">
 <!ENTITY sendImageCmd.accesskey       "B">
-<!ENTITY sendVideoCmd.label           "Wiidiyo sanba...">
-<!ENTITY sendVideoCmd.accesskey       "W">
+<!ENTITY sendVideoCmd.label           "Widewo sanba...">
+<!ENTITY sendVideoCmd.accesskey       "n">
 <!ENTITY sendAudioCmd.label           "Jindetukoo sanba...">
 <!ENTITY sendAudioCmd.accesskey       "J">
 <!ENTITY copyLinkCmd.label            "Doboo dogoo berandi">
 <!ENTITY copyLinkCmd.accesskey        "D">
 <!ENTITY copyImageCmd.label           "Biyoo dogoo berandi">
 <!ENTITY copyImageCmd.accesskey       "b">
 <!ENTITY copyImageContentsCmd.label   "Biyoo berandi">
 <!ENTITY copyImageContentsCmd.accesskey  "b">
-<!ENTITY copyVideoURLCmd.label        "Wiidiyoo dogoo berandi">
+<!ENTITY copyVideoURLCmd.label        "Widewo dogoo berandi">
 <!ENTITY copyVideoURLCmd.accesskey    "b">
 <!ENTITY copyAudioURLCmd.label        "Jindetukoo dogoo berandi">
 <!ENTITY copyAudioURLCmd.accesskey    "b">
 <!ENTITY copyEmailCmd.label           "Bataga aderesoo berandi">
 <!ENTITY copyEmailCmd.accesskey       "B">
 <!ENTITY thisFrameMenu.label              "Kungaa woo">
 <!ENTITY thisFrameMenu.accesskey          "w">
 <!-- Media (video/audio) controls -->
@@ -454,19 +454,19 @@ you can use these alternative items. Oth
 <!ENTITY sidebarCloseButton.tooltip     "Ceraw-maaboŋ daabu">
 <!ENTITY cutButton.tooltip              "Dunbu">
 <!ENTITY copyButton.tooltip             "Berandi">
 <!ENTITY pasteButton.tooltip            "Dobu">
 <!ENTITY fullScreenButton.tooltip       "Zanfunoo cebe dijikul ra">
-<!ENTITY zoomOutButton.tooltip          "Zoom out">
-<!ENTITY zoomInButton.tooltip           "Zoom in">
-<!ENTITY zoomControls.label             "Zoom Controls">
+<!ENTITY zoomOutButton.tooltip          "Nakasandi">
+<!ENTITY zoomInButton.tooltip           "Bebbeerandi">
+<!ENTITY zoomControls.label             "Azzaati juwaley">
 <!ENTITY quitApplicationCmdWin.label       "Fatta">
 <!ENTITY quitApplicationCmdWin.accesskey   "F">
 <!ENTITY goBackCmd.commandKey "[">
 <!ENTITY goForwardCmd.commandKey "]">
 <!ENTITY quitApplicationCmd.label       "Fatta">
 <!ENTITY quitApplicationCmd.accesskey   "F">
 <!ENTITY quitApplicationCmdMac.label    "Fatta &brandShortName; ra">
@@ -489,24 +489,24 @@ you can use these alternative items. Oth
 <!-- On Windows we use the term "Options" to describe settings, but
      on Linux and Mac OS X we use "Preferences" - carry that distinction
      over into this string, which is used in the "popup blocked" info bar . -->
 <!ENTITY editPopupSettingsUnix.label "Biiboŋ bata gagayyan ibaayey fasal...">
 <!ENTITY editPopupSettings.label "Biiboŋ bata gagayyan suubarey fasal...">
 <!ENTITY editPopupSettings.accesskey "B">
 <!ENTITY dontShowMessage.accesskey "D">
-<!ENTITY bidiSwitchPageDirectionItem.label        "Switch Page Direction">
+<!ENTITY bidiSwitchPageDirectionItem.label        "Moo tenjaroo barmay">
 <!ENTITY bidiSwitchPageDirectionItem.accesskey    "D">
 <!ENTITY bidiSwitchTextDirectionItem.label        "Kalimaɲaa kuru tenjaroo barmay">
 <!ENTITY bidiSwitchTextDirectionItem.accesskey    "K">
 <!ENTITY bidiSwitchTextDirectionItem.commandkey   "X">
 <!ENTITY findOnCmd.label     "Moɲoo woo ceeci...">
-<!ENTITY findOnCmd.accesskey "M">
+<!ENTITY findOnCmd.accesskey "e">
 <!ENTITY findOnCmd.commandkey "f">
 <!ENTITY findAgainCmd.label  "Ceeci koyne">
 <!ENTITY findAgainCmd.accesskey "k">
 <!ENTITY findAgainCmd.commandkey "g">
 <!ENTITY findAgainCmd.commandkey2 "VK_F3">
 <!ENTITY spellAddDictionaries.label "Kamasey tonton...">
 <!ENTITY spellAddDictionaries.accesskey "t">
@@ -541,13 +541,13 @@ just addresses the organization to follo
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (syncTabsMenu.label): This appears in the history menu -->
 <!ENTITY syncTabsMenu.label     "Ordinater fooyaŋ nor lokey">
 <!ENTITY syncBrand.shortName.label    "Sync">
 <!ENTITY syncSetup.label              "Kayandi &syncBrand.shortName.label;…">
 <!ENTITY syncSetup.accesskey          "Y">
-<!ENTITY syncSyncNowItem.label        "Hangandi sohõ">
-<!ENTITY syncSyncNowItem.accesskey    "H">
+<!ENTITY syncSyncNowItem.label        "Sync sohõ">
+<!ENTITY syncSyncNowItem.accesskey    "S">
 <!ENTITY syncToolbarButton.label      "Sync">
-<!ENTITY addonBarCloseButton.tooltip  "Close Add-on Bar">
+<!ENTITY addonBarCloseButton.tooltip  "Tontoni zuu-žeeri daabu">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/browser.properties
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/browser.properties
@@ -27,37 +27,37 @@ xpinstallDisabledMessageLocked=War dabariɲaa juwalkaa na goyjinay sinjiyanoo kayandi.
 xpinstallDisabledMessage=Goyjinay sinjiyanoo kayandi sohõ. Tunandi naagu ka ceeci koyne.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (addonDownloading, addonDownloadCancelled, addonDownloadRestart):
 # Semi-colon list of plural forms. See:
 # http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Localization_and_Plurals
 # Also see https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=570012 for mockups
-addonDownloading=Add-on downloading;Add-ons downloading
-addonDownloadCancelled=Add-on download cancelled.;Add-on downloads cancelled.
-addonDownloadRestart=Restart Download;Restart Downloads
+addonDownloading=Tontoni zumandi;Tontoney zumandi
+addonDownloadCancelled=Tontoni zumandoo kay.;Tontoni zumandey kay
+addonDownloadRestart=Zumandoo tunandi taaga;Zumandey tunandi taaga
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (addonsInstalled, addonsInstalledNeedsRestart):
 # Semi-colon list of plural forms. See:
 # http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Localization_and_Plurals
 # #1 first add-on's name, #2 number of add-ons, #3 application name
-addonsInstalled=#1 sinjandi ka boori;#2 tontoney mana sinjandi boryo.
-addonsInstalledNeedsRestart=#1 ga sinja waati kaŋ war ga #3 tunandi taaga.;#2 tontoney ga sinjandi waati kaŋ war ga #3 tunandi taaga.
-addonInstallRestartButton=Restart Now
+addonsInstalled=#1 sinjandi ka boori;tontoni #2 sinjandi ka boori.
+addonsInstalledNeedsRestart=#1 ga sinja waati kaŋ war ga #3 tunandi taaga.;tontoni #2 ga sinjandi waati kaŋ war ga #3 tunandi taaga.
+addonInstallRestartButton=Tunandi taaga sohõ
 addonInstallManage=Tontoney juwalkaa feeri
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (addonError-1, addonError-2, addonError-3, addonError-4):
 # #1 is the add-on name, #2 is the host name, #3 is the application name
 # #4 is the application version
-addonError-1=Tontonoo mana hin ka zumandi zama ciyari kay #2 ga.
+addonError-1=Tontonoo mana hin ka zumandi zama ciyaroo kay #2 ga.
 addonError-2=Tontonoo kaŋ hun #2 mana hin ka sinjandi zama a ši tenji nda tontoni naatantaa #3 ga.
 addonError-3=Tontoni kaŋ zunbu ka hun #2 ga mana hin ka sinja zama a ga hima nda laybu.
 addonError-4=#1 mana hin ka sinjandi zama #3 ši hin ka tuku himantaa barmay.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (addonLocalError-1, addonLocalError-2, addonLocalError-3, addonLocalError-4, addonErrorIncompatible, addonErrorBlocklisted):
 # #1 is the add-on name, #3 is the application name, #4 is the application version
 addonLocalError-1=Tontonoo woo mana hin ka sinja tuku dabariɲaaa laybu foo se.
 addonLocalError-2=Tontonoo woo mana hin ka sinjandi zama a ši tenji nda #3 tontoni naatantaa.
@@ -75,30 +75,30 @@ lwthemeInstallRequest.allowButton.access
 lwthemePostInstallNotification.message=Furari taaga sinjandi.
 lwthemePostInstallNotification.manageButton=Furarey juwal...
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (lwthemeNeedsRestart.message):
 # %S will be replaced with the new theme name.
-lwthemeNeedsRestart.message=%S will be installed after you restart.
-lwthemeNeedsRestart.button=Restart Now
+lwthemeNeedsRestart.message=%S ga sinjandi waati kaŋ war ga tunandi taaga.
+lwthemeNeedsRestart.button=Tunandi taaga sohõ
 popupWarning=%S na nungoo woo ganji a ma biiboŋ bata zanfun feeri.
 popupWarningMultiple=%S na nungoo woo ganji a ma %S biiboŋ bata zanfuney feeri.
 popupAllow=Biiboŋ batawey noo fondo %S se
 popupBlock=Biiboŋ batawey gagay %S se
 popupWarningDontShowFromMessage=Ši alhabaroo cebe waati kaŋ biiboŋ batawey gagayandi
-popupWarningDontShowFromLocationbar=Don't show info bar when pop-ups are blocked
+popupWarningDontShowFromLocationbar=Ši alhabar cebe waati kaŋ biiboŋ batawey gagayandi
 popupShowPopupPrefix='%S' cebe
 # missing plugin installer
 missingpluginsMessage.title=Sukari tontoney ga waažibandi ka heenandi jinawey kul cebe moɲoo woo ga.
 missingpluginsMessage.button.label=Sukari sondantey sinji...
 outdatedpluginsMessage.title=Heenandi jinawey kaŋ goo moɲoo woo ga n'ka žen.
 outdatedpluginsMessage.updateButton.label=Heenandi jinawey taagandi...
@@ -131,27 +131,27 @@ sanitizeEverythingWarning2=Taariki kul m
 sanitizeSelectedWarning=Hayiize suubantey kul mma koonandi.
 # Check for Updates in the About Dialog - button labels and accesskeys
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE - all of the following update buttons labels will only be
 # displayed one at a time. So, if a button is displayed nothing else will
 # be displayed alongside of the button. The button when displayed is located
 # directly under the Firefox version in the about dialog (see bug 596813 for
 # screenshots).
-update.checkInsideButton.label=Check for Updates
+update.checkInsideButton.label=Taagandirey ceeci
-update.resumeButton.label=Resume Downloading %S…
+update.resumeButton.label=%S zumandiyanoo šintin taaga...
-update.openUpdateUI.applyButton.label=Apply Update…
+update.openUpdateUI.applyButton.label=Taagandiri kanandi...
-update.restart.applyButton.label=Apply Update
+update.restart.applyButton.label=Taagandiri kanandi
-update.openUpdateUI.upgradeButton.label=Upgrade Now…
+update.openUpdateUI.upgradeButton.label=Taagandi sohõ...
-update.restart.upgradeButton.label=Upgrade Now
+update.restart.upgradeButton.label=Taagandi sohõ
 # RSS Pretty Print
 feedShowFeedNew=Boŋ-maa hantum '%S' ga...
 menuOpenAllInTabs.label=Kul feeri nor lokey ra
 # History menu
@@ -166,17 +166,17 @@ menuUndoCloseWindowLabel=#1 (nda #2 nor loku foo);#1 (nda #2 nor loku fooyaŋ)
 # Unified Back-/Forward Popup
 tabHistory.current=Cindi moɲoo woo ga
 tabHistory.goBack=Yee banda moɲoo woo ga
 tabHistory.goForward=Koy jine moɲoo woo ga
 # URL Bar
-pasteAndGo.label=Paste & Go
+pasteAndGo.label=Dobu & Koy
 # Block autorefresh
 refreshBlocked.goButton=Noo fondo
 refreshBlocked.refreshLabel=%S na moɲoo woo ganji a ma zunbu taaga nga boŋ se.
 refreshBlocked.redirectLabel=%S na moɲoo woo ganji a ma bisandi taaga ka koy moo foo doo nga boŋše.
 # Star button
@@ -193,17 +193,17 @@ offlineApps.notNow=Manti sohõ
 offlineApps.usage=Nungoo woo (%S) goo ma %SMB bešere bayhaya jiši war ordinateroo ra bila nda goyyan se.
 offlineApps.manageUsage=Kayandiyaney cebe
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (indexedDB.usage): %1$S is the website host name
 # %2$S a number of megabytes.
-indexedDB.usage=This website (%1$S) is attempting to store more than %2$S MB of data on your computer for offline use.
+indexedDB.usage=Interneti dogoo woo (%1$S) ga ceeci ka %2$S MB wala bešere bayhaya jiši war ordinateroo ra bila nda goyyan se.
 identity.identified.verifier=Korosante: %S
 identity.identified.verified_by_you=War na saajaw fellante foo tonton nungoo woo se.
 identity.identified.state_and_country=%S, %S
 identity.encrypted=War ciyaroo tataaru nungoo woo doo ga tugandi ka borowaani haŋajeryan ganji.
 identity.unencrypted=War ciyaroo tataaru nungoo woo doo ši tugandi.
 identity.mixed_content=War ciyaroo Interneti nungoo woo se jeroo de ma tugandi, saadin a ši hin ka haŋajeryan waani ganji.
@@ -296,18 +296,18 @@ addKeywordTitleAutoFill=%S ceeci
 # TabView
 tabView2.title=%S - War nor lokey marga
 extensions.{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}.description=Ne tilasu furaroo.
 # safeModeRestart
-safeModeRestartPromptTitle=Restart with Add-ons Disabled
-safeModeRestartPromptMessage=Are you sure you want to disable all add-ons and restart?
+safeModeRestartPromptTitle=Tunandi taaga nda tontoni kayantey
+safeModeRestartPromptMessage=Alhakiika war ga baa ka tontoney kul kayandi ka tunandi taaga?
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (browser.menu.showCharacterEncoding): Set to the string
 # "true" (spelled and capitalized exactly that way) to show the "Character
 # Encoding" menu in the main Firefox button on Windows. Any other value will
 # hide it. Regardless of the value of this setting, the "Character Encoding"
 # menu will always be accessible via the "Web Developer" menu.
 # This is not a string to translate; it just controls whether the menu shows
 # up in the Firefox button. If users frequently use the "Character Encoding"
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/pageInfo.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/pageInfo.dtd
@@ -94,35 +94,35 @@
 <!ENTITY  permBlock             "Gagay">
 <!ENTITY  permissionsFor        "Duɲeyan woo se:">
 <!ENTITY  permImage             "Biyey zumandi">
 <!ENTITY  permPopup             "Biiboŋ bata zanfuney feeri">
 <!ENTITY  permCookie            "Aleewawey kayandi">
 <!ENTITY  permInstall           "Dobuyaney wala furarey sinji">
 <!ENTITY  permGeo               "Gorodoo žemna">
-<!ENTITY  permIndexedDB              "Maintain Offline Storage">
-<!ENTITY  permClearStorage           "Clear Storage">
+<!ENTITY  permIndexedDB              "Bila nda ciyari jišidoo gaabu">
+<!ENTITY  permClearStorage           "Jišidoo koonandi">
 <!ENTITY  permClearStorage.accesskey "C">
 <!ENTITY  securityTab           "Saajaw">
 <!ENTITY  securityTab.accesskey "S">
 <!ENTITY  securityHeader        "Saajaw alhabar moɲoo woo se">
 <!ENTITY  securityView.certView "Tabatiyan-tiira guna">
 <!ENTITY  securityView.accesskey "V">
 <!ENTITY  securityView.unknown   "Šibayante">
 <!ENTITY  securityView.identity.header   "Tataaru nungu boŋtaamansa">
 <!ENTITY  securityView.identity.owner    "Koy:">
 <!ENTITY  securityView.identity.domain   "Tataaru nungu:">
-<!ENTITY  securityView.identity.verifier "Kaŋ n'a koroši:">
+<!ENTITY  securityView.identity.verifier "Kaŋ woo n'a koroši:">
 <!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.header                   "Sutura jejebu &amp; taariki">
 <!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.history                  "Ay na ka tataaru nungoo woo naaru hõ se jine?">
 <!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.cookies                  "Tataaru nungoo ga alhabar (aleewayaŋ) jiši ay ordinateroo ga?">
 <!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.viewCookies              "Aleewawey guna">
 <!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.viewCookies.accessKey    "k">
-<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.passwords                "Ya n'ka šennikufal kulyaŋ gaabu tataaru nungoo se?">
+<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.passwords                "Ya n' ka šennikufal kulyaŋ gaabu tataaru nungoo se?">
 <!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.viewPasswords            "Šennikufal gaabunte guna">
 <!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.viewPasswords.accessKey  "w">
 <!ENTITY  securityView.technical.header                 "Goywaanay šilbayhayey">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/pageInfo.properties
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/pageInfo.properties
@@ -43,46 +43,46 @@ pageInfo.frame.title=Kunga alhabar - %S
 noPageTitle=Moo bila nda maa:
 notset=Ši tabatante
 mediaEmbed=Dam gam
 mediaFileSize=%S KB
 mediaSize=%Spx × %Spx
 mediaSelectFolder=Foolo suuba ka biyey gaabu
 mediaBlockImage=Biyey gagay %S ga
 mediaUnknownNotCached=Šibayante (manti tugante)
 mediaImageType=%S bii
 mediaAnimatedImageType=%S bii (hunante, %S kungawey)
 mediaDimensions=%Spx × %Spx
 mediaDimensionsScaled=%Spx × %Spx (zimamandi %Spx × %Spx ga)
-generalQuirksMode=Kabuyaney alhaali (quirks)
-generalStrictMode=Dumi tabatante alhaali
+generalQuirksMode=Jijiriyan alhaali
+generalStrictMode=Dumi tabatante alhaaley
 generalSize=%S KB (%S cebsey)
 generalMetaTag=Boŋ (kanji 1)
 generalMetaTags=Boŋ (%S kanjey)
 generalSiteIdentity=%S ka tataaru nungoo woo maaɲoo dam\n%S ka woo koroši.
 securityNoOwner=Tataaru nungoo woo ši mayray alhabar noo.
 securityOneVisit=Ayyo, cee foo
-securityNVisits=Ayyo, %S cee
+securityNVisits=Ayyo, cee %S
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE: The next string is for the disk usage of the
 # database
 #   e.g. indexedDBUsage : "50.23 MB"
 #   %1$S = size (in bytes or megabytes, ...)
 #   %2$S = unit of measure (bytes, KB, MB, ...)
-indexedDBUsage=This web site is using %1$S %2$S
+indexedDBUsage=Nungoo woo ga goy nda %1$S %2$S
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/places/places.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/places/places.dtd
@@ -87,20 +87,20 @@
 <!ENTITY col.url.label           "Gorodoo">
 <!ENTITY col.lastvisit.label     "Narumi han">
 <!ENTITY col.visitcount.label    "Narumi kabu">
 <!ENTITY col.keyword.label       "Kufalkalima">
 <!ENTITY col.description.label   "Šilbayyan">
 <!ENTITY col.dateadded.label     "Tontonyan han">
 <!ENTITY col.lastmodified.label  "Barmay cee koraa">
-<!ENTITY search.label                              "Search:">
-<!ENTITY search.accesskey                          "S">
+<!ENTITY search.label                              "Ceeci:">
+<!ENTITY search.accesskey                          "C">
-<!ENTITY search.in.label                           "Search in:">
+<!ENTITY search.in.label                           "Ceeci ne:">
 <!ENTITY search.scopeFolder.label                  "Foolo suubante">
 <!ENTITY search.scopeFolder.accesskey              "F">
 <!ENTITY search.scopeBookmarks.label               "Doo-šilbawey">
 <!ENTITY search.scopeBookmarks.accesskey           "D">
 <!ENTITY search.scopeDownloads.label               "Zumandiyaney">
 <!ENTITY search.scopeDownloads.accesskey           "Z">
 <!ENTITY search.scopeHistory.label                 "Taariki">
 <!ENTITY search.scopeHistory.accesskey             "T">
@@ -121,18 +121,18 @@
 <!ENTITY detailsPane.more.label "Bešere">
 <!ENTITY detailsPane.more.accesskey "B">
 <!ENTITY detailsPane.less.label "Jaŋay">
 <!ENTITY detailsPane.less.accesskey "J">
 <!ENTITY detailsPane.noPreviewAvailable.label "Moo-fur">
 <!ENTITY detailsPane.selectAnItemText.description "Hayiize suuba k'a guna nda ka nga mayrawey fasal.">
-<!ENTITY find.label               "Search:">
-<!ENTITY find.accesskey           "S">
+<!ENTITY find.label               "Ceeci:">
+<!ENTITY find.accesskey           "C">
 <!ENTITY view.label               "Guna">
 <!ENTITY view.accesskey           "G">
 <!ENTITY byDate.label             "Han bande">
 <!ENTITY byDate.accesskey         "H">
 <!ENTITY bySite.label             "Nungu bande">
 <!ENTITY bySite.accesskey         "N">
 <!ENTITY byMostVisited.label      "Narumi hinna bande">
 <!ENTITY byMostVisited.accesskey  "N">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/advanced.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/advanced.dtd
@@ -19,17 +19,17 @@
 <!ENTITY useSmoothScrolling.accesskey    "a">
 <!ENTITY allowHWAccel.label              "Goy nda jinay šenda cahãntikaw nd'a ga bara">
 <!ENTITY allowHWAccel.accesskey          "j">
 <!ENTITY checkSpelling.label             "Ay boŋhantumoo koroši waati kaŋ ay ga hantum">
 <!ENTITY checkSpelling.accesskey         "h">
 <!ENTITY systemDefaults.label            "Dabariɲaa tilasey">
-<!ENTITY alwaysCheckDefault.label        "Koroši waati kul ka dii wala &brandShortName;  ti tilasu tataaruhugu-ceecikaw tunandiroo ga">
+<!ENTITY alwaysCheckDefault.label        "Koroši waati kul ka dii wala &brandShortName; ti tilasu tataaruhugu-ceecikaw tunandiroo ga">
 <!ENTITY alwaysCheckDefault.accesskey    "w">
 <!ENTITY checkNow.label                  "Guna sohõ">
 <!ENTITY checkNow.accesskey              "s">
 <!ENTITY submitCrashes.label             "Kaŋyan bayrandiyaney sanba">
 <!ENTITY submitCrashes.accesskey         "s">
 <!ENTITY networkTab.label                "Sankay">
@@ -42,23 +42,23 @@
 <!ENTITY offlineStorage.label            "Bila nda ciyari jišidoo">
   The entities limitCacheSizeBefore.label and limitCacheSizeAfter.label appear on a single
   line in preferences as follows:
   &limitCacheSizeBefore.label [textbox for cache size in MB] &limitCacheSizeAfter.label;
-<!ENTITY limitCacheSizeBefore.label      "Limit cache to">
-<!ENTITY limitCacheSizeBefore.accesskey  "L">
-<!ENTITY limitCacheSizeAfter.label       "MB of space">
+<!ENTITY limitCacheSizeBefore.label      "Tugudoo kayandi">
+<!ENTITY limitCacheSizeBefore.accesskey  "d">
+<!ENTITY limitCacheSizeAfter.label       "MB jišidoo ga">
 <!ENTITY clearCacheNow.label             "Koonandi sohõ">
 <!ENTITY clearCacheNow.accesskey         "K">
-<!ENTITY overrideSmartCacheSize.label    "Override automatic cache management">
-<!ENTITY overrideSmartCacheSize.accesskey "O">
+<!ENTITY overrideSmartCacheSize.label    "Boŋdirandi tugudoo juwalyan daaru">
+<!ENTITY overrideSmartCacheSize.accesskey "d">
 <!ENTITY updateTab.label                 "Taagandiri">
 <!ENTITY autoCheck.label                 "Taagandirey ceeci ngi boŋse hala:">
 <!ENTITY enableAppUpdate.label           "&brandShortName;">
 <!ENTITY enableAppUpdate.accesskey       "F">
 <!ENTITY enableAddonsUpdate2.label       "Tontoney">
 <!ENTITY enableAddonsUpdate2.accesskey   "T">
@@ -93,16 +93,16 @@
 <!ENTITY useTLS1.label                   "TLS 1.0 goyandi">
 <!ENTITY useTLS1.accesskey               "1">
 <!ENTITY certificates.label              "Tabatiyan-tiirawey">
 <!ENTITY certSelection.description       "Waati kaŋ feršikaw n'ay boŋ tabatiyan-tiiraa wiri:">
 <!ENTITY certs.auto                      "Affoo suuba boŋše">
 <!ENTITY certs.auto.accesskey            "l">
 <!ENTITY certs.ask                       "Hãa waati foo kul">
 <!ENTITY certs.ask.accesskey             "i">
-<!ENTITY viewCerts.label                 "Tabatiyan-tiirawey gunari">
+<!ENTITY viewCerts.label                 "Tabatiyan-tiirawey guna">
 <!ENTITY viewCerts.accesskey             "a">
-<!ENTITY viewCRLs.label                  "Maašeedawey williyan">
-<!ENTITY viewCRLs.accesskey              "w">
+<!ENTITY viewCRLs.label                  "Maašeedawey sayyan">
+<!ENTITY viewCRLs.accesskey              "s">
 <!ENTITY verify2.label                   "Alhakiikandiyan">
-<!ENTITY verify2.accesskey               "A">
+<!ENTITY verify2.accesskey               "h">
 <!ENTITY viewSecurityDevices.label       "Saajaw jinawey">
 <!ENTITY viewSecurityDevices.accesskey   "w">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/applicationManager.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/applicationManager.dtd
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
 <!ENTITY appManager.title     "Porogaram šilbayhayey">
-<!ENTITY appManager.style     "hayri: 30em; hayyan kaccu: 20em;">
+<!ENTITY appManager.style     "width: 30em; min-height: 20em;">
 <!ENTITY remove.label         "Kaa">
 <!ENTITY remove.accesskey     "K">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/main.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/main.dtd
@@ -1,23 +1,23 @@
 <!ENTITY startup.label             "Tunandiri">
-<!ENTITY startupPage.label         "Waati foo &brandShortName; starts:">
-<!ENTITY startupPage.accesskey     "s">
+<!ENTITY startupPage.label         "Waati kaŋ &brandShortName; ga tun:">
+<!ENTITY startupPage.accesskey     "t">
 <!ENTITY startupHomePage.label     "Ay šintin moɲoo cebe">
 <!ENTITY startupBlankPage.label    "Moo koonu cebe">
 <!ENTITY startupLastSession.label  "Ay zanfuney nda cee koraa nor-lokey cebe">
-<!ENTITY homepage.label            "Home Page:">
-<!ENTITY homepage.accesskey        "P">
+<!ENTITY homepage.label            "Šintin moo:">
+<!ENTITY homepage.accesskey        "m">
 <!ENTITY useCurrentPage.label      "Sohõ moɲoo goyandi">
 <!ENTITY useCurrentPage.accesskey  "S">
 <!ENTITY useMultiple.label         "Sohõ moɲey goyandi">
 <!ENTITY useBookmark.label         "Doo-šilbay goyandi">
 <!ENTITY useBookmark.accesskey     "D">
-<!ENTITY restoreDefault.label      "Bere tilasu takaa ga">
+<!ENTITY restoreDefault.label      "Bere tilasu alhaali ga">
 <!ENTITY restoreDefault.accesskey  "B">
 <!ENTITY downloads.label     "Zumandiyaney">
 <!ENTITY showWhenDownloading.label     "Zumandiyaney zanfunoo cebe nda tuku ga zumandi">
 <!ENTITY showWhenDownloading.accesskey "Z">
 <!ENTITY closeWhenDone.label "A daabu waati kaŋ zumandiyaney tee ka ben">
 <!ENTITY closeWhenDone.accesskey "w">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/preferences.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/preferences.dtd
@@ -11,9 +11,9 @@
 <!ENTITY  paneTabs.title          "Nor lokey">
 <!ENTITY  paneContent.title       "Gundekuna">
 <!ENTITY  paneApplications.title  "Porogaramey">
 <!ENTITY  panePrivacy.title       "Sutura jejebu">
 <!ENTITY  paneSecurity.title      "Saajaw">
 <!ENTITY  paneAdvanced.title      "Jinehere">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (paneSync.title): This should match syncBrand.shortName.label in ../syncBrand.dtd -->
-<!ENTITY  paneSync.title          "Hangante">
+<!ENTITY  paneSync.title          "Sync">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/preferences.properties
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/preferences.properties
@@ -1,14 +1,14 @@
 #### Security
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE: phishBefore uses %S to represent the name of the provider
 #                    whose privacy policy must be accepted (for enabling
 #                    check-every-page-as-I-load-it phishing protection).
-phishBeforeText=Suubaroo woo zaa ka tataaru nungey kaŋ war g'i guna  aderesey sanba %S do. Ka koy jine, taare kalima-izey wey guna ka boori, de ma yadda i ga.
+phishBeforeText=Suubaroo woo zaa ka tataaru nungey kaŋ war g'i guna  aderesey sanba %S do. Ka koy jine, kalima-izey wey guna ka boori, de ma yadda i ga.
 #### Fonts
 labelDefaultFont=Tilasu (%S)
 #### Permissions Manager
 cookiepermissionstext=War ga hin ka tabatandi tataaru nungey kaŋ ga duu wala i ši duu waati kul aleewayaŋ. Aderesu alhakiikaa hantum nungu kaŋ nga baa m'a juwal se nda ma Gagay naagu, Goywaati noo fondo, wala Noo fondo.
@@ -51,18 +51,18 @@ saveFile=Tuku gaabu
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (useApp, useDefault): %S = Application name
 useApp=%S goyandi
 useDefault=%S goyandi (tilasu)
 useOtherApp=Iwaani goyandi...
 fpTitleChooseApp=Faabakaw porogaram suuba
 manageApp=Porogaram šilbayhayey...
 webFeed=Tataaru alhabar damyan
-videoPodcastFeed=Wiidiyo diray-heenandi
+videoPodcastFeed=Wiidiyo diray-hẽenandi
 alwaysAsk=Hãa waati kul
 # %1$S = plugin name (for example "QuickTime Plugin-in 7.2")
 # %2$S = brandShortName from brand.properties (for example "Minefield")
 usePluginIn=%S goyandi (%S ra)
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (previewInApp, addLiveBookmarksInApp): %S = brandShortName
@@ -104,13 +104,13 @@ offlineAppUsage=%1$S %2$S
 offlinepermissionstext=Tataaru nungey wey ši nda fondo kaŋ g'i ka bayhaya jiši bila-nda-ciyari goyyan se:
 offlinepermissionstitle=Bila-nda-ciyari bayhayey
 #LOCALIZATION NOTE: The next string is for the disk usage of the http cache.
 #   e.g., "Your cache is currently using 200 MB"
 #   %1$S = size
 #   %2$S = unit (MB, KB, etc.)
-actualCacheSize=Your cache is currently using %1$S %2$S of disk space
+actualCacheSize=Sohõda war tugudogoo ga goy nda lefe gane %1$S %2$S dimma
-stopUsingAccount.title=Do you want to stop using this account?
+stopUsingAccount.title=War ga baa ka fay nda kontoo woo goyroo?
 differentAccount.label=Woo ga war kontu alhabar nda ibaayi hangantey kul willi ngi lasal alhaaloo ga.
 differentAccountConfirm.label=Alhabarey kul willi ngi lasal alhaaloo ga.
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/privacy.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/privacy.dtd
@@ -26,51 +26,51 @@
 <!ENTITY  cookieExceptions.label        "Hasarawey...">
 <!ENTITY  cookieExceptions.accesskey    "H">
 <!ENTITY  showCookies.label             "Aleewawey cebe...">
 <!ENTITY  showCookies.accesskey         "c">
-<!ENTITY  historyHeader.pre.label          "&brandShortName; will:">
-<!ENTITY  historyHeader.pre.accesskey      "w">
-<!ENTITY  historyHeader.remember.label     "Hongu taariku">
+<!ENTITY  historyHeader.pre.label          "&brandShortName; ga:">
+<!ENTITY  historyHeader.pre.accesskey      "g">
+<!ENTITY  historyHeader.remember.label     "Hongu taarikoo">
 <!ENTITY  historyHeader.dontremember.label "Ma ši honga taarikoo abada">
 <!ENTITY  historyHeader.custom.label       "Hanse bonše taariku se goyandi">
 <!ENTITY  historyHeader.post.label         "">
 <!ENTITY  rememberDescription.label      "&brandShortName; ga honga gunari, zumandiyan, takari nda ceeci taariku, nd'a ga aleewawey kaŋ hun war tataaru goyey ra.">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (rememberActions.pre.label): include a trailing space as needed -->
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (rememberActions.middle.label): include a starting and trailing space as needed -->
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (rememberActions.post.label): include a starting space as needed -->
-<!ENTITY  rememberActions.pre.label           "Nda war ga baa ka woo tee ">
-<!ENTITY  rememberActions.clearHistory.label  "war taariki kokoraa koonandi">
-<!ENTITY  rememberActions.middle.label        ", wala ">
+<!ENTITY  rememberActions.pre.label           "Nda war ga baa ka ">
+<!ENTITY  rememberActions.clearHistory.label  "war taariki kokorantaa koonandi">
+<!ENTITY  rememberActions.middle.label        "wala ">
 <!ENTITY  rememberActions.removeCookies.label "aleewa foofawey kaa">
 <!ENTITY  rememberActions.post.label          ".">
-<!ENTITY  dontrememberDescription.label  "&brandShortName; ga goy nda kayandiyan follokey kaŋ goo nda sutura ceeciyan, amma a ši taariku gaabu war tataaru ceeciroo banda.">
+<!ENTITY  dontrememberDescription.label  "&brandShortName; ga goy nda kayandiyan follokey kaŋ goo nda sutura ceeciyan, amma a ši taariku gaabu war tataaru ceeciroo waate.">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (dontrememberActions.pre.label): include a trailing space as needed -->
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (dontrememberActions.post.label): include a starting space as needed -->
-<!ENTITY  dontrememberActions.pre.label          "Nda war ga baa ka woo da tee ">
+<!ENTITY  dontrememberActions.pre.label          "Nda war ga baa da ka ">
 <!ENTITY  dontrememberActions.clearHistory.label "taariki taagante kul koonandi">
 <!ENTITY  dontrememberActions.post.label         ".">
 <!ENTITY  privateBrowsingPermanent.label "Sutura naarumi yaayi duumante">
 <!ENTITY  privateBrowsingPermanent.accesskey "d">
-<!ENTITY  rememberHistory.label      "Honga ay naarumaa taarikoo">
+<!ENTITY  rememberHistory.label      "Honga ay naarumi taarikoo">
 <!ENTITY  rememberHistory.accesskey  "g">
-<!ENTITY  rememberDownload.label         "Honga taariku zumandi">
-<!ENTITY  rememberDownload.accesskey     "t">
+<!ENTITY  rememberDownload.label         "Honga zumandiyan taariki">
+<!ENTITY  rememberDownload.accesskey     "z">
 <!ENTITY  rememberSearchForm.label       "Honga ceeci nda takari taariku">
 <!ENTITY  rememberSearchForm.accesskey   "t">
 <!ENTITY  clearOnClose.label             "Taariku koonandi waati kaŋ &brandShortName; ga daaba">
 <!ENTITY  clearOnClose.accesskey         "k">
 <!ENTITY  clearOnCloseSettings.label     "Kayandiyaney...">
-<!ENTITY  clearOnCloseSettings.accesskey "y">
+<!ENTITY  clearOnCloseSettings.accesskey "n">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/security.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/security.dtd
@@ -1,34 +1,34 @@
 <!ENTITY  warnAddonInstall.label        "Ay yaamar waati kaŋ nungey ga wiri ka tontoney sinji">
-<!ENTITY  warnAddonInstall.accesskey    "y">
+<!ENTITY  warnAddonInstall.accesskey    "a">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (blockWebForgeries.label, blockAttackSites.label):
   The methods by which forged (phished) and attack sites will be detected by
   phishing providers will vary from human review to machine-based heuristics to a
   combination of both, so it's important that these strings and
   useDownloadedList.label convey the meaning "reported" (and not something like
-<!ENTITY  blockAttackSites.label     "Karkaw-nungu bayrantey gagay">
+<!ENTITY  blockAttackSites.label     "Zanba-nungu bayrantey gagay">
 <!ENTITY  blockAttackSites.accesskey "g">
 <!ENTITY  blockWebForgeries.label     "Tataaru ženti bayrantey gagay">
 <!ENTITY  blockWebForgeries.accesskey "g">
 <!ENTITY  addonExceptions.label         "Hasarawey...">
 <!ENTITY  addonExceptions.accesskey     "H">
 <!ENTITY  passwords.label               "Šennikufaley">
 <!ENTITY  rememberPasswords.label       "Honga šennikufaley nungey se">
 <!ENTITY  rememberPasswords.accesskey   "H">
 <!ENTITY  passwordExceptions.label      "Hasarawey...">
-<!ENTITY  passwordExceptions.accesskey  "H">
+<!ENTITY  passwordExceptions.accesskey  "s">
 <!ENTITY  useMasterPassword.label        "Takaddaɲaa šennikufal goyandi">
 <!ENTITY  useMasterPassword.accesskey    "g">
 <!ENTITY  changeMasterPassword.label     "Takaddaɲaa šennikufal barmay">
 <!ENTITY  changeMasterPassword.accesskey "T">
-<!ENTITY  savedPasswords.label            "Šennikufal gaabunte">
-<!ENTITY  savedPasswords.accesskey        "n">
+<!ENTITY  savedPasswords.label            "Šennikufal gaabuntey...">
+<!ENTITY  savedPasswords.accesskey        "e">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/sync.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/sync.dtd
@@ -7,34 +7,34 @@
 <!ENTITY updatePass.label             "Taagandiri">
 <!ENTITY resetPass.label              "Yeeti">
 <!-- Manage Account -->
 <!ENTITY manageAccount.label          "Kontu juwal">
 <!ENTITY manageAccount.accesskey      "K">
-<!ENTITY viewQuota.label              "View Quota">
+<!ENTITY viewQuota.label              "Baa guna">
 <!ENTITY changePassword.label         "Šennikufal barmay">
-<!ENTITY mySyncKey.label              "My Sync Key">
-<!ENTITY resetSync.label              "Yeetiyan hangante">
-<!ENTITY addDevice.label              "Add a Device">
+<!ENTITY mySyncKey.label              "My Sync kufal">
+<!ENTITY resetSync.label              "Sync yeeti">
+<!ENTITY addDevice.label              "Jinay foo tonton">
 <!ENTITY syncMy.label               "Sync My">
 <!ENTITY engine.bookmarks.label     "Doo-šilbawey">
-<!ENTITY engine.bookmarks.accesskey "i">
+<!ENTITY engine.bookmarks.accesskey "D">
 <!ENTITY engine.tabs.label          "Nor lokey">
 <!ENTITY engine.tabs.accesskey      "N">
 <!ENTITY engine.history.label       "Taariki">
 <!ENTITY engine.history.accesskey   "r">
 <!ENTITY engine.passwords.label     "Šennikufaley">
 <!ENTITY engine.passwords.accesskey "e">
 <!ENTITY engine.prefs.label         "Ibaayey">
 <!ENTITY engine.prefs.accesskey     "I">
 <!-- Device Settings -->
 <!ENTITY syncComputerName.label       "Ordinater maa:">
 <!ENTITY syncComputerName.accesskey   "O">
-<!ENTITY deactivateDevice.label       "Deactivate This Device">
+<!ENTITY deactivateDevice.label       "Goyjinaa woo kaa goy">
 <!-- Footer stuff -->
 <!ENTITY prefs.tosLink.label        "Goy kalima-izey">
 <!ENTITY prefs.ppLink.label         "Sutura laada">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/tabs.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/preferences/tabs.dtd
@@ -1,15 +1,15 @@
 <!ENTITY newWindowsAsTabs.label       "Nor loku taaga feeri, manti zanfun taaga">
 <!ENTITY newWindowsAsTabs.accesskey   "N">
 <!ENTITY warnCloseMultipleTabs.label  "Ay yaamar waati kaŋ nor loku booboyaŋ ga daaba">
 <!ENTITY warnCloseMultipleTabs.accesskey  "A">
-<!ENTITY warnOpenManyTabs.label       "Ay yaamar waati kaŋ nor loku booboyaŋ ga feeri, nd'i ga &brandShortName; cewoo-yaynandi">
+<!ENTITY warnOpenManyTabs.label       "Ay yaamar waati kaŋ nor loku booboyaŋ ga feeri, nd'i ga &brandShortName; cewoo yaynandi">
 <!ENTITY warnOpenManyTabs.accesskey   "f">
 <!ENTITY showTabBar.label             "Nor loku žeeri cebe waati kul">
 <!ENTITY showTabBar.accesskey         "N">
 <!ENTITY switchToNewTabs.label        "Waati kaŋ ay ga dobu feeri nor loku taaga ra, bere a ga sohõda">
 <!ENTITY switchToNewTabs.accesskey    "b">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/search.properties
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/search.properties
@@ -1,13 +1,13 @@
 searchtip=Ceeci nda %S
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (cmd_pasteAndSearch): "Search" is a verb, this is the
 # search bar equivalent to the url bar's "Paste & Go"
-cmd_pasteAndSearch=Paste & Search
+cmd_pasteAndSearch=Dobu & Ceeci
 cmd_clearHistory=Ceeciyan taarikoo tuusu
 cmd_showSuggestions=Honnandiyaney cebe
 cmd_addFoundEngine="%S" tonton
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/syncGenericChange.properties
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/syncGenericChange.properties
@@ -1,35 +1,35 @@
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (change.password.title): This (and associated change.password/passphrase) are used when the user elects to change their password.
 change.password.title = War šennikufaloo barmay
 change.password.acceptButton = Šennikufal barmay
 change.password.status.active = Goo ma šennikufal barmay...
 change.password.status.success = War šennikufaloo barmandi.
 change.password.status.error = Firka bangay war šennikufal barmayyanoo ra.
-change.password2.introText = Your password must be at least 8 characters long.  It cannot be the same as either your user name or your Sync Key.
+change.password2.introText = War šennikufaloo ga hima ka bara nda harfu (tammaasa) 8, nd'a jaase.  A ši hima ka tee war goykaw maaɲoo wala war Sync kufaloo.
 change.password.warningText = Laasaabu: War goyjinay wala maršin jerey kul ši hin ka huru war kontoo ra nda war ben ka šennikufaloo woo barmay.
-change.synckey.title = Change your Sync Key
-change.synckey.acceptButton = Change Sync Key
-change.synckey.label = Changing Sync Key and uploading local data, please wait…
-change.synckey2.error = There was an error while changing your Sync Key!
-change.synckey2.success = Your Sync Key was successfully changed!
+change.synckey.title = War Sync kufaloo barmay
+change.synckey.acceptButton = Sync kufal barmay
+change.synckey.label = Goo ma Sync kufaloo barmay nda nungu bayhayey zijandi; batu taare...
+change.synckey2.error = Firka foo bangay waatoo kaŋ war Sync kufaloo goo ma barmay!
+change.synckey2.success = War Sync kufaloo barmay ka boori!
-change.synckey.introText = Firefox Cares About Your Privacy
-change.synckey.introText2 = To ensure your total privacy, all of your data is encrypted prior to being uploaded. The key to decrypt your data is not uploaded.
+change.synckey.introText = Firefox ga joote nda war suturaroo
+change.synckey.introText2 = Ka war boŋ sutura gorandi, war bayhayey kul ga tugandi jina, de i ma zijandi. Kufaloo kaŋ ga war bayhayey kufal-kaa ši zijandi.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (change.synckey2.warningText) "Sync" should match &syncBrand.shortName.label; from syncBrand.dtd
-change.synckey2.warningText = Note: Changing this will erase all data stored on the Sync server and upload new data secured by this Sync Key. Your other devices will not sync until the new Sync Key is entered for that device.
+change.synckey2.warningText = Laasaabu: Woo barmayroo ga bayhayey kaŋ jisandi Sync feršikaa ga kul tuusu nd'a ma bayhaya saajante taagayaŋ zijandi nda Sync kufaloo. War goyjinay nda maršin jerey ši hanga cere hala Sync kufaloo kaŋ damandi jinaa din se.
-new.synckey.label = Your Sync Key
+new.synckey.label = War Sync kufaloo
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (new.password.title): This (and associated new.password/passphrase) are used on a second computer when it detects that your password or passphrase has been changed on a different device.
 new.password.title            = Šennikufal taagandi
 new.password.introText        = Feršikaa wanji war šennikufaloo ga, taare wa šennikufal taagandi.
 new.password.label            = Šennikufal taaga dam
 new.password.confirm          = War šennikufal taagaa tabatandi
 new.password.acceptButton     = Šennikufal taagandi
 new.password.status.incorrect = Šennikufal laala, ceeci koyne taare.
-new.synckey.title          = Update Sync Key
-new.synckey.introText        = Your Sync Key has changed, please enter your new Sync Key
-new.synckey.acceptButton     = Update Sync Key
-new.synckey.status.incorrect = Sync Key incorrect, please try again.
+new.synckey.title          = Sync kufaloo taagandi
+new.synckey.introText        = War Sync kufaloo barmay, war Sync kufal taaga dam taare
+new.synckey.acceptButton     = Sync kufaloo taagandi
+new.synckey.status.incorrect = Sync kufal laala, ceeci koyne taare.
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/syncKey.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/syncKey.dtd
@@ -1,14 +1,14 @@
-<!ENTITY syncKey.page.title               "Your &syncBrand.fullName.label; Key">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.page.description         "This key is used to decode the data in your &syncBrand.fullName.label; account. You will need to enter the key each time you configure &syncBrand.fullName.label; on a new computer or device.">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSecret.heading     "Keep it secret">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSecret.description "Your &syncBrand.fullName.label; account is encrypted to protect your privacy. Without this key, it would take years for anyone to decode your personal information. You are the only person who holds this key. This means you're the only one who can access your &syncBrand.fullName.label; data.">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe.heading       "Keep it safe">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe1.description  "Do not lose this key.">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe2.description  " We don't keep a copy of your key (that wouldn't be keeping it secret!) so ">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe3.description  "we can't help you recover it">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe4.description  " if it's lost. You'll need to use this key any time you connect a new computer or device to &syncBrand.fullName.label;.">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.findOutMore1.label       "Find out more about &syncBrand.fullName.label; and your privacy at ">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.page.title               "War &syncBrand.fullName.label; kufaloo">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.page.description         "Kufaloo woo ma too bayhayey na feerandi war &syncBrand.fullName.label; kontoo ra. A ga hima war ma kufaloo dam cee foo kul ka &syncBrand.fullName.label; hanse war ordinater wala jinay taaga se.">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSecret.heading     "W'a gundu">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSecret.description "War &syncBrand.fullName.label; kontoo tungandi ka war sutura. Bila nda kufaloo foo, a ga too jiiriyaŋ hala boro kul ga hin ka war boŋ alhabarey feerandi. War hinne ti boraa kaŋ goo nda kufaloo woo. Woo maanaa ti war hinne ma hin ka dii &syncBrand.fullName.label; bayhayey.">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe.heading       "Gaabu nda saajaw">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe1.description  "Wa ši kufaloo woo fur.">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe2.description  " Ir ši war kufaloo celle gaabu (za woo ši a gundu), adiši ">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe3.description  "ir ši hin ka war gaa k'a kurma">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.keepItSafe4.description  " nd'a dere. A ga hima war ma kufaloo woo zaa waati kaŋ war ga ordinater wala jinay taaga dobu &syncBrand.fullName.label; ga.">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.findOutMore1.label       "Ka duu bayray tontoni &syncBrand.fullName.label; nda war suturaa ga ">
 <!ENTITY syncKey.findOutMore2.label       ".">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.footer1.label            "&syncBrand.fullName.label; Terms of Service are available at ">
-<!ENTITY syncKey.footer2.label            ". The Privacy Policy is available at ">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.footer1.label            "&syncBrand.fullName.label; goy kalima-izey ka bara ne ">
+<!ENTITY syncKey.footer2.label            ". Sutura laada ga bara ">
 <!ENTITY syncKey.footer3.label            ".">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/syncQuota.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/syncQuota.dtd
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-<!ENTITY quota.dialogTitle.label    "Server Quota">
-<!ENTITY quota.retrievingInfo.label "Retrieving quota information…">
-<!ENTITY quota.typeColumn.label     "Type">
+<!ENTITY quota.dialogTitle.label    "Feršikaa fellaa">
+<!ENTITY quota.retrievingInfo.label "Fella alhabar soolom...">
+<!ENTITY quota.typeColumn.label     "Dumi">
 <!ENTITY quota.sizeColumn.label     "Adadu">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/syncQuota.properties
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/syncQuota.properties
@@ -2,35 +2,35 @@ collection.bookmarks.label = Doo-šilbawey
 collection.history.label   = Taariki
 collection.passwords.label = Šennikufaley
 collection.prefs.label     = Ibaayey
 collection.tabs.label      = Nor lokey
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (quota.usageNoQuota.label): %1$S and %2$S are numeric value
 # and unit (as defined in the download manager) of the amount of space occupied
 # on the server
-quota.usageNoQuota.label    = You are currently using %1$S %2$S.
+quota.usageNoQuota.label    = Sohõ war goo ma goy nda %1$S %2$S.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (quota.usagePercentage.label):
 # %1$S is the percentage of space used,
 # %2$S and %3$S numeric value and unit (as defined in the download manager)
 # of the amount of space used,
 # %3$S and %4$S numeric value and unit (as defined in the download manager)
 # of the total space available.
-quota.usagePercentage.label = You are using %1$S%% (%2$S %3$S) of your allowed %4$S %5$S.
-quota.usageError.label      = Could not retrieve quota information.
-quota.retrieving.label      = Retrieving…
+quota.usagePercentage.label = War goo ma goy nda %1$S%% (%2$S %3$S) war %4$S %5$S bagaa ra.
+quota.usageError.label      = Mana hin ka fella alhabar soolom.
+quota.retrieving.label      = Goo ma soolom...
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (quota.sizeValueUnit.label): %1$S is the amount of space
 # occupied by the engine, %2$K the corresponding unit (e.g. kB) as defined in
 # the download manager.
 quota.sizeValueUnit.label   = %1$S %2$S
 quota.remove.label          = Kaa
-quota.treeCaption.label     = Uncheck items to stop syncing them and free up space on the server.
+quota.treeCaption.label     = Tammaasa kaa hayiizey ga ka ngi hangandiyanoo kayandi nda farrukoonu naŋ feršikaa ga.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (quota.removal.label): %S is a list of engines that will be
 # disabled and whose data will be removed once the user confirms.
-quota.removal.label         = Firefox Sync will remove the following data: %S.
+quota.removal.label         = Firefox Sync ga bayhayey kaa: %S.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (quota.list.separator): This is the separator string used
 # for the list of engines (incl. spaces where appropriate)
 quota.list.separator        = , 
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (quota.freeup.label): %1$S and %2$S are numeric value
 # and unit (as defined in the download manager) of the amount of space freed
 # up by disabling the unchecked engines.  If displayed this string is
 # concatenated directly to quota.removal.label and may need to start off with
 # whitespace.
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/syncSetup.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/syncSetup.dtd
@@ -1,108 +1,108 @@
 <!ENTITY accountSetupTitle.label    "&syncBrand.fullName.label; kayandi">
 <!-- First page of the wizard -->
-<!ENTITY setup.pickSetupType.description "Welcome, if you've never used &syncBrand.fullName.label; before, you will need to create a new account.">
-<!ENTITY button.createNewAccount.label "Create a New Account">
-<!ENTITY setup.haveAccount.label "I already have a &syncBrand.fullName.label; account.">
+<!ENTITY setup.pickSetupType.description "Kubayni, ba war mana bay ka goy nda &syncBrand.fullName.label; jina, war ga hima ka kontu taaga tee.">
+<!ENTITY button.createNewAccount.label "Kontu taaga tee">
+<!ENTITY setup.haveAccount.label "Ay goo nda &syncBrand.fullName.label; kontu ka ben.">
 <!ENTITY button.connect.label    "Ciya">
 <!ENTITY setup.choicePage.title.label     "War bay ka goy nda &syncBrand.fullName.label; han foo?">
-<!ENTITY setup.choicePage.new.label       "Ya na bay ka goy nda &syncBrand.fullName.label;">
-<!ENTITY setup.choicePage.existing.label  "Ay ga doona ka goy nda &syncBrand.fullName.label; ordinater tana foo ga.">
+<!ENTITY setup.choicePage.new.label       "Ya na bay ka goy nda &syncBrand.shortName.label;">
+<!ENTITY setup.choicePage.existing.label  "Ay ga doona ka goy nda &syncBrand.shortName.label; ordinater tana foo ga">
 <!-- New Account AND Existing Account -->
 <!ENTITY server.label               "Feršikaw">
 <!ENTITY serverType.main.label      "&syncBrand.fullName.label; feršikaw">
-<!ENTITY serverType.custom2.label   "Use a custom server…">
-<!ENTITY signIn.account2.label      "Account">
-<!ENTITY signIn.account2.accesskey  "A">
+<!ENTITY serverType.custom2.label   "Goy nda alaada feršikaw...">
+<!ENTITY signIn.account2.label      "Kontu">
+<!ENTITY signIn.account2.accesskey  "o">
 <!ENTITY signIn.password.label      "Šennikufal">
-<!ENTITY signIn.password.accesskey  "Š">
-<!ENTITY signIn.syncKey.label       "Sync Key">
-<!ENTITY signIn.syncKey.accesskey   "K">
+<!ENTITY signIn.password.accesskey  "f">
+<!ENTITY signIn.syncKey.label       "Sync kufal">
+<!ENTITY signIn.syncKey.accesskey   "k">
 <!-- New Account Page 1: Basic Account Info -->
-<!ENTITY setup.newAccountDetailsPage.title.label "Account Details">
+<!ENTITY setup.newAccountDetailsPage.title.label "Kontu šilbayhayey">
 <!ENTITY setup.confirmPassword.label  "Šennikufal tabatandi">
 <!ENTITY setup.confirmPassword.accesskey  "a">
 <!ENTITY setup.emailAddress.label     "Bataga aderesu">
 <!ENTITY setup.emailAddress.accesskey "B">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE: tosAgree1, tosLink, tosAgree2, ppLink, tosAgree3 are
      joined with implicit white space, so spaces in the strings aren't necessary -->
 <!ENTITY setup.tosAgree1.label      "Ay yadda">
-<!ENTITY setup.tosAgree1.accesskey  "y">
+<!ENTITY setup.tosAgree1.accesskey  "a">
 <!ENTITY setup.tosLink.label        "goyme waafakaa ga">
 <!ENTITY setup.tosAgree2.label      "nda">
 <!ENTITY setup.ppLink.label         "sutura laadaa">
 <!ENTITY setup.tosAgree3.label      "">
 <!ENTITY setup.tosAgree2.accesskey  "">
 <!-- New Account Page 2: Sync Key -->
-<!ENTITY setup.newSyncKeyPage.title.label "&brandShortName; Cares About Your Privacy">
-<!ENTITY setup.newSyncKeyPage.description.label "To ensure your total privacy, all of your data is encrypted prior to being uploaded. The Sync Key which is necessary to decrypt your data is not uploaded.">
-<!ENTITY syncKeyEntry.label        "Your Sync Key">
+<!ENTITY setup.newSyncKeyPage.title.label "&brandShortName; ga joote nda war suturaroo">
+<!ENTITY setup.newSyncKeyPage.description.label "Ka war suturaa tabatandi, war bayhayey kul n'ka tugandi jina kaŋ i ga zijandi. Sync kufaloo kaŋ ga waažibi ka war bayhayey kufal-kaa mana zijandi.">
+<!ENTITY syncKeyEntry.label        "War Sync kufaloo">
 <!ENTITY syncKeyEntry.accesskey    "K">
-<!ENTITY syncKeyGenerate.label     "Generate">
-<!ENTITY syncKeyBackup.description "Your Sync Key is required to access &syncBrand.fullName.label; on other machines. Please create a backup copy. We cannot help you recover your Sync Key.">
+<!ENTITY syncKeyGenerate.label     "Bangandi">
+<!ENTITY syncKeyBackup.description "War Sync kufaloo ga waažibandi ka duu &syncBrand.fullName.label; maršin waaniyaŋ ga. Taare banda-gaadu celle tee. Ir ši hin ka war gaa ka war Sync kufaloo kurma.">
-<!ENTITY button.syncKeyBackup.print.label     "Print…">
-<!ENTITY button.syncKeyBackup.print.accesskey "P">
-<!ENTITY button.syncKeyBackup.save.label      "Save…">
-<!ENTITY button.syncKeyBackup.save.accesskey  "S">
+<!ENTITY button.syncKeyBackup.print.label     "Kar...">
+<!ENTITY button.syncKeyBackup.print.accesskey "r">
+<!ENTITY button.syncKeyBackup.save.label      "Gaabu...">
+<!ENTITY button.syncKeyBackup.save.accesskey  "G">
 <!-- New Account Page 3: Captcha -->
-<!ENTITY setup.captchaPage2.title.label     "Please Confirm You're Not a Robot">
+<!ENTITY setup.captchaPage2.title.label     "Taare tabatandi kaŋ war manti goy-maršin">
 <!-- Existing Account Page 1: Add Device (incl. Add a Device dialog strings) -->
-<!ENTITY addDevice.title.label              "Add a Device">
-<!ENTITY addDevice.showMeHow.label          "Show me how.">
-<!ENTITY addDevice.dontHaveDevice.label     "I don't have the device with me">
-<!ENTITY addDevice.setup.description.label  "To activate, go to &syncBrand.shortName.label; Options on your other device and select &#x0022;Add a Device&#x0022;.">
-<!ENTITY addDevice.setup.enterCode.label    "Then, enter this code:">
-<!ENTITY addDevice.dialog.description.label "To activate your new device, go to &syncBrand.shortName.label; Options on the device and select &#x0022;Connect.&#x0022;">
-<!ENTITY addDevice.dialog.enterCode.label   "Enter the code that the device provides:">
-<!ENTITY addDevice.dialog.tryAgain.label    "Please try again.">
-<!ENTITY addDevice.dialog.successful.label  "The device has been successfully added. The initial synchronization can take several minutes and will finish in the background.">
-<!ENTITY addDevice.dialog.syncKey.label     "To activate your device you will need to enter your Sync Key. Please print or save this key and take it with you.">
-<!ENTITY addDevice.dialog.connected.label   "Device Connected">
+<!ENTITY addDevice.title.label              "Jinay foo tonton">
+<!ENTITY addDevice.showMeHow.label          "Ay cebe takaa.">
+<!ENTITY addDevice.dontHaveDevice.label     "Goyjinaa ši ay kone sohõda">
+<!ENTITY addDevice.setup.description.label  "K'a tunandi, koy &syncBrand.shortName.label; Suubarey do war jinay jerey ga nda &#x0022;Add a Device&#x0022; suuba.">
+<!ENTITY addDevice.setup.enterCode.label    "Ašariyaa woo dam waati din:">
+<!ENTITY addDevice.dialog.description.label "Ka war jinay taagaa tunandi, koy &syncBrand.shortName.label; Suubarey do jinaa ga nda &#x0022;Connect.&#x0022; suuba">
+<!ENTITY addDevice.dialog.enterCode.label   "Ašariya kaŋ jinaa n'a noo dam:">
+<!ENTITY addDevice.dialog.tryAgain.label    "Taare ceeci koyne.">
+<!ENTITY addDevice.dialog.successful.label  "Jinaa tontonandi ka boori. Šintin hangandiyanoo ga hin too miniti booboyaŋ nd'a mma ben bandafaaroo ra.">
+<!ENTITY addDevice.dialog.syncKey.label     "Ka jinaa tunandi war ka hima ka war Sync kufaloo dam. Taare kufaloo kar wal'a gaabu nda war m'a dii war ga.">
+<!ENTITY addDevice.dialog.connected.label   "Jinay dobante">
 <!-- Existing Account Page 2: Manual Login -->
-<!ENTITY setup.signInPage.title.label "Sign In">
-<!ENTITY existingSyncKey.description "You can get a copy of your Sync Key by going to &syncBrand.shortName.label; Options on your other device, and selecting  &#x0022;My Sync Key&#x0022; under &#x0022;Manage Account&#x0022;.">
+<!ENTITY setup.signInPage.title.label "Huru">
+<!ENTITY existingSyncKey.description "War ga hin ka duu war Sync kufaloo celle nda war koy &syncBrand.shortName.label; Suubarey do war jinay faa ga, nda wa  &#x0022;My Sync Key&#x0022; suuba &#x0022;Manage Account&#x0022; cire.">
 <!ENTITY verifying.label              "Goo ma koroši...">
 <!ENTITY resetPassword.label          "Šennikufaloo yeeti">
-<!ENTITY lostSyncKey.label            "I have lost my Sync Key">
+<!ENTITY lostSyncKey.label            "Ay Sync kufaloo dere yane">
 <!-- Sync Options -->
-<!ENTITY setup.optionsPage.title      "Sync Options">
+<!ENTITY setup.optionsPage.title      "Sync suubarey">
 <!ENTITY syncComputerName.label       "Ordinater maa:">
 <!ENTITY syncComputerName.accesskey   "O">
 <!ENTITY syncMy.label               "Sync My">
-<!ENTITY engine.bookmarks.label     "Bookmarks">
-<!ENTITY engine.bookmarks.accesskey "m">
-<!ENTITY engine.tabs.label          "Tabs">
-<!ENTITY engine.tabs.accesskey      "T">
-<!ENTITY engine.history.label       "History">
+<!ENTITY engine.bookmarks.label     "Doo-šilbawey">
+<!ENTITY engine.bookmarks.accesskey "D">
+<!ENTITY engine.tabs.label          "Nor lokey">
+<!ENTITY engine.tabs.accesskey      "N">
+<!ENTITY engine.history.label       "Taariki">
 <!ENTITY engine.history.accesskey   "r">
-<!ENTITY engine.passwords.label     "Passwords">
-<!ENTITY engine.passwords.accesskey "P">
-<!ENTITY engine.prefs.label         "Preferences">
-<!ENTITY engine.prefs.accesskey     "S">
+<!ENTITY engine.passwords.label     "Šennikufaley">
+<!ENTITY engine.passwords.accesskey "e">
+<!ENTITY engine.prefs.label         "Ibaayey">
+<!ENTITY engine.prefs.accesskey     "b">
-<!ENTITY choice2.merge.main.label      "Merge this computer's data with my &syncBrand.shortName.label; data">
-<!ENTITY choice2.merge.recommended.label "Recommended:">
-<!ENTITY choice2.client.main.label     "Replace all data on this computer with my &syncBrand.shortName.label; data">
-<!ENTITY choice2.server.main.label     "Replace all other devices with this computer's data">
+<!ENTITY choice2.merge.main.label      "Wa ordinateroo woo bayhayey marga nda &syncBrand.shortName.label; bayhayey">
+<!ENTITY choice2.merge.recommended.label "Yaamarante:">
+<!ENTITY choice2.client.main.label     "Ordinateroo woo bayhayey kul barmay nda &syncBrand.shortName.label; bayhayey">
+<!ENTITY choice2.server.main.label     "Jinawey jerey kul barmay nda ordinateroo bayhayey">
 <!-- Confirm Merge Options -->
-<!ENTITY setup.optionsConfirmPage.title "Confirm">
-<!ENTITY confirm.merge.label    "&syncBrand.fullName.label; will now merge all this computer's browser data into your Sync account.">
-<!ENTITY confirm.client2.label         "Warning: The following &brandShortName; data on this computer will be deleted:">
+<!ENTITY setup.optionsConfirmPage.title "Tabatandi">
+<!ENTITY confirm.merge.label    "&syncBrand.fullName.label; ga marga nda ordinateroo woo ceecikaa bayhayey k'i dam war Sync kontoo ra.">
+<!ENTITY confirm.client2.label         "Yaamar: &brandShortName; bayhayey wey ordinateroo woo ga kaa ko tuusandi:">
 <!ENTITY confirm.client.moreinfo.label "&brandShortName; ga soobay ka war &syncBrand.fullName.label; bayhayey berandi ordinateroo woo.">
-<!ENTITY confirm.server2.label         "Warning: The following devices will be overwritten with your local data:">
+<!ENTITY confirm.server2.label         "Yaamar: War nungu bayhayey ga hantumandi war jinay wala maršin jerey wey boŋ:">
 <!-- New & Existing Account: Setup Complete -->
-<!ENTITY setup.successPage.title "Setup Complete">
-<!ENTITY changeOptions.label "You can change this preference by selecting Sync Options below.">
-<!ENTITY continueUsing.label "You may now continue using &brandShortName;.">
+<!ENTITY setup.successPage.title "Kayandiyan timme">
+<!ENTITY changeOptions.label "War ga hin ka ibaayoo woo barmay nda war na ganda Sync suubarey zaa.">
+<!ENTITY continueUsing.label "War ga hin ka gaabandi ka goy nda &brandShortName;.">
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/syncSetup.properties
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/syncSetup.properties
@@ -1,42 +1,42 @@
-button.syncOptions.label       = Sync Options
-button.syncOptionsDone.label   = Done
+button.syncOptions.label       = Sync suubarey
+button.syncOptionsDone.label   = A ben
 button.syncOptionsCancel.label = Naŋ
 invalidEmail.label          = Bataga aderesu laala
 serverInvalid.label         = Taare feršikaw URL aderesu boryo dam
 usernameNotAvailable.label  = Ga bara goy ra
 verifying.label = Goo ma koroši...
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (additionalClientCount.label):
 # Semi-colon list of plural forms. See:
 # http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Localization_and_Plurals
 # #1 is the number of additional clients (was %S for a short while, use #1 instead, even if both work)
-additionalClientCount.label = and #1 additional device;and #1 additional devices
+additionalClientCount.label = nda jinay tontonante #1;nda jinay tontonante #1
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (bookmarksCount.label):
 # Semi-colon list of plural forms. See:
 # http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Localization_and_Plurals
 # #1 is the number of bookmarks (was %S for a short while, use #1 instead, even if both work)
-bookmarksCount.label        = #1 bookmark;#1 bookmarks
+bookmarksCount.label        = doo-šilbay #1;doo-šilbay #1
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (historyDaysCount.label):
 # Semi-colon list of plural forms. See:
 # http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Localization_and_Plurals
 # #1 is the number of days (was %S for a short while, use #1 instead, even if both work)
-historyDaysCount.label      = #1 day of history;#1 days of history
+historyDaysCount.label      = taarikoo jirbi #1;taarikoo jirbi #1
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (passwordsCount.label):
 # Semi-colon list of plural forms. See:
 # http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Localization_and_Plurals
 # #1 is the number of passwords (was %S for a short while, use #1 instead, even if both work)
-passwordsCount.label        = #1 password;#1 passwords
+passwordsCount.label        = šennikufal #1;šennikufal #1
-save.synckey.title = Save Sync Key
+save.synckey.title = Sync kufaloo gaabu
-newAccount.action.label = Firefox Sync is now set up to automatically sync all of your browser data.
-newAccount.change.label = You can choose exactly what to sync by selecting Sync Options below.
-resetClient.change.label = Firefox Sync will now merge all this computer's browser data into your Sync account.
-wipeClient.change.label = Firefox Sync will now replace all of the browser data on this computer with the data in your Sync account.
-wipeRemote.change.label = Firefox Sync will now replace all of the browser data in your Sync account with the data on this computer.
-existingAccount.change.label = You can change this preference by selecting Sync Options below.
+newAccount.action.label = Firefox Sync kayandi ka war ceecikaw bayhayey kul hangandi cere ngi boŋše.
+newAccount.change.label = War ga hin ka suuba nda alhakiika haya kaŋ ma hangandi nda Sync suubarey diyandi ganda.
+resetClient.change.label = Sohõ Firefox Sync ga ordinateroo woo ceecikaw bayhayey kul margandi war Sync kontoo ra.
+wipeClient.change.label = Sohõ Firefox Sync ga ordinateroo woo ceecikaw bayhayey kul barmay nda bayhayey war Sync kontoo ra.
+wipeRemote.change.label = Sohõ Firefox Sync ga war Sync kontoo ceecikaw bayhayey kul barmay nda bayhayey ordinateroo woo ra.
+existingAccount.change.label = War ga hin k'ibaayoo woo barmay nda Sync suubarey diyandi ganda.
 # Several other strings are used (via Weave.Status.login), but they come from
 #  /services/sync
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/tabbrowser.properties
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/tabbrowser.properties
@@ -2,18 +2,18 @@
 # location bar to represent various states as a web page loads:
 # tabs.connecting = Firefox is sending a HTTP connection request
 # tabs.encryptingConnection = Firefox is sending a HTTPS connection request
 # tabs.searching = Firefox is searching for something (Awesomebar or Web search)
 # tabs.loading = Firefox is loading the web page
 # tabs.waiting = Firefox is waiting for a web resource to load
 # tabs.downloading = Firefox is downloading a file for a helper application (PDF)
 tabs.connecting=Goo ma ciya...
-tabs.encryptingConnection=Securing connection…
+tabs.encryptingConnection=Ga ciyari saajandi...
+tabs.searching=Goo ma ceeci...
 tabs.loading=Goo ma zunandi...
 tabs.waiting=Goo ma batu...
 tabs.downloading=Goo ma zumandi...
 tabs.emptyTabTitle=Nor loku taaga
 tabs.closeTab=Nor loku daabu
 tabs.closeWarningTitle=Daaburoo tabatandi
--- a/browser/chrome/browser/tabview.properties
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/tabview.properties
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-tabview.groupItem.newTabButton=New tab
-tabview.groupItem.defaultName=Name this tab group…
-tabview.groupItem.undoCloseGroup=Undo Close Group
-tabview.search.otherWindowTabs=Tabs from other windows
+tabview.groupItem.newTabButton=Nor loku taaga
+tabview.groupItem.defaultName=Nor lokoo woo noo maa...
+tabview.groupItem.undoCloseGroup=Cere-marga taafeeri
+tabview.search.otherWindowTabs=Zanfun waaney nor lokey
--- a/browser/chrome/overrides/netError.dtd
+++ b/browser/chrome/overrides/netError.dtd
@@ -44,21 +44,19 @@ ciyari.</li>
 <!ENTITY netInterrupt.longDesc "&sharedLongDesc;">
 <!ENTITY netOffline.title "Bila nda ciyari alhaali">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (netOffline.overrideLongDesc) - This string should
      indicate that "Work Offline" is a menu item without being too specific,
      since it could be in either the normal menu (Mac/Linux) or the Firefox button
      menu (Windows).
-<!ENTITY netOffline.overrideLongDesc "
-  <li>Uncheck the &quot;Work Offline&quot; menu item, then try again.</li>
+<!ENTITY netOffline.overrideLongDesc "<ul> 
+<li>Tammaasa kaa &quot;Work Offline&quot; tukušilbayboŋoo ga, de m'a tee koyne.</li> 
 <!ENTITY contentEncodingError.title "Gundekuna harfu-hawyan firka">
 <!ENTITY contentEncodingError.longDesc "<ul> 
 <li>Taare wa šendaa woo alhabar tee war nungoo koyey se.</li> 
 <!ENTITY unsafeContentType.title "Tuku dumi kaŋ ši nda naanay">
 <!ENTITY unsafeContentType.longDesc "<ul> 
@@ -140,11 +138,11 @@ goo &brandShortName; nda fondo ka huru t
 <!ENTITY securityOverride.getMeOutOfHereButton "Ay kaataray ne!">
 <!ENTITY securityOverride.exceptionButtonLabel "Hasaraw tonton...">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (securityOverride.warningContent) - Do not translate the
 contents of the <button> tags. It uses strings already defined above. The
 button is included here (instead of netError.xhtml) because it exposes
 functionality specific to firefox. -->
-<!ENTITY securityOverride.warningContent "<p>War ši hima ka hasaraw tonton nda war ga goy nda interneti ciyari kaŋ ši nda naanay gumo wala war mana doona ka dii yaamaroo woo feršikaa woo se.</p>  
+<!ENTITY securityOverride.warningContent "<p>War ši hima ka hasaraw tonton nda war ga goy nda Interneti ciyari kaŋ ši nda naanay gumo wala war mana doona ka dii yaamaroo woo feršikaa woo se.</p>  
 <button id='getMeOutOfHereButton'>&securityOverride.getMeOutOfHereButton;</button> 
 <button id='exceptionDialogButton'>&securityOverride.exceptionButtonLabel;</button>">
--- a/dom/chrome/dom/dom.properties
+++ b/dom/chrome/dom/dom.properties
@@ -42,38 +42,38 @@ KillScriptWithDebugMessage=Šigira-dumi ga hima ka bara goy ra moɲoo woo ga, wala a ši tuuru koyne. War ga hin ka šigira-dumoo kayandi sohõda, šigira-dumoo feeri hasaraw gunakaa ra, wala šigira-dumoo taŋ jine.
 KillScriptLocation=Šigira-dumi: %S
 StopScriptButton=Šigira-dumoo kayandi
 DebugScriptButton=Šigira-dumoo hasaraa guna
 WaitForScriptButton=Koy jine
 DontAskAgain=&Ma ši ay hãa koyne
 JSURLLoadBlockedWarning=Ceeci ka javascript šigira-dumi foo zumandi: URL ka hun zunbudoo\nfoo do zanfun ra kaŋ ga gundekuna cebe kaŋ hun zunbudoo\nwaani do, kaŋ saajaw juwalkaw n'a kayandi.
 WindowCloseBlockedWarning=A ga hin ka tee kaŋ šigira-dumey ši daaba zanfuney kaŋ šigira-dumoo man'i feeri ra.
 OnBeforeUnloadTitle=War ga alhakiika?
-OnBeforeUnloadMessage=This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave - data you have entered may not be saved.
-OnBeforeUnloadStayButton=Stay on Page
-OnBeforeUnloadLeaveButton=Leave Page
+OnBeforeUnloadMessage=Moɲoo woo ga hãa wala alhakiika kaŋ war ga baa ka koy - bayhayey kaŋ war n'i dam ši gaabundi. 
+OnBeforeUnloadStayButton=Cindi moɲoo ga
+OnBeforeUnloadLeaveButton=Moɲoo taŋ
 DocumentAllUsed=Dumi mana tabatante document.all mayray huru goy ra. Adiši W3C dumi tabatante takadda document.getElementById() goyandi.
 GlobalScopeElementReference=Ize fellante Boŋtaamansa/Maa ra aduɲɲakul moohayroo ra. Adiši W3C dumi tabatante takadda document.getElementById().
 UseOfCaptureEventsWarning=captureEvents() goyandiroo laybu. Ka war ašariya taagandi, DOM 2 addEventListener() dabari goyandi. Faaba tontoni ne http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/DOM:element.addEventListener
 UseOfReleaseEventsWarning=releaseEvents() goyandiroo laybu. Ka war ašariya taagandi, DOM 2 removeEventListener() dabari goyandi. Faaba tontoni ne http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/DOM:element.removeEventListener
 UseOfRouteEventWarning=routeEvent() goyandiroo laybu. Ka war ašariya taagandi, DOM 2 dispatchEvent() dabari goyandi. Faaba tontoni ne http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/DOM:element.dispatchEvent
 UseOfPreventBubbleWarning=Event=%S, preventBubble() goyandiroo laybu. Adiši W3C dumi tabatante stopPropagation() goyandi.
 UseOfPreventCaptureWarning=Event=%S, preventCapture() goyandiroo laybu. Adiši W3C dumi tabatante stopPropagation() goyandi.
 UseOfDOM3LoadMethodWarning=Hasaraw bangay Document.load() goyandiroo ra. Ka ar ašariya taagandi, wa DOM XMLHttpRequest jinay sanbu. Faaba tontoni se, wa dii https://developer.mozilla.org/en/XMLHttpRequest
 UnexpectedCanvasVariantStyle=korofur: ceeciyan ka hinna kayandi strokeStyle wala fillStyle se, hinna kaŋ manti karfu, wala CanvasGradient, wala da CanvasPattern foo murayandi.
 EmptyGetElementByIdParam=Karfu koonu kaŋ bisa nda getElementById().
 LowMemoryTitle=Yaamar: Lakkal yalaafante
 LowMemoryMessage=Šigira-dumoo war moɲoo ga kayandi lakkal yalaafante alhaali sabbu ra.
 SpeculationFailed=Alaayan bila nda sasawandiyan hantumando nda document.write() ka too sankaa ma kuuna taaga. Alhabar tontoni se, dii https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Optimizing_Your_Pages_for_Speculative_Parsing
 DocumentWriteIgnored=Ciyari foo document.write() se ka hun tarayhere waati-waati šigira dumi murayndi.
-FormValidationTextTooLong=Please shorten this text to %S characters or less (you are currently using %S characters).
-FormValidationValueMissing=Please fill out this field.
-FormValidationCheckboxMissing=Please check this box if you want to proceed.
-FormValidationRadioMissing=Please select one of these options.
-FormValidationFileMissing=Please select a file.
-FormValidationSelectMissing=Please select an item in the list.
-FormValidationInvalidEmail=Please enter an email address.
-FormValidationInvalidURL=Please enter a URL.
-FormValidationPatternMismatch=Please match the requested format.
+FormValidationTextTooLong=Kalimaɲaa kuroo duurandi nda harfu %S wala ciina (sohõda war ga goy nda harfu %S).
+FormValidationValueMissing=Taare faaroo woo toonandi.
+FormValidationCheckboxMissing=Taare bataa woo guna nda war ga baa ka bisa.
+FormValidationRadioMissing=Taare suubarey wey affoo zaa.
+FormValidationFileMissing=Taare tuku foo suuba.
+FormValidationSelectMissing=Taare hayiize foo suuba maašeedaa ra.
+FormValidationInvalidEmail=Taare bataga aderesu foo dam.
+FormValidationInvalidURL=Taare URL doo dam.
+FormValidationPatternMismatch=Taare tenjandi nda takaroo kaŋ wirandi.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (FormValidationPatternMismatchWithTitle): %S is the (possibly truncated) title attribute value.
-FormValidationPatternMismatchWithTitle=Please match the requested format: %S.
+FormValidationPatternMismatchWithTitle=Taare tenjandi nda takaroo kaŋ wirandi: %S.
 UseOfDocumentWidthWarning=document.width kaŋ manti dumi tabatante bara goy ra. Bere dumi tabatante document.body.clientWidth ga sohõ.
 UseOfDocumentHeightWarning=document.height kaŋ manti dumi tabatante bara goy ra. Bere document.body.clientHeight ga sohõ.
--- a/dom/chrome/layout/css.properties
+++ b/dom/chrome/layout/css.properties
@@ -95,17 +95,17 @@ PEPseudoSelUnknown=Kuray-laala wala ize-laala šibayante '%1$S'.
 PENegationEOF=suubakaw jaŋay kuna ra
 PENegationBadInner=Suubakaw ifaalante hantum-leybante sanda jaŋay kuray-laala sennigoy '%1$S'.
 PENegationNoClose=Daabuyan kumante ')' jaŋay kuray-laala '%1$S'.
 PENegationBadArg=Sennigoy kumante jaŋay kuray-laala '%1$S'.
 PEPseudoClassArgEOF=sennigoy kuray-laala suubakaw do
 PEPseudoClassArgNotIdent=Tammaasakaw naatante kuray-laala adadu hansari se amma '%1$S' ti duwante.
 PEPseudoClassArgNotNth=Sennigoy jere naatante kuray-laala ra amma '%1$S' ti duwante.
 PEPseudoClassNoClose=Daabuyan kumante ')' kuray-laala ra, '%1$S' ti duwante.
-PEPseudoClassNoArg=Sennigoy kumante kuray-laala ra '%1$S'.
+PEPseudoClassNoArg=Šennigoy kumante kuray-laala ra '%1$S'.
 PEBadDeclBlockStart=Naatante '{' ka bangandi gagayan šintin amma '%1$S' ti duwante.
 PEColorNotColor=Noone naatante amma '%1$S' ti duwante.
 PEColorComponentEOF=noone jere
 PEExpectedPercent=Zangu ferši naatante amma '%1$S' ti duwante.
 PEExpectedInt=Hinna timmante naatante amma '%1$S' ti duwante.
 PEColorBadRGBContents=Hinna wala zangu ferši naatante rgb() ra amma '%1$S' ti duwante.
@@ -133,9 +133,9 @@ PEUnknownFontDesc=Šigira-dumi šilbaykaw šibayante '%1$S' goo @font-face rule ra.
 PEMQExpectedExpressionStart=Naatante ')' ka alhabar goyjinay hãayan kaliima šintin amma '%1$S' ti duwante.
 PEMQExpressionEOF=alhabar goyjinay hãayan kaliima gundekunawey
 PEMQExpectedFeatureName=Naatante alhabar goyjinay alhaali maa amma '%1$S' ti duwante.
 PEMQExpectedFeatureNameEnd=Naatante ':' wala ')' goyjinay alhaali maa banda ga amma '%1$S' ti duwante.
 PEMQNoMinMaxWithoutValue=Alhabar goyjinay alhaaley nda kul-kaccu wala kul-beeri ga hima ka bara nda hinna.
 PEMQExpectedFeatureValue=Duwante hinna laala alhabar goyjinay alhaali se.
 PEBadFontBlockStart=Naatante '{' ka @font-face rule šintin amma '%1$S' ti duwante.
 PEBadFontBlockEnd=Naatante '}' ka @font-face rule benandi amma '%1$S' ti duwante.
-PEAnonBoxNotAlone=Did not expect anonymous box.
+PEAnonBoxNotAlone=Mana bata kaŋ ši nda maa naata.
--- a/dom/chrome/netError.dtd
+++ b/dom/chrome/netError.dtd
@@ -20,18 +20,18 @@
 <!ENTITY malformedURI.title "Aderesoo ši boori">
 <!ENTITY malformedURI.longDesc "<p>Aderesoo kaŋ noondi mana fasal taka bayante ra. Taare doo žeeroo koroši firkawey se, de war ma ceeci koyne.</p>">
 <!ENTITY netInterrupt.title "Bayhayey berandiri kay">
 <!ENTITY netInterrupt.longDesc "<p>Ceecikaa ciya boryo, amma ciyaroo kay waatoo kaŋ alhabarey goo ma berandi.  Taare wa ceeci koyne.</p><ul><li>War n'ka ši hin ka tataaru nungu tanayaŋ naaru? War ordinateroo ciyaroo koroši koyne.</li><li>Šenday goo hala sohõ? Wa war sankaa juwalkaa wala Interneti nookaa cee faaba se.</li></ul>">
 <!ENTITY netOffline.title "Bila nda ciyari alhaali">
-<!ENTITY netOffline.longDesc "<p>The browser is operating in its offline mode and cannot connect to the requested item.</p><ul><li>Is the computer connected to an active network?</li><li>Place the browser in online mode and try again.</li></ul>">
-<!ENTITY netOffline.overrideLongDesc "<p>The browser is operating in its offline mode and cannot connect to the requested item.</p><ul><li>Is the computer connected to an active network?</li><li>Place the browser in online mode and try again.</li></ul>">
+<!ENTITY netOffline.longDesc "<p>Ceecikaa ga goy bila nda ciyari nda a ši hin ka hayiize wirantaa cee.</p><ul><li>War ordinateroo ga dobu sankay goyante ga?</li><li>War ceecikaa dam ciyari alhaali ra, de wa ceeci koyne.</li></ul>">
+<!ENTITY netOffline.overrideLongDesc "<p>Ceecikaa ga goy bila nda ciyari nda a ši hin ka hayiize wirantaa cee.</p><ul><li>War ordinateroo ga dobu sankay goyante ga?</li><li>War ceecikaa dam ciyari alhaali ra, de ma ceeci koyne.</li></ul>">
 <!ENTITY contentEncodingError.title "Gundekuna harfu-hawyan firka">
 <!ENTITY contentEncodingError.longDesc "<p>Moɲoo kaŋ war ga wiri k'a guna ši hin ka diyandi zama a mma goy nda kankamandiyan dabari laala wala kaŋ ši nda gaakašinay.</p><ul><li>Taare wa šendaa woo alhabar tee war nungoo koyey se.</li></ul>">
 <!ENTITY unsafeContentType.title "Tuku dumi kaŋ ši nda naanay">
 <!ENTITY unsafeContentType.longDesc "<ul> 
 <li>Taare wa šendaa woo alhabar tee war nungoo koyey se.</li> 
--- a/other-licenses/branding/firefox/brand.dtd
+++ b/other-licenses/branding/firefox/brand.dtd
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
 <!ENTITY  brandShortName        "Firefox">
 <!ENTITY  brandFullName         "Mozilla Firefox">
 <!ENTITY  vendorShortName       "Mozilla">
-<!ENTITY  trademarkInfo.part1   "Firefox and the Firefox logos are trademarks of the Mozilla Foundation.">
+<!ENTITY  trademarkInfo.part1   "Firefox nda Firefox maabiyey ti teekaw tammaasayaŋ Mozilla Foundation se.">
--- a/security/manager/chrome/pipnss/nsserrors.properties
+++ b/security/manager/chrome/pipnss/nsserrors.properties
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
-SSL_ERROR_EXPORT_ONLY_SERVER=Ši hin ka toonandi saajante dam.  Ceroo ši tuguyan šenda gaakašinay.
+SSL_ERROR_EXPORT_ONLY_SERVER=Ši hin ka toonandi saajante dam.  Ceroo ši tuguyan šenda kanbe.
 SSL_ERROR_US_ONLY_SERVER=Ši hin ka toonandi saajante dam.  Ceroo ga tuguyan šenda waažibandi, kaŋ ši nda gaakašinay.
 SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP=Ši hin ka toonandi nda ceroo: tuguyan kabu kul ši ihinkaa game.
 SSL_ERROR_NO_CERTIFICATE=Ši hin ka dii tabatiyan-tiira wala lasal-tabatandiyan ga waažibi a se.
 SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERTIFICATE=Ši hin ka toonandi saajante dam ceroo doo: ceroo tabatiyan-tiira wanjandi.
 SSL_ERROR_BAD_CLIENT=Feršikaa na bayhaya laala kubay daykaa doo.
 SSL_ERROR_BAD_SERVER=Daykaa na bayhaya laala kubay feršikaa doo.
 SSL_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_CERTIFICATE_TYPE=Tabatiyan-tiira dumi ši nda faaba.
 SSL_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_VERSION=Cere goo ma goy nda saajaw berehaw dumi kaŋ ši nda faaba.
@@ -105,17 +105,17 @@ SSL_ERROR_UNRECOGNIZED_NAME_ALERT=SSL ceroo ši nda tabatiyan-tiira kul DNS maaɲoo kaŋ wirandi se.
 SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_STATUS_RESPONSE_ALERT=SSL ceroo momgu ka guu OCSP zaabi nga tabatiyan-tiiraa se.
 SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_HASH_VALUE_ALERT=SSL ceroo na tabatiyan-tiira dundu hinna laala bayrandi.
 SSL_ERROR_RX_UNEXPECTED_NEW_SESSION_TICKET=SSL duu fooyan kaŋ mana hongandi goywaati taaga tiira se.
 SSL_ERROR_RX_MALFORMED_NEW_SESSION_TICKET=SSL duu fooyan goywaati taaga tiira alhabar šiirante.
 SSL_ERROR_DECOMPRESSION_FAILURE=SSL duu jiširi kankamante kaŋ ši hin ka feferi koyne.
 SSL_ERROR_RENEGOTIATION_NOT_ALLOWED=Hacci taaga ši nda fonda SSL funoo woo ga.
 SSL_ERROR_UNSAFE_NEGOTIATION=Cere wiri ka fasal žeena ka foo (kaŋ ši hima nda jejeba sahãnte).
 SSL_ERROR_RX_UNEXPECTED_UNCOMPRESSED_RECORD=SSL duu "Yaamar" jiširi kaŋ ši tammahãa ra, a mana feferi.
-SSL_ERROR_WEAK_SERVER_EPHEMERAL_DH_KEY=SSL received a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman key in Server Key Exchange handshake message.
+SSL_ERROR_WEAK_SERVER_EPHEMERAL_DH_KEY=SSL duu Diffie-Hellman waati-duura kufal yalaafante Feršikaw kufal barmay fooyan alhabar ra.
 SEC_ERROR_IO=I/O firka bangay saajaw duɲeyanoo waate.
 SEC_ERROR_LIBRARY_FAILURE=saajaw tiirahugu kayyaŋ.
 SEC_ERROR_BAD_DATA=saajaw tiirahugu: bayhayey duwante laalayaŋ.
 SEC_ERROR_OUTPUT_LEN=saajaw tiirahugu: fattari kuuyan firka.
 SEC_ERROR_INPUT_LEN=saajaw tiirahugu na damyan kuuyan firka maate.
 SEC_ERROR_INVALID_ARGS=saajaw tiirahugu: sennigoy laalayaŋ.
 SEC_ERROR_INVALID_ALGORITHM=saajaw tiirahugu: kabu laala.
 SEC_ERROR_INVALID_AVA=saajaw tiirahugu: AVA laala.
@@ -265,21 +265,21 @@ SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_OBJECT_TYPE=Haya šibayante dumi tabatandi.
 SEC_ERROR_INCOMPATIBLE_PKCS11=PKCS #11 dirandikaw ga tabatandiyan hoo da taka kaŋ ši cerekanbe.
 SEC_ERROR_NO_EVENT=Moo taaga kul ši bara waatoo woo ra.
 SEC_ERROR_TOKEN_NOT_LOGGED_IN=Goy kay zama PKCS#11 taamansa mana huru.
 SEC_ERROR_OCSP_RESPONDER_CERT_INVALID=OCSP tuurukaw tabatiyan-tiira hansantaa ši boori.
 SEC_ERROR_OCSP_BAD_SIGNATURE=OCSP tuuruyanoo ši nda mayray šilbay boryo.
 SEC_ERROR_OUT_OF_SEARCH_LIMITS=Tabatantikaw alkakiikandiyanoo šii ceeci laame ra
-SEC_ERROR_INVALID_POLICY_MAPPING=Policy mapping contains anypolicy
-SEC_ERROR_POLICY_VALIDATION_FAILED=Cert chain fails policy validation
-SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_AIA_LOCATION_TYPE=Unknown location type in cert AIA extension
-SEC_ERROR_BAD_HTTP_RESPONSE=Server returned bad HTTP response
-SEC_ERROR_BAD_LDAP_RESPONSE=Server returned bad LDAP response
-SEC_ERROR_FAILED_TO_ENCODE_DATA=Failed to encode data with ASN1 encoder
-SEC_ERROR_BAD_INFO_ACCESS_LOCATION=Bad information access location in cert extension
-SEC_ERROR_LIBPKIX_INTERNAL=Libpkix internal error occured during cert validation.
-SEC_ERROR_PKCS11_GENERAL_ERROR=A PKCS #11 module returned CKR_GENERAL_ERROR, indicating that an unrecoverable error has occurred.
-SEC_ERROR_PKCS11_FUNCTION_FAILED=A PKCS #11 module returned CKR_FUNCTION_FAILED, indicating that the requested function could not be performed.  Trying the same operation again might succeed.
-SEC_ERROR_PKCS11_DEVICE_ERROR=A PKCS #11 module returned CKR_DEVICE_ERROR, indicating that a problem has occurred with the token or slot.
-SEC_ERROR_BAD_INFO_ACCESS_METHOD=Unknown information access method in certificate extension.
-SEC_ERROR_CRL_IMPORT_FAILED=Error attempting to import a CRL.
+SEC_ERROR_INVALID_POLICY_MAPPING=Dawšifayan laada goo nda kul-laada
+SEC_ERROR_POLICY_VALIDATION_FAILED=Tabatantikaw ga alkakiikandiyan laadaa hõo
+SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_AIA_LOCATION_TYPE=Gorodoo šibayante dumi goo AIA tabatandikaw dobu ra
+SEC_ERROR_BAD_HTTP_RESPONSE=Feršikaa na HTTP zaabi laala willi
+SEC_ERROR_BAD_LDAP_RESPONSE=Feršikaa na LDAP zaabi laala willi
+SEC_ERROR_FAILED_TO_ENCODE_DATA=Mana hin ka bayhayey harfu-haw nda ASN1 harfu-hawkaw
+SEC_ERROR_BAD_INFO_ACCESS_LOCATION=Alhabar laala ddo-tooyan tabatandikaw dobu ra
+SEC_ERROR_LIBPKIX_INTERNAL=Libpkix kunahere firka bangay tabatandikaw alkakiikandiyanoo waate.
+SEC_ERROR_PKCS11_GENERAL_ERROR=PKCS #11 dunbu foo na CKR_GENERAL_ERROR willi, nda tammaasa kaŋ firka bangay kaŋ ši nda hansari.
+SEC_ERROR_PKCS11_FUNCTION_FAILED=PKCS #11 dunbu foo na CKR_FUNCTION_FAILED willi, nda tammaasa kaŋ goyyan wirantaa ši hin ka tee ka ben.  Woo šiiyan cee taaga ga hin ka tee. 
+SEC_ERROR_PKCS11_DEVICE_ERROR=PKCS #11 dunbu foo na CKR_DEVICE_ERROR willi, nda tammaasa kaŋ šenday foo bangay nda tammaasaa wala funoo.
+SEC_ERROR_BAD_INFO_ACCESS_METHOD=Alhabar tooyan dabari šibayante tabatandikaw dobu ra.
+SEC_ERROR_CRL_IMPORT_FAILED=Firka kaŋ a ceeci ka CRL foo cendi k'a dam.
--- a/security/manager/chrome/pippki/certManager.dtd
+++ b/security/manager/chrome/pippki/certManager.dtd
@@ -128,18 +128,18 @@
 <!ENTITY certmgr.fields.label                 "Faari alkadar">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.fields.accesskey             "a">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.hierarchy.label              "Tabatiyan-tiira kanandi">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.hierarchy.accesskey          "T">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.addException.label           "Hasaraw tonton...">
 <!ENTITY certmgr.addException.accesskey       "H">
 <!ENTITY exceptionMgr.title                   "Saajaw hasaraw tonton">
-<!ENTITY exceptionMgr.exceptionButton.label   "Confirm Security Exception">
-<!ENTITY exceptionMgr.exceptionButton.accesskey "C">
+<!ENTITY exceptionMgr.exceptionButton.label   "Saajaw hasaraw tabatandi">
+<!ENTITY exceptionMgr.exceptionButton.accesskey "b">
 <!ENTITY exceptionMgr.supplementalWarning     "Bankey, bitijey nda baytal nungu alhakiika tanawey ši war hãa ka woo tee.">
 <!ENTITY exceptionMgr.certlocation.caption2   "Feršikaw">
 <!ENTITY exceptionMgr.certlocation.url        "Gorodoo:">
 <!ENTITY exceptionMgr.certlocation.download   "Tabatiyan-tiira zaa">
 <!ENTITY exceptionMgr.certlocation.accesskey  "G">
 <!ENTITY exceptionMgr.certstatus.caption      "Tabatiyan-tiira assariya">
 <!ENTITY exceptionMgr.certstatus.viewCert     "Gunari...">
 <!ENTITY exceptionMgr.certstatus.accesskey    "V">
--- a/services/sync/errors.properties
+++ b/services/sync/errors.properties
@@ -1,27 +1,27 @@
 error.login.reason.network    = Mana hin ka feršikaa cee
-error.login.reason.synckey    = Wrong Sync Key
+error.login.reason.synckey    = Sync kufal laala
 # error.login.reason.password is deprecated.
 error.login.reason.password   = Goykaw maa wala šennikufal laala
-error.login.reason.account    = Incorrect account name or password
+error.login.reason.account    = Kontu maa wala šennikufal laala
 error.login.reason.no_password= Šennikufal gaabunte kul šii goy se
-error.login.reason.no_synckey = No saved Sync Key to use
+error.login.reason.no_synckey = Sync kufal gaabunte goy se
 error.login.reason.server     = Feršikaa mana hanse nda fondo
 error.sync.failed_partial     = Bayrayhaya dumi foo wala ibooboyaŋ mana hin ka hangandi cere bande
 invalid-captcha = Kalima šiiranteyaŋ, ceeci koyne
 weak-password   = Šennikufal gaabikoyni sanbu
 # this is the fallback, if we hit an error we didn't bother to localize
 error.reason.unknown          = Firka šibayante
-change.synckey.sameAsSyncKey    = The new Sync Key cannot be the same as your Sync Key
-change.synckey.sameAsPassword   = The Sync Key cannot be the same as your password
+change.synckey.sameAsSyncKey    = Sync kufal taaga ši hin ka tee war Sync kufaloo da
+change.synckey.sameAsPassword   = Sync kufal taaga ši hin ka tee war šennikufaloo da
 change.synckey.sameAsUsername   = The Sync Key cannot be the same as your user name
 change.synckey.sameAsEmail      = The Sync Key cannot be the same as your email address
 change.synckey.tooShort         = The Sync Key entered is too short
 change.password.pwSameAsSyncKey      = Password can't match your Sync Key
 change.password.pwSameAsPassword     = Šennikufaloo ši tenji nda sohõda šennikufaloo
 change.password.pwSameAsUsername     = Šennikufaloo ši tenji nda war sohõda maaɲoo
 change.password.pwSameAsEmail        = Password can't match your email address
--- a/services/sync/sync.properties
+++ b/services/sync/sync.properties
@@ -23,23 +23,23 @@ error.login.prefs.label = Ibaayey...
 error.login.prefs.accesskey = P
 # should decide if we're going to show this
 error.logout.title = Fattayan waate firka
 error.logout.description = Hangandiyanoo na firka maate ciyaroo waate. A ga hin ka tee a ši nda taali, nda war ši hima ga haya kul woo misoo ra.
 error.sync.title = Hangandiyan waate firka
 error.sync.description = Hangandiyanoo na firka maate hangandiyan waate: %1$S. Hangandiyan ka šii taaga nga boŋše ka teeraa filla.
 error.sync.no_node_found = Hangandiyan feršikaa goo goy sahãnta ra sohõ. amma war ši hima ka haya kul tee misoo woo ra. Ir ga šintin ka war bayhayey hangandi cere zaa ir duu nga fondaa!
 error.sync.no_node_found.title = Hangandiyan batuyan-waati
-error.sync.serverStatusButton.label = Server Status
+error.sync.serverStatusButton.label = Feršikaa assariya
 error.sync.serverStatusButton.accesskey = V
 error.sync.needUpdate.description = War ga hima ka Firefox hangandikaa taagandi ka gaabu ka war bayhayey hangandi cere.
 error.sync.needUpdate.label = Firefox hangandikaa taagandi
 error.sync.needUpdate.accesskey = U
 error.sync.tryAgainButton.label = Hangandi sohõ
 error.sync.tryAgainButton.accesskey = S
-warning.sync.quota.label = Approaching Server Quota
-warning.sync.quota.description = You are approaching the server quota. Please review which data to sync.
-error.sync.quota.label = Server Quota Exceeded
-error.sync.quota.description = Sync failed because it exceeded the server quota. Please review which data to sync.
-error.sync.viewQuotaButton.label = View Quota
+warning.sync.quota.label = Goo ma man feršikaa fellaa
+warning.sync.quota.description = War goo ma man feršikaa fellaa do. Taare laasaabu bayhayey kaŋ ga hangandi.
+error.sync.quota.label = Feršikaa fellaa hoondi
+error.sync.quota.description = Hangandikaa kaŋ zama a na nga feršikaa fellaa hoo. Taare bayhayey hangandi guna boryo.
+error.sync.viewQuotaButton.label = Fellaa guna
 error.sync.viewQuotaButton.accesskey = V
 tabs.fromOtherComputers.label = Ordinater jerey nor lokey
--- a/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutRights.dtd
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutRights.dtd
@@ -16,70 +16,70 @@
 <!ENTITY rights.intro-point1b "Mozilla baytal duɲe kaddasu">
 <!ENTITY rights.intro-point1c ". Maana ti war ga hin ka &brandShortName; ka goy, k'a berandi nda g'a noo boro tanayaŋ se.  War ga hin ka &brandShortName; aššil ašariya nda takaa kaŋ ga tee war se nafaw. Mozilla baytal duɲe kaddasoo ga naŋ war ma dumey kaŋ war n'i barmay žemni.">
 <!ENTITY rights.intro-point2-a "War mana duu teekaw tammaasa alhaku wala duɲe kaddasu kul Mozilla Foundation do wala nga kondo tana foo, sanda kaŋ a ši nda Firefox maaɲoo wala maa-biyoo. Alhabar tontoni teekaw tammaasawey ga ga hin ka diyandi ">
 <!ENTITY rights.intro-point2-b "ne">
 <!ENTITY rights.intro-point2-c ".">
 <!-- point 2.5 text for official branded builds -->
-<!ENTITY rights.intro-point2.5 "Some features in &brandShortName;, such as the Crash Reporter, give you the option to provide feedback to &vendorShortName;. By choosing to submit feedback, you give &vendorShortName; permission to use the feedback to improve its products, to publish the feedback on its websites, and to distribute the feedback.">
+<!ENTITY rights.intro-point2.5 "Alhaali fooyaŋ &brandShortName; ra, sanda Kaŋyan bayrandikaw, ga war noo teeri suubari foo ka tuuru &vendorShortName; se. Nda war yadda ka tuuruyan sanba, war ga duɲe kaŋ &vendorShortName; ga hin ka goy nda tuuruyanoo ka jinawey boryandi, ka tuuruyanoo wallafi Interneti dogey ra nda ka tuuruyanoo žemni.">
 <!-- point 3 text for official branded builds -->
-<!ENTITY rights2.intro-point3a "How we use your personal information and feedback submitted to &vendorShortName; through &brandShortName; is described in the ">
-<!ENTITY rights2.intro-point3b "&brandShortName; Privacy Policy">
+<!ENTITY rights2.intro-point3a "Takaa kaŋ nda war boŋ alhabarey and tuuruyanoo ka sanbandi &vendorShortName; se &brandShortName; bande ga šilbayandi ">
+<!ENTITY rights2.intro-point3b "&brandShortName; sutura laada ra">
 <!ENTITY rights.intro-point3c ".">
 <!-- point 3 text for unbranded builds -->
 <!ENTITY rights.intro-point3-unbranded "Sutura jejebu laadawey kul kaŋ ga bara jinaa woo se ga hima ga hantumandi ne.">
 <!-- point 4 text for official branded builds -->
-<!ENTITY rights2.intro-point4a "Some &brandShortName; features make use of web-based information services, however, we cannot guarantee they are 100&#37; accurate or error-free. More details, including information on how to disable the features that use these services, can be found in the ">
+<!ENTITY rights2.intro-point4a "&brandShortName; alhaaley ga goy nda Interneti alhabar goyey; amma, ir ši hin ka tabatandi kaŋ i ga alhakiika 100&#37; dimma ga wala i ši nda firka kul. Bayray tontoni, nda taka kaŋ ga alhaaley wey ga goy ra, ga hin ka duwandi ">
 <!ENTITY rights.intro-point4b "goy kalimawey ra">
 <!ENTITY rights.intro-point4c ".">
 <!-- point 4 text for unbranded builds -->
 <!ENTITY rights.intro-point4a-unbranded "Nda tataaru goyyaŋ goo jinaa woo ra, kanandi-se goy kalimawey kul ga hima ka dobandi war">
 <!ENTITY rights.intro-point4b-unbranded "Tataaru nungu goyey">
 <!ENTITY rights.intro-point4c-unbranded " dunboo.">
-<!ENTITY rights2.webservices-header "&brandFullName; Web-Based Information Services">
+<!ENTITY rights2.webservices-header "&brandFullName; Interneti alhabar goyey">
 <!-- Note that this paragraph references a couple of entities from
      preferences/security.dtd, so that we can refer to text the user sees in
      the UI, without this page being forgotten every time those strings are
      updated.  -->
 <!-- intro paragraph for branded builds -->
-<!ENTITY rights2.webservices-a "&brandFullName; uses web-based information services (&quot;Services&quot;) to provide some of the features provided for your use with this binary version of &brandShortName; under the terms described below. If you do not want to use one or more of the Services or the terms below are unacceptable, you may disable the feature or Service(s). Instructions on how to disable a particular feature or Service may be found ">
-<!ENTITY rights2.webservices-b "here">
+<!ENTITY rights2.webservices-a "&brandFullName; ga goy nda Interneti alhabar goyey (&quot;Services&quot;) ka too alhaaley wey jerey ma bara war se nda &brandShortName; cere-hinka dumoo woo se, kalimawey kaŋ šilbayandi ne ganda bande. Nda war ši baa ka goy nda goyey wey affoo wala affooyaŋ wala war ši yadda ne ganda kalimawey ga, war ga hin ka alhaaloo wala goy(ey) kaa. Yaamar, sanda takaa kaŋ nda alhaali wala goy tana ga hun, ga hin ka duwandi ">
+<!ENTITY rights2.webservices-b "ne">
 <!ENTITY rights2.webservices-c ".">
 <!-- safe browsing points for branded builds -->
-<!ENTITY rights.safebrowsing-a "SafeBrowsing: ">
-<!ENTITY rights.safebrowsing-b "Disabling the Safe Browsing feature is not recommended as it may result in you going to unsafe sites.  If you wish to disable the feature completely, follow these steps:">
-<!ENTITY rights.safebrowsing-term1 "Open the application preferences">
-<!ENTITY rights.safebrowsing-term2 "Select the Security selection">
-<!ENTITY rights.safebrowsing-term3 "Uncheck the options to &quot;&blockAttackSites.label;&quot; and &quot;&blockWebForgeries.label;&quot;">
-<!ENTITY rights.safebrowsing-term4 "Safe Browsing is now disabled">
+<!ENTITY rights.safebrowsing-a "Naarumi saajante:">
+<!ENTITY rights.safebrowsing-b "Naarumi saajante alhaaloo kaayanoo ši yaamarandi, za a hin ka too war ma koy nunguyaŋ ra kaŋ ši nda naanay.  Nda war ga baa k'alhaaloo kaa sãy, hanga ceebandey wey:">
+<!ENTITY rights.safebrowsing-term1 "Porogaram ibaayey feeri">
+<!ENTITY rights.safebrowsing-term2 "Saajaw suubari suuba">
+<!ENTITY rights.safebrowsing-term3 "Tammaasawey kaa suubarey &quot;&blockAttackSites.label;&quot; nda &quot;&blockWebForgeries.label;&quot; ga">
+<!ENTITY rights.safebrowsing-term4 "Naarumi saajante kayandi sohõ">
 <!-- location aware browsing points for branded builds -->
-<!ENTITY rights.locationawarebrowsing-a "Location Aware Browsing: ">
-<!ENTITY rights.locationawarebrowsing-b "is always opt-in.  No location information is ever sent without your permission.  If you wish to disable the feature completely, follow these steps:">
-<!ENTITY rights.locationawarebrowsing-term1a "In the URL bar, type ">
+<!ENTITY rights.locationawarebrowsing-a "Gorodoo laasaabu naarumi: ">
+<!ENTITY rights.locationawarebrowsing-b "opt-in goo waati kul. Abada gorodoo alhabar kul ši sanbandi bila nda war duɲe.  Nda war ga booba k'alhaaloo kayandi sãy, hanga ceebandey wey:">
+<!ENTITY rights.locationawarebrowsing-term1a "Hantum URL zuu-žeeroo ra ">
 <!ENTITY rights.locationawarebrowsing-term1b "hanseyan:ga">
-<!ENTITY rights.locationawarebrowsing-term2 "Type geo.enabled">
-<!ENTITY rights.locationawarebrowsing-term3 "Double click on the geo.enabled preference">
-<!ENTITY rights.locationawarebrowsing-term4 "Location-Aware Browsing is now disabled">
+<!ENTITY rights.locationawarebrowsing-term2 "Hantum geo.enabled">
+<!ENTITY rights.locationawarebrowsing-term3 "Naagu cee hinka geo.enabled ibaayoo ga">
+<!ENTITY rights.locationawarebrowsing-term4 "Gorodoo laasaabu naarumi kayandi sohõ">
 <!-- intro paragraph for unbranded builds -->
-<!ENTITY rights.webservices-unbranded "War tataaru nungu goyey moo-daaruyan goo nda yaamaryan ka war cebe taka kaŋ ka goyey kayanda, wala nda war ga baa, i ga damandi ne.">
+<!ENTITY rights.webservices-unbranded "War Interneti nungu goyey moo-daaruyan goo nda yaamaryan ka war cebe taka kaŋ ka goyey kayanda, wala nda war ga baa, i ga damandi ne.">
 <!-- point 1 text for unbranded builds -->
 <!ENTITY rights.webservices-term1-unbranded "Kanandi-se goy kalimawey kul ga hima ka hantumandi jinaa woo se.">
 <!-- points 1-7 text for branded builds -->
-<!ENTITY rights2.webservices-term1 "&vendorShortName; and its contributors, licensors and partners work to provide the most accurate and up-to-date Services.  However, we cannot guarantee that this information is comprehensive and error-free.  For example, the Safe Browsing Service may not identify some risky sites and may identify some safe sites in error and the Location Aware Service all locations returned by our service providers are estimates only and neither we nor our service providers guarantee the accuracy of the locations provided.">
+<!ENTITY rights2.webservices-term1 "&vendorShortName; nda nga kanbuzaakey, duɲekey nda margakašiney ga durkutu ka goy alhakiikante nda taagante tee.  Amma ir ši hin ka tabatandi kaŋ alhabaroo ga timme wala firka kul ši a ra.  Sanda, nda Naarumi saajante goy ši hin ka nungu laaley maate wal'a ma dere ka nungu saajantey šilbay nda laalari, nda gorodoo laasaabu goy nungey kul kaŋ ir goy-nookey n'i sanba manti kala himandiyaŋ hine; adiši za iri hal'ir goy-nookey ši hin ka gorodogey alhakiikaroo tabatandi.">
 <!ENTITY rights.webservices-term2 "&vendorShortName; ga hin ka kay wal'a ma goyey barmay nga boŋ sakoo ra.">
-<!ENTITY rights2.webservices-term3 "You are welcome to use these Services with the accompanying version of &brandShortName;, and &vendorShortName; grants you its rights to do so.  &vendorShortName; and its licensors reserve all other rights in the Services.  These terms are not intended to limit any rights granted under open source licenses applicable to &brandShortName; and to corresponding source code versions of &brandShortName;.">
+<!ENTITY rights2.webservices-term3 "War ga hin ka goyey tee nda &brandShortName; dumi hangantaa, nda &vendorShortName; ga war noo fondo kul ka woo tee.  &vendorShortName; nda nga duɲekey ga alhakey cindey kul gaabu goyey boŋ.  Kalimawey anniyaa manti ka fondawey kankamandi baytal goyjinawey goyandoo se, taka kaŋ nda i goo &brandShortName; nda aššil ašariya dumey kaŋ ga tenji nda &brandShortName;.">
 <!ENTITY rights.webservices-term4 "Goyey kaŋ &quot;as-is.&quot;  &vendorShortName;, nda žemnakey nda duɲekey k'i noo, ši nda allamaana kul i ga, ka tee haryan wala miileyan ra. Woo bandaa ga, allamaanawey ka hin ka maamalandi mise fooyaŋ se.  War boŋ huzumoo ti goyey wey suubaroo, ka war boŋ goyey tee, sanda goyey booriroo nda ngi alfaydaa. Alhukum fooyaŋ ši yadda allamaana tanawey wey kaayanoo wala ngi žaburoo, adiši a ga hin ka tee da kaŋ yaamaroo ši war guna.">
 <!ENTITY rights.webservices-term5 "Nda manti alhukumzuray ra, &vendorShortName;, nga kanbuzaakey, duŋekey nda žemnakey ši allamaana kul zaa hasaraw kul se kaŋ ga hin ka fatta &brandShortName; nda nga goyey goyandoo ra: ka tee mise kanbari, cerecere, ši-miilante, saŋante, marayante, hasaraw wala tana.  Kalimawey wey boŋ ga allamaana margantey kul ši kaa ka bisa $500 (doolar zangu guu). Alhukum fooyaŋ ši yadda hasaraw tanawey wey kaayanoo wala ngi žaburoo, adiši a ga hin ka tee da kaŋ yaamaroo ši war guna.">
 <!ENTITY rights.webservices-term6 "Waati foo fooyan kul, &vendorShortName; ga hin ka kalimawey wey taagandi, nd'a ga hima. Kalimawey wey ši hima ka barmayandi wala i ma naŋandi bila nda &vendorShortName; waafakay hantumantaa.">
 <!ENTITY rights.webservices-term7 "Kalimawey wey ga huru Kaliforni (Ameriki laame margantey) laamaa alhukumey cire, nd'a manti nga cerehõoyan alhukum zurandirey. Nda kalimawey wey jereyaŋ kul ši tee wala i ši alhukum zuray ra, cindey ga ngi gaaboo nda sahãa gaabu. Nda kalimawey wey dumi berantey nda ingiliši dumoo ga cerehõo, dumoo kaŋ hantumandi ingiliši šennoo no ma juwal.">
--- a/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutSupport.dtd
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutSupport.dtd
@@ -1,26 +1,26 @@
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.pageTitle "Karkahattayan alhabar">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (aboutSupport.pageSubtitle): don't change the 'supportLink' id. -->
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.pageSubtitle "  Moɲoo woo goo nda goyandi alhabar kaŋ ga hin ka bara nda nafaw waati kaŋ war ga 
-ceeci ka fatta šenday ra. Nda war ga zaabiyaŋ ceeci war zaarikul hãayaney se &brandShortName; ga, ir <a id='supportLink'>support web site</a> guna.">
+ceeci ka fatta šenday ra. Nda war ga zaabiyaŋ ceeci war zaarikul hãayaney se &brandShortName; ga, ir <a id='supportLink'>faaba Interneti nungoo</a> guna.">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.extensionsTitle "Dobuyaney">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.extensionName "Maa">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.extensionEnabled "Tunante">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.extensionVersion "Dumi">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.extensionId "Boŋ-šilbay">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsTitle "Porogaram šintin hayey">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsName "Maa">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsVersion "Dumi">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsProfileDir "Fooloɲaa alhal">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsEnabledPlugins "Sukari tunantey">
-<!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsBuildConfig "Cinari hanseyanoo">
+<!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsBuildConfig "Cinari hanseyan">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.appBasicsUserAgent "User Agent">
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.show.label "Foolo feeri kaŋ goo nda">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (aboutSupport.showMac.label): This is the Mac-specific
 variant of aboutSupport.show.label.  This allows us to use the preferred
 "Finder" terminology on Mac. -->
 <!ENTITY aboutSupport.showMac.label "Cebe ceecikoy ra">
--- a/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutSupport.properties
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/global/aboutSupport.properties
@@ -1,26 +1,26 @@
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE In the following string, "Direct2D" is a proper noun and should not be translated.
 # Feel free to leave english strings if there are no good translations, these are only used in about:support
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE: This can be localized with a more generic term, like
 # "Graphics-accelerated Windows". It describes a number of windows, e.g.:
 # "GPU Accelerated Windows: 2/2 (Direct3D 9)"
 # "GPU Accelerated Windows: 0/2"
-acceleratedWindows = GPU Accelerated Windows
+acceleratedWindows = GPU zanfun cahãntey
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE The verb "blocked" here refers to a graphics feature such as "Direct2D" or "OpenGL layers".
 # The %1 here is a placeholder, leave unchanged, it will get replaced by the driver version string.
-tryNewerDriverVersion = Blocked on your graphics driver. Try updating your graphics driver to version %1 or newer.
+tryNewerDriverVersion = Gagayandi war bii takari dirandikaa ga. Ceeci ka bii takari dirandikaa taagandi nda %1 dumoo wala itaaga tana.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE The verb "blocked" here refers to a graphics feature such as "Direct2D" or "OpenGL layers".
-blockedGraphicsCard = Blocked on your graphics card because of unresolved driver issues.
+blockedGraphicsCard = Gagayandi war bii takari kattaa, zama dirandikaw šenday fooyaŋ cindi.
-direct2DEnabled = Direct2D tunante
+direct2DEnabled = Direct2D tunandi
 directWriteEnabled = DirectWrite tunante
 adapterDescription = Tenjandikaw šilbayyan
 adapterVendorID = Neerekaw boŋ-šilbay
 adapterDeviceID = Jinay boŋ-šilbay
 adapterDrivers = Tenjandikaw jinay dirandikey
 adapterRAM = RAM tenjandikaw
 driverVersion = Jinay dirandikaw dumi
 driverDate = Jinay dirandikaw han
-webglRenderer = WebGL Renderer
+webglRenderer = WebGL willikaw
--- a/toolkit/chrome/global/filepicker.properties
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/global/filepicker.properties
@@ -36,16 +36,16 @@ saveParentDoesntExistMessage=%S fondo ši bara, ši hin ka %S gaabu.
 saveWithoutPermissionMessage_file=%S tuku ši hin ka hantumandi.
 saveWithoutPermissionMessage_dir=Ši hin ka tukoo tee. %S fooloɲaa ši hin ka hantumandi.
 errorNewDirDoesExistTitle=Firka %S teeroo ra
 errorNewDirDoesExistMessage=%S maa tuku foo ga bara, fooloɲaa ši hin ka tee.
 errorCreateNewDirTitle=Firka %S teeroo ra
 errorCreateNewDirMessage=%S fooloɲaa ši hin ka tee
-errorCreateNewDirIsFileMessage=Directory cannot be created, %S is a file
-errorCreateNewDirPermissionMessage=Directory cannot be created, %S not writable
+errorCreateNewDirIsFileMessage=Fooloɲaa ši hin ka tee, %S ti tuku
+errorCreateNewDirPermissionMessage=Fooloɲaa ši hin ka tee, %S ši hin ka hantunandi.
 promptNewDirTitle=Fooloɲaa taaga tee
 promptNewDirMessage=Fooloɲaa maa:
 errorPathProblemTitle=Šibayante firka
-errorPathProblemMessage=Šibayante firka bara (fondo %S)
+errorPathProblemMessage=Šibayante firka bara (%S fondo)
--- a/toolkit/chrome/global/headsUpDisplay.properties
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/global/headsUpDisplay.properties
@@ -20,22 +20,22 @@ btnPageJS=JS
 tipPageJS=JavaScript hasarawey hantum
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (btnPageWebDeveloper):
 # This is used as the text of the "Web Developer" button on the toolbar. It
 # shows or hides messages that the web developer inserted on the page for
 # debugging purposes, using calls such console.log() and console.error(). You
 # may wish to localize this as "Page" if that is clearer in your locale. See
 # bug 601667 for more information.
-btnPageWebDeveloper=Web Developer
+btnPageWebDeveloper=Interneti cinakaw
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (tipPageWebDeveloper):
 # This is used as the text of the tool tip for the "Web Developer" button on
 # the toolbar.
-tipPageWebDeveloper=Log messages sent to the "console" object
+tipPageWebDeveloper=Goy-ceebandu alhabarey sanbandi "diji-walha" jinaa do
 tipConsoleErrors=Ciyarey hantum console.error() ga
 tipConsoleInfo=Ciyarey hantum console.info() ga
 tipConsoleWarnings=Ciyarey hantum console.warn() ga
 tipConsoleLog=Ciyarey hantum console.log() ga
@@ -43,17 +43,17 @@ btnGlobal=Aduɲɲakul alhabaryey
 tipGlobal=Goo ma aduɲɲakul ceebandu alhabar kanji
 localConsole=Nungu bande diji-walha
 clearConsoleCmd.label=Diji-walha koonandi
 # This is used as the text of the "Clear" button for the toolbar. It clears the
 # contents of the console.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE FOR `jsPropertyTitle` AND `jsPropertyInspectTitle`:
 # The "PropertyPanel" is used to display a JS object to the user.
@@ -71,27 +71,27 @@ jsPropertyTitle=Haya hawgaykaw
 # The %S is replaced by the evaluated code the user clicked on in the console.
 # Example: The user executed `window.document` in the WebConsole. The `document`
 # object is written to the output. If the user clicks on the `document` output
 # in the console, a PropertyPanel will show up. The title of the PropertyPanel
 # is set to `Inspect: window.document` because the clicked `document` object was
 # evaluated based on the `window.document` string.
 jsPropertyInspectTitle=Hawgay: %S
-saveBodies.label=Log Request and Response Bodies
+saveBodies.label=Goy-ceebandu hãayan nda zaabi gaahamey
-selectAllCmd.label=Select All
+selectAllCmd.label=Kul suuba
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (timestampFormat): %1$02S = hours (24-hour clock),
 # %2$02S = minutes, %3$02S = seconds, %4$03S = milliseconds.
-helperFuncUnsupportedTypeError=Can't call pprint on this type of object.
+helperFuncUnsupportedTypeError=Ši hin ka pprint cee jinaa woo dumoo ga.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (networkUrlWithStatus):
 # When the HTTP request is started only the URL of the request is printed to the
 # WebConsole. As the response status of the HTTP request arrives, the URL string
 # is replaced by this string (the response status can look like `HTTP/1.1 200 OK`).
 # The bracket is not closed to mark that this request is not done by now. As the
 # request is finished (the HTTP connection is closed) this string is replaced
 # by `networkUrlWithStatusAndDuration` which has a closing the braket.
@@ -128,10 +128,10 @@ NetworkPanel.imageSizeDeltaDurationMS=%Sx%Spx, Δ%Sms
 # This string is displayed within the response body section of the NetworkPanel
 # if the content type of the network request can't be displayed in the
 # NetworkPanel. E.g. any kind of text is easy to display, but some audio or
 # flash data received from the server can't be displayed.
 # The %S is replaced by the content type, that can't be displayed, examples are
 #  o application/x-shockwave-flash
 #  o music/crescendo
-NetworkPanel.responseBodyUnableToDisplay.content=Unable to display responses of type "%S"
-ConsoleAPIDisabled=The Web Console logging API (console.log, console.info, console.warn, console.error) has been disabled by a script on this page.
+NetworkPanel.responseBodyUnableToDisplay.content=Ši hin ka zaabey cebe "%S" woo dumoo se
+ConsoleAPIDisabled=Interneti diji-walhaa kaŋ ga API ceebandu hantum (console.log, console.info, console.warn, console.error) kayandi, šigira dumi foo n'a kayandi moɲoo woo ga.
--- a/toolkit/chrome/global/webConsole.dtd
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/global/webConsole.dtd
@@ -5,12 +5,12 @@
 <!ENTITY networkPanel.requestHeaders              "Wiryan boŋdekey">
 <!ENTITY networkPanel.requestCookie               "Aleewaa sanbandi">
 <!ENTITY networkPanel.requestBody                 "Wiriyan gaaham">
 <!ENTITY networkPanel.requestFormData             "Takari bayhayey sanbandi">
 <!ENTITY networkPanel.responseHeaders             "Tuuruyan boŋdekey">
 <!ENTITY networkPanel.responseBody                "Tuuruyan gaaham">
 <!ENTITY networkPanel.responseBodyCached          "Bayhaya lanbantey">
-<!ENTITY networkPanel.responseBodyUnknownType     "Unknown Content Type">
+<!ENTITY networkPanel.responseBodyUnknownType     "Gundekuna dumi šibayante">
 <!ENTITY networkPanel.responseNoBody              "Tuuruyan gaaham kul šii">
 <!ENTITY networkPanel.responseImage               "Bii duwante">
 <!ENTITY networkPanel.responseImageCached         "Bii lanbante">
--- a/toolkit/chrome/mozapps/extensions/extensions.dtd
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/mozapps/extensions/extensions.dtd
@@ -2,71 +2,71 @@
 <!ENTITY search.placeholder                   "Tontoney kul ceeci">
 <!ENTITY loading.label                        "Goo ma zumandi...">
 <!ENTITY listEmpty.installed.label            "War ši nda dumoo woo tontoni kul kaŋ sinjandi.">
 <!ENTITY listEmpty.availableUpdates.label     "Taagandiri kul mana duwandi">
 <!ENTITY listEmpty.recentUpdates.label        "War ma tontoni kul taagandiri cee korawey">
 <!ENTITY listEmpty.findUpdates.label          "Taagandirey ceeci">
 <!ENTITY listEmpty.search.label               "Mana hin ka duu tontoni tenjante kul">
 <!ENTITY listEmpty.button.label               "Tontoney wey bay ka tonton">
-<!ENTITY installAddonFromFile.label           "Install Add-on From File…">
-<!ENTITY installAddonFromFile.accesskey       "I">
-<!ENTITY toolsMenu.tooltip                    "Tools for all add-ons">
+<!ENTITY installAddonFromFile.label           "Sinji tontoni tuku boŋ...">
+<!ENTITY installAddonFromFile.accesskey       "i">
+<!ENTITY toolsMenu.tooltip                    "Goyjinayyaŋ tontoney kul se">
 <!ENTITY cmd.back.tooltip                     "Yee banda nda moo foo">
 <!ENTITY cmd.forward.tooltip                  "Koy jine nda moo foo">
 <!-- global warnings -->
 <!ENTITY warning.safemode.label                    "Saajaw alhaalooo na tontoney kul kayandi.">
 <!ENTITY warning.checkcompatibility.label          "Tontoni cerekanbeyan koroširoo kayandi. I ga hima tontoniyaŋ kaŋ ši cerekanbe.">
-<!ENTITY warning.checkcompatibility.enable.label   "Enable">
-<!ENTITY warning.checkcompatibility.enable.tooltip "Enable add-on compatibility checking">
-<!ENTITY warning.updatesecurity.label              "Tontoni saajaw taagandiri koroširoo kayandi. A ga hima taagandirey ga šendayyaŋ kate. ">
-<!ENTITY warning.updatesecurity.enable.label       "Enable">
-<!ENTITY warning.updatesecurity.enable.tooltip     "Enable add-on update security checking">
+<!ENTITY warning.checkcompatibility.enable.label   "Tunandi">
+<!ENTITY warning.checkcompatibility.enable.tooltip "Tontoni cerekanbeyan korošiyan tunandi">
+<!ENTITY warning.updatesecurity.label              "Tontoni saajaw taagandiri koroširoo kayandi. A ga hima taagandirey ga šendayyaŋ kate.">
+<!ENTITY warning.updatesecurity.enable.label       "Tunandi">
+<!ENTITY warning.updatesecurity.enable.tooltip     "Tontoni saajaw taagandiri koroširoo tunandi">
 <!-- categories / views -->
 <!ENTITY view.search.label                    "Ceeci">
 <!ENTITY view.discover.label                  "Tontoney zaa">
 <!ENTITY view.locales.label                   "Šenney">
 <!ENTITY view.searchengines.label             "Ceeci maršiney">
 <!ENTITY view.features.label                  "Dobuyaney">
 <!ENTITY view.appearance2.label               "Bangayyan">
 <!ENTITY view.plugins.label                   "Sukarey">
 <!ENTITY view.recentUpdates.label             "Taagandiri kokorantey">
 <!ENTITY view.availableUpdates.label          "Taagandiri barantey">
 <!-- addon updates -->
-<!ENTITY updates.checkForUpdates.label        "Check for Updates">
-<!ENTITY updates.checkForUpdates.accesskey    "C">
+<!ENTITY updates.checkForUpdates.label        "Taagandirey ceeci">
+<!ENTITY updates.checkForUpdates.accesskey    "c">
 <!ENTITY updates.viewUpdates.label            "Taagandiri kokorantey guna">
 <!ENTITY updates.viewUpdates.accesskey        "g">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (updates.updateAddonsAutomatically.label): This menu item
      is a checkbox that toggles the default global behavior for add-on update
      checking. -->
-<!ENTITY updates.updateAddonsAutomatically.label     "Update Add-ons Automatically">
-<!ENTITY updates.updateAddonsAutomatically.accesskey "A">
+<!ENTITY updates.updateAddonsAutomatically.label     "Tontoni boŋ-taagandiri">
+<!ENTITY updates.updateAddonsAutomatically.accesskey "T">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (updates.resetUpdatesToAutomatic.label, updates.resetUpdatesToManual.label):
      Specific addons can have custom update checking behaviors ("Manually",
      "Automatically", "Use default global behavior"). These menu items reset the
      update checking behavior for all add-ons to the default global behavior
      (which itself is either "Automatically" or "Manually", controlled by the
      updates.updateAddonsAutomatically.label menu item). -->
-<!ENTITY updates.resetUpdatesToAutomatic.label       "Reset All Add-ons to Update Automatically">
-<!ENTITY updates.resetUpdatesToAutomatic.accesskey   "R">
-<!ENTITY updates.resetUpdatesToManual.label          "Reset All Add-ons to Update Manually">
-<!ENTITY updates.resetUpdatesToManual.accesskey      "R">
+<!ENTITY updates.resetUpdatesToAutomatic.label       "Tontoney kul willi boŋ-taagandiri bande">
+<!ENTITY updates.resetUpdatesToAutomatic.accesskey   "w">
+<!ENTITY updates.resetUpdatesToManual.label          "Tontoney kul willi boŋ-taagandiri nda kanbe">
+<!ENTITY updates.resetUpdatesToManual.accesskey      "w">
 <!ENTITY updates.updating.label               "Goo ma tontoney taagandi">
 <!ENTITY updates.installed.label              "War tontoney n' ka taagandi.">
 <!ENTITY updates.downloaded.label             "War tontoney n' ka zumandi.">
 <!ENTITY updates.restart.label                "Tunandi taaga ka sinjiyanoo timmandi.">
 <!ENTITY updates.noneFound.label              "Taagandiri kul mana duwandi">
 <!ENTITY updates.manualUpdatesFound.label     "Taagandiri barantey guna">
-<!ENTITY updates.updateSelected.label         "Install Updates">
-<!ENTITY updates.updateSelected.tooltip       "Install available updates in this list">
+<!ENTITY updates.updateSelected.label         "Taagandirey sinji">
+<!ENTITY updates.updateSelected.tooltip       "Taagandiri barantey sinji maašeedaa woo ra">
 <!-- addon actions -->
 <!ENTITY cmd.showDetails.label                "Alhabar cebe ka tonton">
 <!ENTITY cmd.showDetails.accesskey            "c">
 <!ENTITY cmd.findUpdates.label                "Taagandirey ceeci">
 <!ENTITY cmd.findUpdates.accesskey            "T">
 <!ENTITY cmd.preferencesWin.label             "Suubarey">
 <!ENTITY cmd.preferencesWin.accesskey         "S">
@@ -74,95 +74,94 @@
 <!ENTITY cmd.preferencesUnix.accesskey        "b">
 <!ENTITY cmd.about.label                      "Ga">
 <!ENTITY cmd.about.accesskey                  "G">
 <!ENTITY cmd.enableAddon.label                "Tunandi">
 <!ENTITY cmd.enableAddon.accesskey            "T">
 <!ENTITY cmd.disableAddon.label               "Kayandi">
 <!ENTITY cmd.disableAddon.accesskey           "K">
-<!ENTITY cmd.enableTheme.label                "Wear Theme">
-<!ENTITY cmd.enableTheme.accesskey            "W">
-<!ENTITY cmd.disableTheme.label               "Stop Wearing Theme">
-<!ENTITY cmd.disableTheme.accesskey           "W">
+<!ENTITY cmd.enableTheme.label                "Bankaaray furari">
+<!ENTITY cmd.enableTheme.accesskey            "B">
+<!ENTITY cmd.disableTheme.label               "Bankaaray furari kayandi">
+<!ENTITY cmd.disableTheme.accesskey           "B">
 <!ENTITY cmd.installAddon.label               "Sinji">
 <!ENTITY cmd.installAddon.accesskey           "S">
 <!ENTITY cmd.uninstallAddon.label             "Kaa">
 <!ENTITY cmd.uninstallAddon.accesskey         "K">
 <!ENTITY cmd.showPreferencesWin.label         "Suubarey">
-<!ENTITY cmd.showPreferencesWin.tooltip       "Change this add-on's options">
+<!ENTITY cmd.showPreferencesWin.tooltip       "Tontonoo woo suubarey barmay">
 <!ENTITY cmd.showPreferencesUnix.label        "Ibaayey">
 <!ENTITY cmd.showPreferencesUnix.tooltip      "Tontonoo woo ibaayey barmay">
 <!ENTITY cmd.contribute.label                 "Kanbuzaamay">
 <!ENTITY cmd.contribute.accesskey             "K">
 <!ENTITY cmd.contribute.tooltip               "Kanbuzaamay tontonoo woo cineyanoo se">
 <!ENTITY cmd.showReleaseNotes.label           "Kaataray hantumey cebe">
 <!ENTITY cmd.showReleaseNotes.tooltip         "Kaataray hantumey cebe taagandiroo woo se">
 <!ENTITY cmd.hideReleaseNotes.label           "Kaataray hantumey tugu">
 <!ENTITY cmd.hideReleaseNotes.tooltip         "Kaataray hantumey tugu taagandiroo woo se">
 <!-- discovery view -->
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (discover.title,discover.description,discover.footer):
      Displayed in the center of the Get Add-ons view, see bug 601143 for mockups. -->
-<!ENTITY discover.title                       "What are Add-ons?">
-<!ENTITY discover.description2                "Add-ons are applications that let you personalize &brandShortName; with
-  extra functionality or style. Try a time-saving sidebar, a weather notifier, or a themed look to make &brandShortName;
-  your own.">
-<!ENTITY discover.footer                      "When you're connected to the internet, this pane will feature
-  some of the best and most popular add-ons for you to try out.">
+<!ENTITY discover.title                       "Macin ti tontoney?">
+<!ENTITY discover.description2                "Tontoney ti porogaramyaŋ kaŋ ga too war ma &brandShortName; hanse war boŋ se nda goyyan sahã wala fasal šifanteyaŋ. Wey šii: ceraw zuu-žeeri cahãnte, waati-alhaali bangandikaw wala furari cebe-diji ka &brandShortName; 
+tee war boŋ wane.">
+<!ENTITY discover.footer                      "Waati kaŋ ga ciya nda Interneti, zanfun-izoo woo goo nda 
+tontoni kul ihenney nda bayrantey war šiiyanoo se.">
 <!-- detail view -->
 <!ENTITY detail.version.label                 "Dumi">
 <!ENTITY detail.lastupdated.label             "Taagandiri koraa">
 <!ENTITY detail.creator.label                 "Cinekaw">
 <!ENTITY detail.homepage.label                "Šintinmoo">
 <!ENTITY detail.numberOfDownloads.label       "Zumandiyaney">
 <!ENTITY detail.contributions.description     "Tontonoo woo cinekaa ga wiri war ma nga gaa ka cin ka koy jine nda kanbuzaamay kayna.">
 <!ENTITY detail.updateType                    "Boŋtaagandirey">
 <!ENTITY detail.updateDefault.label           "Tilasu">
-<!ENTITY detail.updateDefault.tooltip         "Automatically install updates only if that's the default">
+<!ENTITY detail.updateDefault.tooltip         "Taagandirey sinji ngi boŋše de nda tilasu no">
 <!ENTITY detail.updateAutomatic.label         "Ga goy">
 <!ENTITY detail.updateAutomatic.tooltip       "Boŋtaagandirey sinji">
 <!ENTITY detail.updateManual.label            "Šii goy ra">
 <!ENTITY detail.updateManual.tooltip          "Ši boŋtaagandirey sinji">
 <!ENTITY detail.home                          "Šintinmoo">
 <!ENTITY detail.repository                    "Alhal tontoni">
 <!ENTITY detail.size                          "Adadu">
-<!ENTITY detail.checkForUpdates.label         "Check for Updates">
-<!ENTITY detail.checkForUpdates.accesskey     "F">
+<!ENTITY detail.checkForUpdates.label         "Taagandirey ceeci">
+<!ENTITY detail.checkForUpdates.accesskey     "c">
 <!ENTITY detail.checkForUpdates.tooltip       "Taagandirey ceeci tontonoo woo se">
 <!ENTITY detail.showPreferencesWin.label      "Suubarey">
 <!ENTITY detail.showPreferencesWin.accesskey  "S">
-<!ENTITY detail.showPreferencesWin.tooltip    "Change this add-on's options">
+<!ENTITY detail.showPreferencesWin.tooltip    "Tontonoo woo suubarey barmay">
 <!ENTITY detail.showPreferencesUnix.label     "Ibaayey">
 <!ENTITY detail.showPreferencesUnix.accesskey "b">
 <!ENTITY detail.showPreferencesUnix.tooltip   "Tontonoo woo ibaayey barmay">
 <!-- ratings -->
-<!ENTITY rating2.label                        "Rating">
+<!ENTITY rating2.label                        "Kanandiyan">
 <!-- download/install progress -->
 <!ENTITY progress.pause.tooltip               "Hunanzam">
 <!ENTITY progress.cancel.tooltip              "Naŋ">
 <!-- list sorting -->
 <!ENTITY sort.name.label                      "Maa">
 <!ENTITY sort.name.tooltip                    "Fay maa bande">
 <!ENTITY sort.dateUpdated.label               "Taagandiri koraa">
 <!ENTITY sort.dateUpdated.tooltip             "Fay taagandiri han bande">
 <!ENTITY sort.relevance.label                 "Tenjari henna">
 <!ENTITY sort.relevance.tooltip               "Fay alfayda bande">
-<!ENTITY sort.price.label                     "Price">
-<!ENTITY sort.price.tooltip                   "Sort by price">
+<!ENTITY sort.price.label                     "Hay">
+<!ENTITY sort.price.tooltip                   "Fay hay bande">
 <!ENTITY search.filter2.label                 "Ceeci:">
 <!ENTITY search.filter2.installed.label       "Ay tontoney">
 <!ENTITY search.filter2.installed.tooltip     "Tontoni sinjantey cebe">
 <!ENTITY search.filter2.available.label       "Tontoni barantey">
 <!ENTITY search.filter2.available.tooltip     "Tontoni barantey cebe k'i sinji">
 <!ENTITY addon.homepage                       "Šintinmoo">
@@ -182,21 +181,21 @@
 <!ENTITY addon.undoAction.tooltip             "Teeraa woo taafeeri">
 <!ENTITY addon.undoRemove.label               "Taafeeri">
 <!ENTITY addon.undoRemove.tooltip             "Tontoni sinjantaa woo gaabu">
 <!ENTITY addon.restartNow.label               "Tunandi taaga sohõ">
 <!ENTITY addon.install.label                  "Sinji">
 <!ENTITY addon.install.tooltip                "Tontonoo woo sinji">
 <!ENTITY addon.updateNow.label                "Taagandi sohõ">
 <!ENTITY addon.updateNow.tooltip              "Taagandiri foo sinji tontonoo woo se">
-<!ENTITY addon.includeUpdate.label            "Include in Update">
-<!ENTITY addon.updateAvailable.label          "An update is available">
+<!ENTITY addon.includeUpdate.label            "Dam taagandiroo ra">
+<!ENTITY addon.updateAvailable.label          "Taagandiri foo ga bara">
 <!ENTITY addon.checkingForUpdates.label       "Taagandirey ceeci...">
 <!ENTITY addon.releaseNotes.label             "Kaataray hantumey:">
 <!ENTITY addon.loadingReleaseNotes.label      "Goo ma zumandi...">
 <!ENTITY addon.errorLoadingReleaseNotes.label "Alhaa naŋ, ammaa firka bangay kaataray hantumey zumandiroo waate.">
-<!ENTITY addon.createdBy.label                " wanoo">
+<!ENTITY addon.createdBy.label                "Teekaw ">
 <!ENTITY eula.title                           "Benandi goykaw duɲe waafakay">
 <!ENTITY eula.width                           "560px">
 <!ENTITY eula.height                          "400px">
 <!ENTITY eula.accept                          "Yadda nda sinji...">
--- a/toolkit/chrome/mozapps/extensions/extensions.properties
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/mozapps/extensions/extensions.properties
@@ -32,26 +32,26 @@ notification.enable=%1$S ga tunandi waati kaŋ war ga %2$S tunandi taaga.
 notification.disable=%1$S ka kayandi waati kaŋ war ga %2$S tunandi taaga.
 #LOCALIZATION NOTE (notification.install) %1$S is the add-on name, %2$S is brand name
 notification.install=%1$S ga sinji waati kaŋ war ga %2$S tunandi taaga.
 #LOCALIZATION NOTE (notification.uninstall) %1$S is the add-on name, %2$S is brand name
 notification.uninstall=%1$S ga dogandi waati kaŋ war ga %2$S tunandi taaga.
 #LOCALIZATION NOTE (notification.upgrade) %1$S is the add-on name, %2$S is brand name
 notification.upgrade=%1$S ga taagandi waati kaŋ war ga %2$S tunandi taaga.
 #LOCALIZATION NOTE (notification.downloadError) %1$S is the add-on name.
-notification.downloadError=There was an error downloading %1$S.
-notification.downloadError.retry=Try again
-notification.downloadError.retry.tooltip=Try downloading this add-on again
+notification.downloadError=Firka bangay %1$S zumandiyanoo ra.
+notification.downloadError.retry=Ceeci koyne
+notification.downloadError.retry.tooltip=Ceeci ka tontonoo woo zumandi koyne
 #LOCALIZATION NOTE (notification.installError) %1$S is the add-on name.
-notification.installError=There was an error installing %1$S.
-notification.installError.retry=Try again
-notification.installError.retry.tooltip=Try downloading and installing this add-on again
+notification.installError=Firka bangay %1$S sinjiroo waate.
+notification.installError.retry=Ceeci koyne
+notification.installError.retry.tooltip=Ceeci ka tontonoo woo zumandi nd'a sinji koyne
 #LOCALIZATION NOTE (contributionAmount2) %S is the currency amount recommended for contributions
-contributionAmount2=Suggested Contribution: %S
+contributionAmount2=Noora honnante: %S
 installDownloading=Goo ma zumandi
 installDownloadFailed=Zumandiyan firka
 installVerifying=Goo ma koroši
 installInstalling=Goo ma sinja
 installEnablePending=Tunandi taaga ka šintin
 installDisablePending=Tunandi taaga ka kayandi
@@ -86,21 +86,21 @@ installFromFile.filterName=Tontoney
 uninstallAddonTooltip=Tontonoo woo dogu
 uninstallAddonRestartRequiredTooltip=Tontonoo woo dogu (tunandi taaga ga waažibi)
 enableAddonTooltip=Tontonoo woo tunandi
 enableAddonRestartRequiredTooltip=Tontonoo woo tunandi (tunandi taaga ga waažibi)
 disableAddonTooltip=Tontonoo woo kayandi
 disableAddonRestartRequiredTooltip=Tontonoo woo kayandi (tunandi taaga ga waažibi)
 #LOCALIZATION NOTE (showAllSearchResults) #1 is the total number of search results
-showAllSearchResults=See one result;See all #1 results
+showAllSearchResults=Dii hunyan foo;Dii #1 hunyaney kul
 #LOCALIZATION NOTE (addon.purchase.label) displayed on a button in the list
 # view, %S is the price of the add-on including currency symbol
-addon.purchase.label=Purchase for %S…
-addon.purchase.tooltip=Visit the add-ons gallery to purchase this add-on
+addon.purchase.label=Day %S se…
+addon.purchase.tooltip=Tontoney ganganoo guna ka tontonoo woo day
 #LOCALIZATION NOTE (cmd.purchaseAddon.label) displayed on a button in the detail
 # view, %S is the price of the add-on including currency symbol
-cmd.purchaseAddon.label=Purchase for %S…
+cmd.purchaseAddon.label=Day %S se…
 #LOCALIZATION NOTE (eulaHeader) %S is name of the add-on asking the user to agree to the EULA
-eulaHeader=%S ga waažibandi kaŋ war ma yadda benandi goykaw duɲe kaddasoo ga jina, hala sinjiyanoo ga hin ka koy nda jine: 
+eulaHeader=%S ga waažibandi kaŋ war ma yadda benandi goykaw duɲe kaddasoo ga jina, hala sinjiyanoo ga hin ka koy nda jine:
--- a/toolkit/chrome/mozapps/update/updates.dtd
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/mozapps/update/updates.dtd
@@ -12,18 +12,18 @@
 waati foo-foo wala taagandiryaŋ ga bangay">
 <!ENTITY  noupdatesautodisabled.intro     "Taagandiriyaŋ kul ši bara. Taare wa guna koyne waati foo, wala war ma &brandShortName; boŋ-taagandiroo tunandi.">
 <!ENTITY  manualUpdate.title              "Taagandiri ši hin ka tee">
 <!ENTITY  manualUpdate.desc               "Saajaw fellante nda gorandiyan taagandiri goo no. amma war ši 
 nda dabariɲaa fondawey kaŋ ka waažibi ngi sinjiyanoo se. Taare war ma war 
 dabariɲaa juwalkaa hãa, wala war ma ceeci koyne nda kontu foo kaŋ goo nda duɲe ka 
 goyjinay sinji ordinateroo woo ra.">
-<!ENTITY  manualUpdate.space.desc         "A recommended security and stability update is available, but you do
-                                           not have enough space to install it.">
+<!ENTITY  manualUpdate.space.desc         "Saajaw nda tabatiyan tagandiri foo goo kaŋ yaamarandi, amma war ši nda 
+ doo kaŋ ga wasa k'a sinji.">
 <!ENTITY  manualUpdateGetMsg.label        "War ga hin ka duu &brandShortName; dumi kokorantaa waati kul ne:">
 <!ENTITY  incompatibleCheck.title         "Tontoni cerekanbeyan ceeci">
 <!ENTITY  incompatibleCheck.label         "Goo ma dumi taagayaŋ ceeci war tontoney se...">
 <!ENTITY  clickHere.label                 "Alhabar bešere guna taagandiroo se">
 <!ENTITY  evangelism.desc                 "I ga hansa war yaamar kaŋ war ma taagandiroo woo kanandi &brandShortName; nda cahãri.">
@@ -58,20 +58,20 @@ taagandiri sanbaroo kul zumandi.">
 ceeciroo, zumandiroo wala sinjiroo ra. &brandShortName; ši hin ka taagandi zama:">
 <!ENTITY  errorManual.label               "War ga hin ka &brandShortName; taagandi nda kanbe nda war hanga 
 doboo woo ka dumi kokorantaa zumandi:">
 <!ENTITY  errorpatching.intro             "Jere-taagandiroo mana hin ka kanandi. 
 &brandShortName; ga wiri ka taagandiri timmante zumandi.">
-<!ENTITY  genericBackgroundError.label    "&brandShortName; is unable to determine if there is an update available. Please
-                                           make sure that you have the latest version of &brandShortName; from:">
-<!ENTITY  errorCertAttrNoUpdate2.label    "Something is preventing &brandShortName; from updating securely.
-                                           Please make sure that you have the latest version of &brandShortName; from:">
+<!ENTITY  genericBackgroundError.label    "&brandShortName; ši bara ka tabatandi wala taagandiri ga bara. 
+Taare guna wala nda cimi war goo nda &brandShortName; dumi kokorantaa ne:">
+<!ENTITY  errorCertAttrNoUpdate2.label    "Haya foo ga ganji &brandShortName; ma taagandiri nda saajaw. 
+Taare guna wala nda cimi war goo nda &brandShortName; dumi kokorantaa ne:">
 <!ENTITY  errorCertAttrHasUpdate.label    "Haya foo ga wiri ka &brandShortName; darga hal'a yadda 
 hasaraw-baa taagandiri foo ga. Taare hantum war sankaa koyoo se ka faaba ceeci.">
 <!ENTITY  finishedPage.title              "Taagandiroo soolu k'a sinji">
 <!ENTITY  finishedPage.text               "Taagandiroo ga sinjandi hiino kaŋ &brandShortName; ga tun. War 
 ga hin ka &brandShortName; tunandi taaga sohõda, wala ka gaabu goyoo ga, k'a tunandi taaga nd'a too kayna.">
 <!ENTITY  finishedBackgroundPage.text     "Saajaw wala tabatiyan taagandiri foo zumandi &brandShortName; se nda a soolu sinjiyanoo se.">
--- a/toolkit/chrome/passwordmgr/passwordmgr.properties
+++ b/toolkit/chrome/passwordmgr/passwordmgr.properties
@@ -37,34 +37,34 @@
 # ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****
 rememberValue = Goy nda šennikufal juwalkaa ka honga hinnaa woo.
 rememberPassword = Goy nda šennikufal juwalkaa ka honga šennikufaloo woo.
 savePasswordTitle = Tabatandi
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (rememberPasswordText):
 # 1st string is the username for the login, 2nd is the login's hostname. 
 # Note that long usernames may be truncated.
-rememberPasswordText = Remember password for "%1$S" on %2$S?
+rememberPasswordText = Ma honga šennikufal %1$S se %2$S ga?
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (rememberPasswordTextNoUsername):
 # String is the login's hostname.
-rememberPasswordTextNoUsername = Remember password on %S?
+rememberPasswordTextNoUsername = Ma honga šennikufal %S ga?
 notNowButtonText = &Manti sohõ
 notifyBarNotNowButtonText = Manti sohõ
 notifyBarNotNowButtonAccessKey = N
 neverForSiteButtonText = &Abada nungoo woo se
-notifyBarNeverRememberButtonText = Never Remember Password for This Site
+notifyBarNeverRememberButtonText = Abada ma ši honga šennikufal nungoo woo se
 notifyBarNeverRememberButtonAccessKey = e
 rememberButtonText = &Hongu
-notifyBarRememberPasswordButtonText = Remember Password
+notifyBarRememberPasswordButtonText = Honga šennikufal
 notifyBarRememberPasswordButtonAccessKey = R
 passwordChangeTitle = Šennikufal barmaa tabatandi
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (updatePasswordText):
 # String is the username for the login.
-updatePasswordText = Update saved password for "%S"?
-updatePasswordTextNoUser = Update saved password?
+updatePasswordText = Šennikufal gaabunte taagandi "%S" se?
+updatePasswordTextNoUser = Šennikufal gaabunte taagandi wala?
 notifyBarUpdateButtonText = Šennikufal taagandi
 notifyBarUpdateButtonAccessKey = U
 notifyBarDontChangeButtonText = Ma ši barmay
 notifyBarDontChangeButtonAccessKey = D
 userSelectText = Taare tabatandi goykaw foo no war goo m'a barmay šennikufaloo se
 hidePasswords=Šennikufaley tugu
 showPasswords=Šennikufaley cebe
--- a/toolkit/crashreporter/crashreporter.ini
+++ b/toolkit/crashreporter/crashreporter.ini
@@ -2,50 +2,50 @@
 ; Leave this entry empty unless your language requires right-to-left layout,
 ; for example like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian. If your language needs RTL, please
 ; use the untranslated English word "yes" as value
 CrashReporterTitle=Kaŋyan bayrandikaw
 ; LOCALIZATION NOTE (CrashReporterVendorTitle): %s is replaced with the vendor name.  (i.e. "Mozilla")
-CrashReporterVendorTitle=%S Kaŋ bayrandikaw
+CrashReporterVendorTitle=%s kaŋyan bayrandikaw
 ; LOCALIZATION NOTE (CrashReporterErrorText): %s is replaced with another string containing detailed information.
-CrashReporterErrorText=The application had a problem and crashed.\n\nUnfortunately, the crash reporter is unable to submit a report for this crash.\n\nDetails: %s
+CrashReporterErrorText=Porogaramoo dii šenday nd'a kaŋ.\n\nAmma kaŋyan bayrandikaa ši hin ka bayrandiri sanba kaŋyanoo woo se.\n\nŠilbayhayey: %s
 ; LOCALIZATION NOTE (CrashReporterProductErrorText2): The first %s is replaced with the product name (i.e. "Firefox"), the second is replaced with another string containing detailed information.  These two substitutions can not be reordered!
-CrashReporterProductErrorText2=%s had a problem and crashed.\n\nUnfortunately, the crash reporter is unable to submit a crash report.\n\nDetails: %s
+CrashReporterProductErrorText2=%s dii šenday nd'a kaŋ.\n\nAmma kaŋyan bayrandikaa ši hin ka bayrandiri sanba kaŋyanoo woo se.\n\nŠilbayhayey: %s
 CrashReporterSorry=War alhaa naŋ
 ; LOCALIZATION NOTE (CrashReporterDescriptionText2): The %s is replaced with the product name.
 CrashReporterDescriptionText2=%s dii šenday nd'a kaŋ.\n\nK'ir gaa ka šendaa tabatandi nda k'a hanse, war ga hin ka kaŋyan bayrandiri sanba ir se.
 CrashReporterDefault=Porogaramoo woo tun kaŋyan foo bandaa ga ka šendaa bayrandi porogaram neerekaa do.  A ši hima ga tunandi dogoo ra.
 ViewReportTitle=Bayrandiri gundekunawey
 CommentGrayText=Daara foo tonton (daarawey ga hin ka diyandi)
 ExtraReportInfo=Bayrandiroo woo da goo nda dabari alhabar porogaramoo misoo nga kaŋroo waate.
 ; LOCALIZATION NOTE (CheckSendReport): The %s is replaced with the vendor name.
 CheckSendReport=Kaŋroo har %s se hal'i ma hin k'a hanse.
 CheckIncludeURL=Moɲoo kaŋ boŋ ay cindi aderesoo dam
-CheckAllowEmail=Allow %s to contact me about this report
+CheckAllowEmail=%s noo fondo a ma bayrandiroo woo toonandi yane
 EmailGrayText=War bataga aderesoo dam ne
 ReportPreSubmit2=War kaŋyan bayrandiroo ga sanbandi za war mana fatta wala tunandi taaga.
 ReportDuringSubmit2=Goo ma war bayrandiroo sanbandi...
 ReportSubmitSuccess=Bayrandiroo sanbandi boryo!
 ReportSubmitFailed=Šenday bangay bayrandiri sanbandiroo waate.
 ReportResubmit=Goo ma bayrandirey sanbandi kaŋ mongu ka koy cee doŋ...
 ; LOCALIZATION NOTE (Quit2): The %s is replaced with the product name.
-Quit2=Fatta %s
+Quit2=Fatta %s ra
 ; LOCALIZATION NOTE (Restart): The %s is replaced with the product name.
 Restart=Tunandi taaga %s
 ; LOCALIZATION NOTE (CrashID): The %s is replaced with the Crash ID from the server, which is a string like abc12345-6789-0abc-def1-23456abcdef1
-CrashID=Kaŋ boŋtammaasa: %s
+CrashID=Kaŋyan boŋtammaasa: %s
 ; LOCALIZATION NOTE (CrashDetailsURL): The %s is replaced with a URL that the user can visit to view the crash details.
 CrashDetailsURL=War ga hin ka šilbayhayey guna %s ga
-ErrorBadArguments=Porogaramoo na sennigoy laala bisandi.
+ErrorBadArguments=Porogaramoo na šennigoy laala bisandi.
 ErrorExtraFileExists=Porogaramoo mana porogaram bayhaya tuku naŋ.
 ErrorExtraFileRead=Mana hin ka porogaram bayhaya tuku caw.
 ErrorExtraFileMove=Mana hin ka porogaram bayhaya tuku ganandi.
 ErrorDumpFileExists=Porogaramoo mana kaŋyan fur tuku naŋ.
 ErrorDumpFileMove=Mana hin ka kaŋyan fur ganandi.
 ErrorNoProductName=Porogaramoo mana hin ka nga boŋ taamansa.
 ErrorNoServerURL=Porogaramoo mana kaŋyan bayrandiyan feršikaw tabatandi.
 ErrorNoSettingsPath=Mana hin ka duu kaŋyan bayrandiyan kayandiyaney.