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Bug 1580599 - Convert to Fluent, part 1.

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

rights-title = Aboot Yer Richts
rights-intro =
    { -brand-full-name } is free and open soorce saftware, pit thegither by a community
    o thoosands fae aw ower the warld. Here's a few things ye should
rights-intro-point-1 =
    { -brand-short-name } is makkit available tae ye unner the terms o the
    <a data-l10n-name="mozilla-public-license-link">Mozilla Public Licence</a>.
    This means ye can yaise, copy and distreebute { -brand-short-name } tae
    ithers. Ye're walcome forby tae chynge the soorce code o
    { -brand-short-name } ony wey ye're mindit fut tae meet yer needs. The Mozilla Public
    Licence gies ye the richt forby tae distreebute yer chynged versions.
rights-intro-point-2 =
    Ye're no grantit onie tredmerk richts or licenses tae the tredmerks o
    the Mozilla Foundation or onie pairty, includin wioot leemitation the
    Firefox nemme or logo. Mair information on tredmerks can be airtit oot
    <a data-l10n-name="mozilla-trademarks-link">here</a>.
rights-intro-point-3 =
    Some featurs in { -brand-short-name }, sic as the Crash Reporter, gie
    ye the option tae provide feedback tae { -vendor-short-name }. By walin
    tae submit feedback, ye gie { -vendor-short-name } permeesion tae yaise the
    feedback fur tae impruive its products, tae furthset the feedback on its wabsites,
    and tae distreebute the feedback.
rights-intro-point-4 =
    How we yaise yer personal information and feedback submittit tae
    { -vendor-short-name } through { -brand-short-name } is set oot in the
    <a data-l10n-name="mozilla-privacy-policy-link">{ -brand-short-name }
    Privacy Policy</a>.
rights-intro-point-4-unbranded = Onie applicable privacy policies fur this product should be listit here.
rights-intro-point-5 =
    Some { -brand-short-name } featurs mak yaise o wab-based information
    services, houanivver, we cannae guarantee they're 100% accurate or
    wioot mishanter. Mair details, includin information on how tae disable the
    featurs that yaise these services, can be airtit oot in the
    <a data-l10n-name="mozilla-service-terms-link">service terms</a>.
rights-intro-point-5-unbranded =
    Gin this product incorporates wab services, onie applicable service terms fur
    the service(s) should be linked tae the
    <a data-l10n-name="mozilla-website-services-link"> Wabsite Services</a>
rights-intro-point-6 =
    In order fur tae pley back certain types o video content, { -brand-short-name }
    doonloads certain content decryption modules fae third pairties.
rights-webservices-header = { -brand-full-name } Wab-Based Information Services
rights-webservices =
    { -brand-full-name } yaises wab-based information services (“Services”) fur tae
    provide some o the featurs providit fur yer yaise wi this binary version
    o { -brand-short-name } unner the terms set oot ablow. Gin ye dinnae
    want tae yaise ane or mair o the Services or the terms ablow arenae
    acceptable tae ye, ye can disable the featur or Service(s). Instructions on
    how tae disable a parteecular featur or Service can be airtit oot
    <a data-l10n-name="mozilla-disable-service-link">here</a>. Ither featurs
    and Services can be disabled in the application preferences.
rights-safebrowsing =
    <strong>SaufStravaigin: </strong>Disablin the Sauf Stravaigin featur isnae
    recommendit as it micht end up in ye gangin tae sites that are no sauf. Gin ye want tae
    disable the featur awthegither, follae these steps:
rights-safebrowsing-term-1 = Open the application preferences
rights-safebrowsing-term-2 = Wale the Siccarness walin
rights-safebrowsing-term-3 = Untick the option tae “{ enableSafeBrowsing-label }”
enableSafeBrowsing-label = Block uncannie and begowkin content
rights-safebrowsing-term-4 = Sauf Stravaigin is noo disabled
rights-locationawarebrowsing =
    <strong>Airtin Aware Stravaigin: </strong>is ayeways opt-in. Nae airtin
    information is ivver sent wioot yer permeesion. Gin ye want tae disable
    the featur awthegither, follae these steps:
rights-locationawarebrowsing-term-1 = In the URL baur, type <code>about:config</code>
rights-locationawarebrowsing-term-2 = Type geo.enabled
rights-locationawarebrowsing-term-3 = Double click on the geo.enabled preference
rights-locationawarebrowsing-term-4 = Airtin-Aware Stravaigin is noo disabled
rights-webservices-unbranded =
    An owerview o the wabsite services the product incorporates, alang wi
    instructions on how tae disable them, if applicable, should be includit
rights-webservices-term-unbranded = Onie applicable service terms fur this product should be listit here.
rights-webservices-term-1 =
    { -vendor-short-name } and its contreebutors, licensors and pairtners wirk fur tae
    provide the maist accurate and up-tae-date Services. Houanivver, we cannae
    guarantee that this information is comprehensive and wioot mishanter. Fur
    exemple, the Sauf Stravaigin Service micht no identify some risky sites and
    micht identify some sauf sites wrangly and the Airtin Aware Service aw
    airtins returned by oor service providers are estimates anely and neither
    oorsels nor oor service providers guarantee the accuracy o the airtins
rights-webservices-term-2 =
    { -vendor-short-name } micht gie ower or chynge the Services at its
    ain discretion.
rights-webservices-term-3 =
    Ye're walcome tae yaise these Services wi the accompanyin version o
    { -brand-short-name }, and { -vendor-short-name } grants ye its richts tae
    dae sae. { -vendor-short-name } and its licensors reserve aw ither richts in
    the Services. These terms arenae intendit tae leemit onie richts grantit
    unner open soorce licences applicable tae { -brand-short-name } and tae
    correspondin soorce code versions o { -brand-short-name }.
rights-webservices-term-4 =
    <strong>The Services are providit “as-is.” { -vendor-short-name }, its
    contreebutors, licensors, and distributors, disclaim aw warranties, whether
    express or implied, includin wioot leemitation, warranties that the
    Services are merchantable and fit fur yer parteecular purposes. Ye bear
    the hale risk as tae walin the Services fur yer purposes and as tae
    the quality and performance o the Services. Some jurisdictions dinnae
    alloo the exclusion or leemitation o implied warranties, sae this disclaimer
    micht no apply tae yersel.</strong>
rights-webservices-term-5 =
    <strong>Except as required by law, { -vendor-short-name }, its
    contreebutors, licensors, and distributors willnae be liable fur onie
    indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive, or exemplary
    damages arisin oot o or in onie wey relatin tae the yaise o
    { -brand-short-name } and the Services. The collective liability unner
    these terms willnae gang ower $500 (five hunner dollars). Some jurisdictions
    dinnae alloo the exclusion or leemitation o certain damages, sae this
    exclusion and leemitation micht no apply tae yersel.</strong>
rights-webservices-term-6 =
    { -vendor-short-name } micht update these terms as necessar fae time tae
    time. These terms cannae be chynged or cancelled wioot
    { -vendor-short-name }’s scrieved greeance.
rights-webservices-term-7 =
    These terms are governed by the laws o the state o California, U.S.A.,
    excludin its conflict o law proveesions. Gin onie portion o these terms is
    haudit tae be no suithfest or no enforceable, the remainin portions will stey in
    full force and effect. In the event o a conflict atween an owerset
    version o these terms and the English leid version, the English
    leid version shall control.