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Bug 1805319 - Fix typo in webrtc indicator message id, part 1.

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

# LOCALIZATION NOTE: The 1st %S is brandShortName and 2nd %S is update version
# where update version from the update xml
# example: MyApplication 10.0.5
updateName=%S %S

noThanksButton=Nae Thanks
restartLaterButton=Restert Efter
restartNowButton=Restert %S

statusFailed=Instawment Didnae Wirk

installSuccess=The Update wis instawed wioot onie problems
installPending=Instawment Pendin
patchApplyFailure=The Update couldnae be instawed (patch apply misgaed)
elevationFailure=Ye dinnae hae the permeesions necessar fur tae instaw this update. Gonnae contact yer system admeenistrator.

check_error-200=Update XML file ill-makkit (200)
check_error-403=Ingang no allooed (403)
check_error-404=Update XML file no fund (404)
check_error-500=Internal server mishanter (500)
check_error-2152398849=Misgaed (reason unkent)
check_error-2152398861=Connection refuised
check_error-2152398862=Connection timed oot
check_error-2152398864=Netwark is affline (gang online)
check_error-2152398867=Port no allooed
check_error-2152398868=Nae data wis received (gonnae try aince mair)
check_error-2152398878=Update server no fund (check yer internet connection)
check_error-2152398890=Proxy server no fund (check yer internet connection)
check_error-2152398918=Netwark is affline (gang online)
check_error-2152398919=Data flittin wis interruptit (gonnae try aince mair)
check_error-2152398920=Proxy server connection refuised
check_error-2153390069=Server certificate is oot o date (gonnae set yer system clock tae the richt date and time if it isnae awready)
check_error-verification_failed=The integrity o the update couldnae be trystmakkit
check_error-move_failed=Couldnae mak redd the update for instawment