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Bug 1682022 - Fork more strings from the context menu and browser.dtd for the AppMenu, part 2.

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<!ENTITY pref.mailnews.title              "Email și grupuri de discuții">
<!ENTITY generalSettings.caption          "Configurări generale">
<!ENTITY confirmMove.label                "Confirm when moving folders to the Trash">
<!ENTITY confirmMove.accesskey            "C">
<!ENTITY preserveThreading.label          "Preserve threading when sorting messages">
<!ENTITY preserveThreading.accesskey      "v">
<!ENTITY mailBiffOnNewWindow.label        "Only check for new mail after opening Mail &amp; Newsgroups">
<!ENTITY mailBiffOnNewWindow.accesskey    "O">

<!ENTITY defaultMailSettings.description  "Make &brandShortName; the default application for:">
<!ENTITY setDefaultMail.label             "Email">
<!ENTITY setDefaultMail.accesskey         "m">
<!ENTITY setDefaultNews.label             "Noutăți">
<!ENTITY setDefaultNews.accesskey         "N">
<!ENTITY setDefaultFeed.label             "Feed-uri">
<!ENTITY setDefaultFeed.accesskey         "e">

<!ENTITY messengerStartPage.caption       "Pagina de start a contului">
<!ENTITY enableStartPage.label            "When Mail launches, show the Start Page in the message area">
<!ENTITY enableStartPage.accesskey        "W">
<!ENTITY location.label                   "Locația:">
<!ENTITY location.accesskey               "L">
<!ENTITY useDefault.label                 "Restaurează">
<!ENTITY useDefault.accesskey             "R">
<!ENTITY rememberLastMsg.label            "Reține ultimul mesaj selectat">
<!ENTITY rememberLastMsg.accesskey        "R">