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Pontoon: Update Romanian (ro) localization of Thunderbird Localization authors: - Cristian Silaghi <>

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# Translator(s):
# BuBBaX <>
# Alexandru Szasz <>
# janimo <>
# Reviewer(s):
# Alexandru Szasz <>
<!ENTITY pref.navigator.title           "Navigator">

<!ENTITY navRadio.label                 "Afișare pe">
<!ENTITY navRadio.accesskey             "A">
<!ENTITY navStartPageMenu.label         "Pornirea Browser-ului">
<!ENTITY newWinPageMenu.label           "Fereastră nouă">
<!ENTITY newTabPageMenu.label           "Filă nouă">

<!ENTITY blankPageRadio.label           "Pagină goală">
<!ENTITY blankPageRadio.accesskey       "P">
<!ENTITY homePageRadio.label            "Prima pagină">
<!ENTITY homePageRadio.accesskey        "m">
<!ENTITY lastPageRadio.label            "Ultima pagină vizitată">
<!ENTITY lastPageRadio.accesskey        "l">
<!ENTITY restoreSessionRadio.label      "Restaurează sesiunea anterioară">
<!ENTITY restoreSessionRadio.accesskey  "R">

<!ENTITY header2.label                  "Pagina de start">
<!ENTITY homePageIntro.label            "Clicking the Home button takes you to this group of pages:">
<!ENTITY useCurrent.label               "Folosește pagina curentă">
<!ENTITY useCurrent.accesskey           "u">
<!ENTITY useCurrentGroup.label          "Folosește Grupul Curent">
<!ENTITY useCurrentGroup.accesskey      "G">
<!ENTITY browseFile.label               "Alegere fișier…">
<!ENTITY browseFile.accesskey           "A">
<!ENTITY useDefault.label               "Restaurează">
<!ENTITY useDefault.accesskey           "R">

<!ENTITY defaultBrowserGroup.label      "Navigator implicit">
<!ENTITY defaultBrowserButton.label     "Setați Browserul Implicit">
<!ENTITY defaultBrowserButton.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY alreadyDefaultText             "&brandShortName; is already your default browser.">
<!ENTITY defaultPendingText             "&brandShortName; will be set as your default browser when you click OK.">
<!ENTITY makeDefaultText                "Set &brandShortName; as your default browser.">