Pontoon: Update Romansh (rm) localization of Firefox
authorMartin <mcmartin@gmx.ch>
Mon, 12 Sep 2022 13:52:30 +0000
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Pontoon: Update Romansh (rm) localization of Firefox Co-authored-by: Martin <mcmartin@gmx.ch>
--- a/browser/browser/featureCallout.ftl
+++ b/browser/browser/featureCallout.ftl
@@ -9,11 +9,15 @@ callout-primary-complete-button-label = Chapì!
 ## Firefox View feature tour strings
 # "Tab pickup" refers to the section in Firefox View that displays open
 # tabs from other devices
 callout-firefox-view-tab-pickup-title = Mida dad in apparat a l'auter senza perder tabs
 callout-firefox-view-tab-pickup-subtitle = Va svelt per tabs averts sin tes telefonin ed als avra qua senza interrupziun.
 callout-firefox-view-recently-closed-title = Recuperescha tes tabs serrads en in batterdegl
+callout-firefox-view-recently-closed-subtitle = Tut tes tabs serrads vegnan a cumparair qua a moda magica. Uschia na stos ti mai avair tema da serrar per sbagl ina website.
+callout-firefox-view-colorways-title = Dà in zic colur
+# "Shade" refer to different color options in each colorway.
+callout-firefox-view-colorways-subtitle = Tscherna il schema che correspunda a tai – grazia a las novas cumbinaziuns da colurs. Mo en { -brand-product-name }.
 ## Continuous Onboarding - Firefox View: Tab pick up
--- a/browser/browser/firefoxView.ftl
+++ b/browser/browser/firefoxView.ftl
@@ -1,3 +1,52 @@
 # This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 # License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 # file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.
+toolbar-button-firefox-view =
+    .label = { -firefoxview-brand-name }
+    .tooltiptext = { -firefoxview-brand-name }
+menu-tools-firefox-view =
+    .label = { -firefoxview-brand-name }
+    .accesskey = F
+firefoxview-page-title = { -firefoxview-brand-name }
+firefoxview-close-button =
+    .title = Serrar
+    .aria-label = Serrar
+# Used instead of the localized relative time when a timestamp is within a minute or so of now
+firefoxview-just-now-timestamp = Gist ussa
+# This is a headline for an area in the product where users can resume and re-open tabs they have previously viewed on other devices.
+firefoxview-tabpickup-header = Tabs sincronisads
+firefoxview-tabpickup-description = Avra paginas dad auters apparats.
+firefoxview-tabpickup-recenttabs-description = La glista tals tabs utilisads dacurt vegniss mussada qua
+# Variables:
+#  $percentValue (Number): the percentage value for setup completion
+firefoxview-tabpickup-progress-label = Cumplettà per { $percentValue }%
+firefoxview-tabpickup-step-signin-header = Mida spert dad in apparat a l'auter
+firefoxview-tabpickup-step-signin-description = Per ir qua per tes tabs dal telefonin, t'annunzia l'emprim u creescha in conto.
+firefoxview-tabpickup-step-signin-primarybutton = Cuntinuar
+firefoxview-tabpickup-adddevice-header = Sincronisescha { -brand-product-name } cun tes telefonin u tablet
+firefoxview-tabpickup-adddevice-description = Telechargia { -brand-product-name } per apparats mobils e t'annunzia là.
+firefoxview-tabpickup-adddevice-learn-how = Ve a savair co
+firefoxview-tabpickup-adddevice-primarybutton = Telechargia { -brand-product-name } per apparats mobils
+firefoxview-tabpickup-synctabs-header = Activar la sincronisaziun da tabs
+firefoxview-tabpickup-synctabs-description = Permetter a { -brand-short-name } da cundivider tabs tranter apparats.
+firefoxview-tabpickup-synctabs-learn-how = Ve a savair co far
+firefoxview-tabpickup-synctabs-primarybutton = Sincronisar tabs averts
+firefoxview-tabpickup-fxa-admin-disabled-header = Tia organisaziun ha deactivà la sincronisaziun
+firefoxview-tabpickup-fxa-admin-disabled-description = { -brand-short-name } n'è betg abel da sincronisar tabs tranter apparats perquai che tes administratur ha deactivà la sincronisaziun.
+firefoxview-tabpickup-network-offline-header = Controllescha tia connexiun cun l'internet
+firefoxview-tabpickup-network-offline-description = Sche ti utiliseschas ina firewall u in proxy, controllescha che { -brand-short-name } ha il dretg dad acceder al web.
+firefoxview-tabpickup-network-offline-primarybutton = Empruvar anc ina giada
+firefoxview-tabpickup-sync-error-header = Nus avain difficultads cun la sincronisaziun
+firefoxview-tabpickup-generic-sync-error-description = { -brand-short-name } na cuntanscha actualmain betg il servetsch da sincronisaziun. Emprova anc ina giada en pauc mument.
+firefoxview-tabpickup-sync-error-primarybutton = Empruvar anc ina giada
+firefoxview-tabpickup-sync-disconnected-header = Activescha la sincronisaziun per cuntinuar
+firefoxview-tabpickup-sync-disconnected-description = Per ir per tes tabs stos ti permetter a { -brand-short-name } da sincronisar.
+firefoxview-tabpickup-sync-disconnected-primarybutton = Activar la sincronisaziun en ils parameters
+firefoxview-tabpickup-syncing = Spetga per plaschair durant che tes tabs vegnan sincronisads. I cuzza be in amen.
+firefoxview-mobile-promo-header = Va per tabs da tes telefonin u tablet
+firefoxview-mobile-promo-description = Per laschar mussar ils ultims tabs da l'apparat mobil, t'annunzia en { -brand-product-name } sin iOS u Android.
+firefoxview-mobile-promo-primarybutton = Va per { -brand-product-name } per apparats mobils
+firefoxview-mobile-confirmation-header = 🎉 Tut pront!
+firefoxview-mobile-confirmation-description = Ussa pos ti ir per tes tabs da { -brand-product-name } da tes tablet u telefonin.
+firefoxview-closed-tabs-title = Serrà dacurt