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Pontoon: Update Portuguese (Brazil) (pt-BR) localization of Firefox Localization authors: - Marcelo Ghelman <>

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   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!-- extracted from content/pref-scripts.xul -->

<!--LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE The 'Scripts & Plugins' preferences dialog -->
<!ENTITY pref.scripts.title              "Scripts e Plugins">

<!ENTITY navigator.label                 "Navigator">
<!ENTITY navigator.accesskey             "N">

<!--LOCALIZATION NOTE (enableJavaScript.label): 'JavaScript' should never be translated -->
<!ENTITY enableJavaScript.label          "Permitir JavaScript no">
<!ENTITY allowScripts.label              "Scripts têm permissão para:">
<!ENTITY allowScripts.accesskey          "s">
<!ENTITY allowWindowMoveResize.label     "Mover ou alterar o tamanho de janelas existentes">
<!ENTITY allowWindowFlip.label           "Alterar a disposição entre as janelas">
<!ENTITY allowWindowStatusChange.label   "Alterar o texto da barra de status">
<!ENTITY allowContextmenuDisable.label   "Desativar ou substituir menus de contexto">
<!ENTITY allowHideStatusBar.label        "Ocultar a barra de status ">

<!ENTITY enablePlugins.label             "Permitir plugins para">
<!ENTITY enablePluginForSuite.label      "Suite">
<!ENTITY enablePluginForSuite.accesskey  "u">

<!ENTITY whenPageRequiresPlugins.label   "Quando a página necessitar usar plugins">
<!ENTITY activateAllPlugins.label        "Ativar todos plugins por padrão">
<!ENTITY activateAllPlugins.accesskey    "d">
<!ENTITY warnPluginsRequired.label       "Alertar se plugins adicionais precisam ser instalados">
<!ENTITY warnPluginsRequired.accesskey   "A">