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Pontoon: Update Portuguese (Brazil) (pt-BR) localization of Thunderbird Co-authored-by: Marcelo Ghelman <>

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!ENTITY pref.navigator.title           "Navegador">

<!ENTITY navRadio.label                 "Abrir em">
<!ENTITY navRadio.accesskey             "A">
<!ENTITY navStartPageMenu.label         "Inicialização">
<!ENTITY newWinPageMenu.label           "Novas janelas">
<!ENTITY newTabPageMenu.label           "Novas abas">

<!ENTITY blankPageRadio.label           "Nada">
<!ENTITY blankPageRadio.accesskey       "N">
<!ENTITY homePageRadio.label            "Página Inicial">
<!ENTITY homePageRadio.accesskey        "P">
<!ENTITY lastPageRadio.label            "Última página visitada">
<!ENTITY lastPageRadio.accesskey        "v">
<!ENTITY restoreSessionRadio.label      "Restaurar sessão anterior">
<!ENTITY restoreSessionRadio.accesskey  "s">

<!ENTITY restoreSessionIntro.label      "Ao restaurar sessões e janelas">
<!ENTITY restoreImmediately.label       "Reabrir todas as abas imediatamente">
<!ENTITY restoreImmediately.accesskey   "e">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (restoreTabs.label): This will concatenate to
     "Restore [___] tab(s) at a time",
     using (restoreTabs.label) and a number (restoreTabsAtATime.label). -->
<!ENTITY restoreTabs.label              "Restaurar">
<!ENTITY restoreTabs.accesskey          "s">
<!ENTITY restoreTabsAtATime.label       "aba(s) de cada vez">
<!ENTITY restoreDeferred.label          "Apenas restaurar abas quando eu precisar delas">
<!ENTITY restoreDeferred.accesskey      "A">

<!ENTITY siteIcons.label                "Ícones de sites">
<!ENTITY useSiteIcons.label             "Exibir ícones de sites">
<!ENTITY useSiteIcons.accesskey         "x">
<!ENTITY useFavIcons.label              "Tentar usar o favicon do servidor quando a página não define um ícone">
<!ENTITY useFavIcons.accesskey          "T">

<!ENTITY homePageIntro.label            "O comando Página Inicial abre esta página ou grupo de páginas.">
<!ENTITY useCurrent.label               "Usar a página atual">
<!ENTITY useCurrent.accesskey           "n">
<!ENTITY useCurrentGroup.label          "Usar o grupo atual">
<!ENTITY useCurrentGroup.accesskey      "t">
<!ENTITY browseFile.label               "Usar um arquivo...">
<!ENTITY browseFile.accesskey           "a">
<!ENTITY useDefault.label               "Usar o padrão">
<!ENTITY useDefault.accesskey           "U">