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Pontoon: Update Occitan (oc) localization of Firefox Co-authored-by: Quentí <>

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!-- addon actions -->
<!ENTITY cmd.enableAddon.label                "Activar">
<!ENTITY cmd.enableAddon.accesskey            "A">
<!ENTITY cmd.disableAddon.label               "Desactivar">
<!ENTITY cmd.disableAddon.accesskey           "D">

<!ENTITY cmd.askToActivate.label              "Demandar per activar">
<!ENTITY cmd.askToActivate.tooltip            "Demandar a cada còp la permission d'utilizar aqueste modul complementari">
<!ENTITY cmd.alwaysActivate.label             "Activar totjorn">
<!ENTITY cmd.alwaysActivate.tooltip           "Utilizar totjorn aqueste modul complementari">
<!ENTITY cmd.neverActivate.label              "Activar pas jamai">
<!ENTITY cmd.neverActivate.tooltip            "Utilizar pas jamai aqueste modul complementari">
<!ENTITY cmd.stateMenu.tooltip                "Causir quora utilizar aqueste modul complementari">

<!ENTITY cmd.uninstallAddon.label             "Suprimir">
<!ENTITY cmd.uninstallAddon.accesskey         "S">
<!ENTITY cmd.showPreferencesWin.label         "Opcions">
<!ENTITY cmd.showPreferencesWin.tooltip       "Modificar las opcions d'aqueste modul complementari">
<!ENTITY cmd.showPreferencesUnix.label        "Preferéncias">
<!ENTITY cmd.showPreferencesUnix.tooltip      "Modificar las preferéncias d'aqueste modul complementari">

<!ENTITY cmd.showReleaseNotes.label           "Afichar las nòtas de version">
<!ENTITY cmd.showReleaseNotes.tooltip         "Afichar las nòtas de version per aquesta mesa a jorn">
<!ENTITY cmd.hideReleaseNotes.label           "Amagar las nòtas de version">
<!ENTITY cmd.hideReleaseNotes.tooltip         "Amagar las nòtas de version per aquesta mesa a jorn">
<!ENTITY cmd.findReplacement.label            "Cercar un remplaçament">

<!-- download/install progress -->
<!ENTITY progress.cancel.tooltip              "Anullar">

<!ENTITY addon.details.label                  "Mai">
<!ENTITY addon.details.tooltip                "Afichar mai de detalhs a prepaus d'aqueste modul complementari">
<!ENTITY addon.unknownDate                    "Desconegut">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (addon.legacy.label): This appears in a badge next
     to the add-on name for extensions that are not webextensions, which
     will stop working in Firefox 57. -->
<!ENTITY addon.legacy.label                   "OBSOLÈT">
<!ENTITY addon.privateBrowsing.label          "AUTORIZAT EN FENÈSTRAS PRIVADAS">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (addon.disabled.postfix): This is used in a normal list
     to signify that an add-on is disabled, in the form
     "<Addon name> <1.0> (disabled)" -->
<!ENTITY addon.disabled.postfix               "(desactivat)">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (addon.update.postfix): This is used in the available
     updates list to signify that an item is an update, in the form
     "<Addon name> <1.1> Update". It is fine to use constructs like brackets if
     necessary -->
<!ENTITY addon.update.postfix                 "(mesa a jorn)">
<!ENTITY addon.undoAction.label               "Anullar">
<!ENTITY addon.undoAction.tooltip             "Anullar aquesta accion">
<!ENTITY addon.undoRemove.label               "Anullar">
<!ENTITY addon.undoRemove.tooltip             "Conservar aqueste modul complementari">

<!ENTITY addon.install.label                  "Installar">
<!ENTITY addon.install.tooltip                "Installar aqueste modul complementari">
<!ENTITY addon.updateNow.label                "Metre a jorn ara">
<!ENTITY addon.updateNow.tooltip              "Installar la mesa a jorn per aqueste modul">
<!ENTITY addon.includeUpdate.label            "Apondre a la mesa a jorn">
<!ENTITY addon.updateAvailable.label          "Una mesa a jorn es disponibla">
<!ENTITY addon.checkingForUpdates.label       "Verificacion de las mesas a jorn…">
<!ENTITY addon.releaseNotes.label             "Nòtas de version :">
<!ENTITY addon.loadingReleaseNotes.label      "Cargament…">
<!ENTITY addon.errorLoadingReleaseNotes.label "Una error s'es produita al moment del cargament de las nòtas de version.">

<!ENTITY addon.createdBy.label                "Per ">

<!ENTITY settings.path.button.label           "Percórrer…">

<!-- addon actions -->
<!ENTITY setting.learnmore "Ne saber mai…">