Pontoon: Update Norwegian Nynorsk (nn-NO) localization of Firefox for Android
authorBjörn I. <bjorni.svindseth@yahoo.com>
Thu, 08 Aug 2019 09:32:54 +0000
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Pontoon: Update Norwegian Nynorsk (nn-NO) localization of Firefox for Android Localization authors: - Björn I. <bjorni.svindseth@yahoo.com>
--- a/mobile/android/base/sync_strings.dtd
+++ b/mobile/android/base/sync_strings.dtd
@@ -73,17 +73,17 @@
      syncs will still be done regardless of the connection -->
 <!ENTITY fxaccount_pref_sync_use_metered_summary2 'Hindra &brandShortName; i å synkronisera over eit mobil- eller forbruksmålt nettverk'>
 <!ENTITY fxaccount_status_legal 'Juridisk' >
 <!-- Localization note: when tapped, the following two strings link to
      external web pages.  Compare fxaccount_policy_{linktos,linkprivacy}:
      these strings are separated to accommodate languages that decline
      the two uses differently. -->
 <!ENTITY fxaccount_status_linktos2 'Tenestevilkår'>
-<!ENTITY fxaccount_status_linkprivacy2 'Peronvernerklæring'>
+<!ENTITY fxaccount_status_linkprivacy2 'Peronvernpraksis'>
 <!ENTITY fxaccount_remove_account 'Kople frå &ellipsis;'>
 <!ENTITY fxaccount_remove_account_dialog_title2 'Kople frå Sync?'>
 <!ENTITY fxaccount_remove_account_dialog_message2 'Nettlesardataa dine vil framleis vere på denne eininga, men vil ikkje lenger synkronisera med kontoen din.'>
 <!-- Localization note: format string below will be replaced
      with the Firefox Account's email address. -->
 <!ENTITY fxaccount_remove_account_toast2 'Firefox-konto &formatS; fråkopla.'>
 <!-- Localization note (fxaccount_remove_account_dialog_action_confirm): This is the label for the