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Pontoon: Update Norwegian Nynorsk (nn-NO) localization of Firefox Co-authored-by: Bjørn I. <>

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

<!-- Note to localizers, don't localize the strings 'width' or 'height' -->
<!ENTITY  pageInfoWindow.dimensions  "width: 100ch; height: 38em;">

<!ENTITY  copy.key               "C">
<!ENTITY  copy.label             "Kopier">
<!ENTITY  copy.accesskey         "K">
<!ENTITY  selectall.key          "A">
<!ENTITY  selectall.label        "Merk alt">
<!ENTITY  selectall.accesskey    "M">
<!ENTITY  openHelpMac.key        "?">
<!ENTITY  closeWindow.key        "w">
<!ENTITY  copyLinks.label           "Kopier lenkje(r)">
<!ENTITY  copyLinks.accesskey       "l">
<!ENTITY  openInNewTab.label        "Opne i ny fane">
<!ENTITY  openInNewTab.accesskey    "f">
<!ENTITY  openInNewWindow.label     "Opne i nytt vindauge">
<!ENTITY  openInNewWindow.accesskey "v">

<!ENTITY  generalTab            "Generelt">
<!ENTITY  generalTab.accesskey  "G">
<!ENTITY  generalTitle          "Tittel:">
<!ENTITY  generalURL            "Adresse:">
<!ENTITY  generalType           "Type:">
<!ENTITY  generalMode           "Attgjevingsmodus:">
<!ENTITY  generalSize           "Storleik:">
<!ENTITY  generalReferrer       "Refererande URL:">
<!ENTITY  generalSource         "Snøgglagerkjelde:">
<!ENTITY  generalModified       "Sist endra:">
<!ENTITY  generalEncoding2      "Tekstkoding:">
<!ENTITY  generalMetaName       "Namn">
<!ENTITY  generalMetaContent    "Innhald">
<!ENTITY  generalSecurityDetails           "Detaljar">
<!ENTITY  generalSecurityDetails.accesskey "D">

<!ENTITY  formsTab              "Skjema">
<!ENTITY  formsTab.accesskey    "S">
<!ENTITY  formAction            "Skjemahandling">
<!ENTITY  formMethod            "Metode">
<!ENTITY  formName              "Namn">
<!ENTITY  formEncoding          "Koding:">
<!ENTITY  formTarget            "Mål">
<!ENTITY  formFields            "Felt:">
<!ENTITY  formLabel             "Etikett">
<!ENTITY  formFName             "Feltnamn">
<!ENTITY  formType              "Type">
<!ENTITY  formCValue            "Gjeldande verdi">

<!ENTITY  linksTab              "Lenkjer">
<!ENTITY  linksTab.accesskey    "L">
<!ENTITY  linkName              "Namn">
<!ENTITY  linkAddress           "Adresse">
<!ENTITY  linkType              "Type">
<!ENTITY  linkTarget            "Mål">
<!ENTITY  linkAccessKey         "Tilgangstast">

<!ENTITY  mediaTab              "Media">
<!ENTITY  mediaTab.accesskey    "M">
<!ENTITY  mediaLocation         "Adresse:">
<!ENTITY  mediaText             "Tilknytt tekst:">
<!ENTITY  mediaAltHeader        "Alternativ tekst">
<!ENTITY  mediaAddress          "Adresse">
<!ENTITY  mediaType             "Type">
<!ENTITY  mediaSize             "Storleik">
<!ENTITY  mediaCount            "Tal på">
<!ENTITY  mediaDimension        "Dimensjonar:">
<!ENTITY  mediaLongdesc         "Lang skildring:">
<!ENTITY  mediaBlockImage.accesskey "L">
<!ENTITY  mediaSaveAs           "Lagre som…">
<!ENTITY  mediaSaveAs.accesskey "s">
<!ENTITY  mediaSaveAs2.accesskey "e">
<!ENTITY  mediaPreview          "Førehandsvising:">

<!ENTITY  feedTab               "Nyheitskjelder">
<!ENTITY  feedTab.accesskey     "N">
<!ENTITY  feedSubscribe         "Abonner">
<!ENTITY  feedSubscribe.accesskey "A">

<!ENTITY  permTab               "Løyve">
<!ENTITY  permTab.accesskey     "L">
<!ENTITY  permissionsFor        "Løyve for:">

<!ENTITY  securityTab           "Sikkerheit">
<!ENTITY  securityTab.accesskey "S">
<!ENTITY  securityHeader        "Tryggingsinfo for denne sida">
<!ENTITY  securityView.certView "Vis sertifikat">
<!ENTITY  securityView.accesskey "V">
<!ENTITY  securityView.unknown   "Ukjent">

<!ENTITY  securityView.identity.header   "Nettstadsidentitet">
<!ENTITY  securityView.identity.owner    "Eigar:">
<!ENTITY  securityView.identity.domain   "Nettstad:">
<!ENTITY  securityView.identity.verifier "Stadfesta av:">

<!ENTITY  securityView.identity.validity "Går ut:">

<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.header                   "Personvern og historikk">
<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.history                  "Har eg besøkt denne nettstaden tidlegare i dag?">
<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.cookies                  "Lagrar nettstaden informasjon (infokapslar) på datamaskina mi?">
<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.viewCookies              "Vis infokapslar">
<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.viewCookies.accessKey    "V">
<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.passwords                "Har eg lagra passord for denne nettstaden?">
<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.viewPasswords            "Vis lagra passord">
<!ENTITY  securityView.privacy.viewPasswords.accessKey  "s">

<!ENTITY  securityView.technical.header                 "Tekniske detaljar">