Pontoon: Update Norwegian Bokmål (nb-NO) localization of Firefox for Android
authorHåvar Henriksen <havar@firefox.no>
Tue, 07 Jan 2020 08:53:27 +0000
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Pontoon: Update Norwegian Bokmål (nb-NO) localization of Firefox for Android Localization authors: - Håvar Henriksen <havar@firefox.no>
--- a/mobile/android/base/android_strings.dtd
+++ b/mobile/android/base/android_strings.dtd
@@ -16,47 +16,38 @@
 <!ENTITY firstrun_customize_subtext "Tilpass &brandShortName; med utvidelser. Blokkér annonser, legg til funksjoner eller velg et nytt tema som reflekterer din personlighet.">
 <!ENTITY firstrun_bookmarks_title "Historikk">
 <!ENTITY firstrun_bookmarks_message "Dine favoritter, der de er viktigst">
 <!ENTITY firstrun_bookmarks_subtext "Få resultater fra dine bokmerker og historikk når du søker.">
 <!ENTITY firstrun_data_title "Data">
 <!ENTITY firstrun_data_message "Mindre data, mer spart">
 <!ENTITY firstrun_data_subtext2 "Skru av bilder for å bruke mindre data på hvert nettsted du besøker.">
 <!ENTITY firstrun_sync_title "Sync">
-<!ENTITY updatednewfirstrun_sync_title "Konto">
-<!ENTITY firstrun_sync_message2 "Fortsett der du sluttet.">
 <!ENTITY firstrun_sync_message3 "Synkroniser dine bokmerker, historikk og passord på din mobiltelefon.">
 <!ENTITY firstrun_sync_subtext2 "Bruk Sync for å finne bokmerker, passord og andre ting som du lagrer i &brandShortName; på alle dine enheter.">
 <!ENTITY newfirstrun_sync_subtext "Synkroniser det du lagrer på mobilen til Firefox for datamaskiner, privat og sikkert.">
-<!ENTITY updatednewfirstrun_sync_subtext "Logg inn på kontoen din for å få mest mulig ut av &brandShortName;">
-<!ENTITY firstrun_signin_message "Koble til og kom i gang">
 <!ENTITY firstrun_sendtab_title "Send fane">
 <!ENTITY firstrun_sendtab_message "Del faner fra mobil til datamaskin — øyeblikkelig.">
-<!ENTITY firstrun_signin_button "Logg inn for å synkronisere">
-<!ENTITY newfirstrun_signin_button "Aktiver Sync">
-<!ENTITY updatednewfirstrun_signin_button "Logg inn på &brandShortName;">
+<!ENTITY firstrun_signin_message "Koble til og kom i gang">
 <!ENTITY onboard_start_button_browser "Start nettlesing">
 <!ENTITY firstrun_button_notnow "Ikke akkurat nå">
 <!ENTITY firstrun_button_next "Neste">
-<!ENTITY firstrun_signin_button2 "Logg inn">
+<!ENTITY firstrun_signup_button "Registrer deg">
 <!ENTITY firstrun_tabqueue_title "Lenker">
 <!ENTITY firstrun_readerview_title "Artikler">
 <!-- Localization note (firstrun_readerview_message): This is a casual way of describing getting rid of unnecessary things, and is referring to simplifying websites so only the article text and images are visible, removing unnecessary headers or ads. -->
 <!ENTITY firstrun_readerview_message "Rydd opp i rotet">
 <!ENTITY firstrun_readerview_subtext "Bruk lesevisning for å gjøre artikler mer lettlest \u2014 selv frakoblet.">
 <!-- Localization note (firstrun_devices_title): This is a casual way of addressing the user, somewhat referring to their online identity (which would include other devices, Firefox usage, accounts, etc). -->
 <!ENTITY firstrun_account_title "Du">
 <!ENTITY firstrun_account_message "Har &brandShortName; på en annen enhet?">
-<!ENTITY firstrun_signup_button "Registrer deg">
 <!ENTITY  onboard_start_restricted1 "Vær trygg og ha kontroll med denne forenklede versjonen av &brandShortName;.">
 <!-- Localization note: These are used as the titles of different pages on the home screen.
      They are automatically converted to all caps by the Android platform. -->
 <!ENTITY  bookmarks_title "Bokmerker">
 <!ENTITY  history_title "Historikk">
 <!ENTITY  switch_to_tab "Bytt til fane">
@@ -691,17 +682,16 @@ shown from Android O while a tab is bein
 <!ENTITY filepicker_title "Velg fil">
 <!ENTITY filepicker_audio_title "Velg eller spill inn en lyd">
 <!ENTITY filepicker_image_title "Velg eller ta et bilde">
 <!ENTITY filepicker_video_title "Velg eller spill inn en video">
 <!ENTITY filepicker_permission_denied "Nødvendige tillatelser ikke gitt, går tilbake til systemfilvelgeren.">
 <!-- Site identity popup -->
 <!ENTITY identity_connected_to "Du er tilkoblet">
 <!-- Localization note (identity_run_by) : This string appears between a
 domain name (above) and an organization name (below). E.g.
 which is run by
 Example Enterprises, Inc.
 The layout of the identity dialog prevents combining this into a single string with
@@ -884,23 +874,26 @@ just addresses the organization to follo
 <!ENTITY helper_triple_readerview_open_message "Bokmerk lesevisningselementer for å lese de frakoblet.">
 <!ENTITY helper_triple_readerview_open_button "Legg til i bokmerker">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (activity_stream_signin_title, activity_stream_signin_description, activity_stream_signup_button,
 activity_stream_signin_prompt, activity_stream_signin_prompt_button):
 - These labels are shown in the Activity Stream recommending the user to sign in. -->
 <!ENTITY activity_stream_signin_title "Velkommen til &brandShortName;">
 <!ENTITY activity_stream_signin_description "Begynn å synkronisere bokmerker, passord og mer med Firefox-kontoen din.">
-<!ENTITY activity_stream_signin_button "Logg inn">
 <!ENTITY activity_stream_signup_button "Registrer deg">
 <!ENTITY activity_stream_signin_prompt "Har du allerede en konto?">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (activity_stream_signin_prompt_button): To be used in continuation of activity_stream_signin_prompt. -->
 <!ENTITY activity_stream_signin_prompt_button "Logg inn.">
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (activity_stream_firefox_promo_title,
+     activity_stream_firefox_promo_description, activity_stream_firefox_promo_button):
+     These labels are shown in an Activity Stream banner. -->
+<!ENTITY activity_stream_firefox_promo_title "En helt nye Firefox, kommer i 2020">
 <!ENTITY activity_stream_topsites "Populære nettsteder">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (activity_stream_topstories): &brandPocket is the brand of the company, Pocket, that is being used to provide suggestions for articles. -->
 <!ENTITY activity_stream_topstories "Anbefalt av &brandPocket;">
 <!ENTITY activity_stream_highlights "Høydepunkter">
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (activity_stream_link_more1): Link-like text displayed to take user to a website with more content from Pocket. -->
 <!ENTITY activity_stream_link_more1 "MER">