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Bug 1771752 - Migrate notification alert from DTD to FTL, part 2

<!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!ENTITY pref.navigator.title           "Pelayar">

<!ENTITY navRadio.label                 "Paparan aktif">
<!ENTITY navRadio.accesskey             "n">
<!ENTITY navStartPageMenu.label         "Penetapan Pelayar">
<!ENTITY newWinPageMenu.label           "Tetingkap Baru">
<!ENTITY newTabPageMenu.label           "Tab Baru">

<!ENTITY blankPageRadio.label           "Halaman kosong">
<!ENTITY blankPageRadio.accesskey       "K">
<!ENTITY homePageRadio.label            "Laman">
<!ENTITY homePageRadio.accesskey        "m">
<!ENTITY lastPageRadio.label            "Halaman terakhir yang dilawati">
<!ENTITY lastPageRadio.accesskey        "H">
<!ENTITY restoreSessionRadio.label      "Pulih Sesi Dahulu">
<!ENTITY restoreSessionRadio.accesskey  "P">

<!ENTITY restoreSessionIntro.label      "Apabila memulihkan sesi dan tetingkap">
<!ENTITY restoreImmediately.label       "Pulih semua tab serta-merta">
<!ENTITY restoreImmediately.accesskey   "e">
<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (restoreTabs.label): This will concatenate to
     "Restore [___] tab(s) at a time",
     using (restoreTabs.label) and a number (restoreTabsAtATime.label). -->
<!ENTITY restoreTabs.label              "Pulih">
<!ENTITY restoreTabs.accesskey          "h">
<!ENTITY restoreTabsAtATime.label       "tab pada sesuatu masa">
<!ENTITY restoreDeferred.label          "Pulih tab hanya apabila saya perlukannya">
<!ENTITY restoreDeferred.accesskey      "P">

<!ENTITY homePageIntro.label            "Mengklik butang Halaman utama akan pergi ke kumpulan halaman berikut:">
<!ENTITY useCurrent.label               "Gunakan Halaman Semasa">
<!ENTITY useCurrent.accesskey           "G">
<!ENTITY useCurrentGroup.label          "Gunakan Kumpulan Semasa">
<!ENTITY useCurrentGroup.accesskey      "G">
<!ENTITY browseFile.label               "Pilih Fail…">
<!ENTITY browseFile.accesskey           "F">
<!ENTITY useDefault.label               "Pulih Piawai">
<!ENTITY useDefault.accesskey           "P">