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<!ENTITY accountWindow.title           "Sifat akaun">
<!ENTITY accountWindow.width           "300">
<!ENTITY account.general               "Umum">
<!ENTITY account.advanced              "Pilihan Lanjutan">
<!ENTITY                  "Nama pengguna:">
<!ENTITY account.password              "Kata laluan:">
<!ENTITY account.alias                 "Alias:">
<!ENTITY account.newMailNotification   "Maklumkan Mel baru">
<!ENTITY account.autojoin              "Auto-Sertai Saluran:">
<!ENTITY account.proxySettings.caption "Tetapan Proksi:">
<!ENTITY account.proxySettings.change.label     "Tukar…">
<!ENTITY account.proxySettings.change.accessKey "T">