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Translate scratchpad
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--- /dev/null
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/scratchpad.dtd
@@ -0,0 +1,123 @@
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE This file contains the Scratchpad window strings -->
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE : FILE Do not translate commandkeys -->
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (scratchpad.title):
+  -  The Scratchpad is intended to provide a simple text editor for creating
+  -  and evaluating bits of JavaScript code for the purposes of function
+  -  prototyping, experimentation and convenient scripting.
+  -
+  -  It's quite possible that you won't have a good analogue for the word
+  -  "Scratchpad" in your locale. You should feel free to find a close
+  -  approximation to it or choose a word (or words) that means
+  -  "simple discardable text editor". -->
+<!ENTITY window.title                 "Scratchpad">
+<!ENTITY fileMenu.label               "Датотека">
+<!ENTITY fileMenu.accesskey           "Д">
+<!ENTITY newWindowCmd.label           "Нов прозор">
+<!ENTITY newWindowCmd.accesskey       "Н">
+<!ENTITY newWindowCmd.commandkey      "n">
+<!ENTITY openFileCmd.label            "Отвори датотека…">
+<!ENTITY openFileCmd.accesskey        "О">
+<!ENTITY openFileCmd.commandkey       "o">
+<!ENTITY saveFileCmd.label            "Сними">
+<!ENTITY saveFileCmd.accesskey        "С">
+<!ENTITY saveFileCmd.commandkey       "s">
+<!ENTITY saveFileAsCmd.label          "Сними како…">
+<!ENTITY saveFileAsCmd.accesskey      "К">
+<!ENTITY closeCmd.label               "Затвори">
+<!ENTITY closeCmd.key                 "W">
+<!ENTITY closeCmd.accesskey           "З">
+<!ENTITY editMenu.label               "Уреди">
+<!ENTITY editMenu.accesskey           "У">
+<!ENTITY undoCmd.label                "Врати">
+<!ENTITY undoCmd.key                  "Z">
+<!ENTITY undoCmd.accesskey            "р">
+<!ENTITY redoCmd.label                "Повтори">
+<!ENTITY redoCmd.key                  "Y">
+<!ENTITY redoCmd.accesskey            "в">
+<!ENTITY cutCmd.label                 "Отсечи">
+<!ENTITY cutCmd.key                   "X">
+<!ENTITY cutCmd.accesskey             "т">
+<!ENTITY copyCmd.label                "Копирај">
+<!ENTITY copyCmd.key                  "C">
+<!ENTITY copyCmd.accesskey            "К">
+<!ENTITY pasteCmd.label               "Залепи">
+<!ENTITY pasteCmd.key                 "V">
+<!ENTITY pasteCmd.accesskey           "п">
+<!ENTITY selectAllCmd.label           "Избери сѐ">
+<!ENTITY selectAllCmd.key             "A">
+<!ENTITY selectAllCmd.accesskey       "е">
+<!ENTITY run.label                    "Стартувај">
+<!ENTITY run.accesskey                "ј">
+<!ENTITY run.key                      "r">
+<!ENTITY inspect.label                "Инспекција">
+<!ENTITY inspect.accesskey            "ц">
+<!ENTITY inspect.key                  "i">
+<!ENTITY display.label                "Приказ">
+<!ENTITY display.accesskey            "р">
+<!ENTITY display.key                  "l">
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (environmentMenu.label, accesskey): This menu item was
+  -  renamed from "Context" to avoid confusion with the right-click context
+  -  menu in the text area. It refers to the JavaScript Environment (or context)
+  -  the user is evaluating against. I.e., Content (current tab) or Chrome
+  -  (browser).
+  -->
+<!ENTITY environmentMenu.label        "Околина">
+<!ENTITY environmentMenu.accesskey    "к">
+<!ENTITY contentContext.label         "Содржина">
+<!ENTITY contentContext.accesskey     "С">
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (browserContext.label, accesskey): This menu item is used
+  -  to select an execution environment for the browser window itself as opposed
+  -  to content. This is a feature for browser and addon developers and only
+  -  enabled via the preference. Formerly, this label
+  -  was called "Chrome".
+  -->
+<!ENTITY browserContext.label         "Прелистувач">
+<!ENTITY browserContext.accesskey     "ч">
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (resetContext.label): This command allows the developer
+  -  to reset/clear the global object of the environment where the code executes.
+  -->
+<!ENTITY resetContext.label           "Ресетирај">
+<!ENTITY resetContext.accesskey       "Р">
+<!ENTITY executeMenu.label            "Изврши">
+<!ENTITY executeMenu.accesskey        "И">
+<!ENTITY toolsMenu.label              "Алатки">
+<!ENTITY toolsMenu.accesskey          "л">
+<!ENTITY errorConsoleCmd.label        "Конзола за грешки">
+<!ENTITY errorConsoleCmd.accesskey    "ш">
+<!ENTITY errorConsoleCmd.commandkey   "j">
+<!ENTITY webConsoleCmd.label          "Web конзола">
+<!ENTITY webConsoleCmd.accesskey      "W">
+<!ENTITY webConsoleCmd.commandkey     "k">
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (textbox.placeholder1): This is some placeholder text
+  -  that appears when the Scratchpad's text area is empty and unfocused.
+  -  It should be a one-line JavaScript comment, i.e., preceded by '//'
+  -->
+<!ENTITY textbox.placeholder1         "// Enter some JavaScript, select it, right click and select Run, Inspect or Display.">
new file mode 100644
--- /dev/null
+++ b/browser/chrome/browser/
@@ -0,0 +1,35 @@
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE  (propertyPanel.updateButton.label): Used in the Property
+# Panel that is opened by the Scratchpad window when inspecting an object. This
+# is the Update button label.
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE  (export.fileOverwriteConfirmation): This is displayed when
+# the user attempts to save to an already existing file.
+export.fileOverwriteConfirmation=Датотеката веќе постои. Да се пребрише?
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE  (browserWindow.unavailable): This error message is shown
+# when Scratchpad does not find any recently active window of navigator:browser
+# type.
+browserWindow.unavailable=Scratchpad не може да најде прозор од прелистувачот во кој да го изврши кодот.
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE  (openFile.title): This is the file picker title, when you
+# open a file from Scratchpad.
+openFile.title=Отвори датотека
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE  (openFile.failed): This is the message displayed when file
+# open fails.
+openFile.failed=Читањето на датотеката не успеа.
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE  (saveFileAs): This is the file picker title, when you save
+# a file in Scratchpad.
+saveFileAs=Сними ја датотеката како
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE  (saveFile.failed): This is the message displayed when file
+# save fails.
+saveFile.failed=Операцијата снимање на датотека не успеа.
+# LOCALIZATION NOTE  (scratchpadIntro): This is a multi-line comment explaining
+# how to use the Scratchpad. Note that this should be a valid JavaScript
+# comment inside /* and */.
+scratchpadIntro=/*\n * This is a JavaScript Scratchpad.\n *\n * Enter some JavaScript, then Right Click or choose from the Execute Menu:\n * 1. Run to evaluate the selected text,\n * 2. Inspect to bring up an Object Inspector on the result, or,\n * 3. Display to insert the result in a comment after the selection.\n */\n\n