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UnexpectedElement=Неочекуван <%1$S> елемент.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE: do not localize key="%S" modifiers="%S"
GTK2Conflict=Key event not available on GTK2: key="%S" modifiers="%S"
WinConflict=Key event not available on some keyboard layouts: key="%S" modifiers="%S"
TooDeepBindingRecursion=The XBL binding "%S" is already used by too many ancestor elements; not applying it to prevent infinite recursion.
CircularExtendsBinding=Extending the XBL binding "%S" with "%S" would lead to it extending itself
# LOCALIZATION NOTE: do not localize <handler command="…">
CommandNotInChrome=Употребата на <handler command="…"> не е дозволена надвор од chrome.
MalformedXBL = An XBL file is malformed. Did you forget the XBL namespace on the bindings tag?
InvalidExtendsBinding=Extending "%S" is invalid. In general, do not extend tag names.

MissingIdAttr = An "id" attribute missing on the binding tag.