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68.0+: sync devtools with en-US, part 2

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   - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
   - file, You can obtain one at -->

<!ENTITY savedLogins.title		"保存されたログイン情報">

<!ENTITY closebutton.label		"閉じる">
<!ENTITY closebutton.accesskey		"C">

<!ENTITY			"サイト">
<!ENTITY treehead.username.label		"ユーザー名">
<!ENTITY treehead.password.label		"パスワード">
<!ENTITY treehead.timeCreated.label		"初回使用日">
<!ENTITY treehead.timeLastUsed.label		"最終使用日時">
<!ENTITY treehead.timePasswordChanged.label	"変更日">
<!ENTITY treehead.timesUsed.label		"使用回数">

<!ENTITY remove.label			"削除">
<!ENTITY remove.accesskey		"R">

<!ENTITY addLogin.label			"ログイン情報を追加">
<!ENTITY addLogin.accesskey		"L">

<!ENTITY import.label			"インポート...">
<!ENTITY import.accesskey		"I">

<!ENTITY searchFilter.label		"検索">
<!ENTITY searchFilter.accesskey		"S">

<!ENTITY windowClose.key		"w">
<!ENTITY focusSearch1.key		"f">
<!ENTITY focusSearch2.key		"k">

<!ENTITY copySiteUrlCmd.label		"URL をコピー">
<!ENTITY copySiteUrlCmd.accesskey	"y">

<!ENTITY copyPasswordCmd.label		"パスワードをコピー">
<!ENTITY copyPasswordCmd.accesskey	"C">

<!ENTITY copyUsernameCmd.label		"ユーザー名をコピー">
<!ENTITY copyUsernameCmd.accesskey	"U">

<!ENTITY editPasswordCmd.label		"パスワードを編集">
<!ENTITY editPasswordCmd.accesskey	"E">

<!ENTITY editUsernameCmd.label		"ユーザー名を編集">
<!ENTITY editUsernameCmd.accesskey	"d">

<!ENTITY launchSiteUrlCmd.label		"URL を開く">
<!ENTITY launchSiteUrlCmd.accesskey	"V">